Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, I never was much of a conversationalist so I guess this
blogging is like a conversation. You're right Jenny, the pic
of Frans and his girl's catching up on the news is cute. Worth
putting in their scrapbooks. Wedding pictures are very nice
but am wondering who Scuba and Sheila are. Never did
comment on Tailor at the computer but that was cute. I was going to respond that we had lots of dust balls, no hair balls. Asked Jenny via e-mail to give step by step how to get pictures from camera to blog. But anyone reading this could
e-mail with same instructions.

Last thing I commented on was Marjanen's Florida trip.
Okay, my comment about Lee and Karen having a baby the
day after they had been to Cloquet to a funeral was just a
comment. I did respond to Heather about ordering chickens
and guessed Charlie's internet photo (Well actually your
father guessed that correctly)

Called Anita last evening as there was a message that she
had tried calling. Related to her that we had been to
Esko for Clifford Trevena's funeral. Husband of a classmate.
Told her I asked this lady if she minds if I make a guess as
to who she is. I was correct. Anita said I don't have
Alzheimers! Makes me feel better but sometimes I wonder
about it. Wait until you are 70.

Have a good day. Oh, the old computer got brought to the
Storage Unit. Wow, makes a difference in small bedroom.

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