Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy busy

Just took these pictures, thought I'd throw them up here!  Its been a hectic, problem filled last 'few' weeks.  Lots to do, and it feels like there is no time to do it.  I believe I have had to ask a few times, what day it is!  Either I'm getting old?  Or...  The nights I've gone without sleep, are starting to mess with my head.

One of those small problems...  err  Maybe its not so small!  From this... (an intermodal box trailer)

Add in a fair amount of steel, a whole lotta time...  And you get something like this, that you start to question shop door sizes!  That childs story, about the steam shovel that dug his way down in the basement, and then couldn't get back out when the hole was done...  That story crossed my mind several times during this thing...  making sure we could get it out.

But hey, all's well that ends well (or so they say).  Shes done, and on the road to get tires, brakes, lights...  But, this is only the first one...  One more to go!

Before I go to take another nap (not sleeping much? Yikes, how many naps per day before you are sleeping too much???    As I started to say, before I go take that nap, figured I'd mention Jades new website.  She doesn't have too many pictures on it yet, concentrating on learning how to use HTML first..
Website, is here --->

Alright, a pillow is calling my name!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Just playin...

Jade is helping me out by filming me, so I can see all of my mistakes on film...  In the "moment", I don't realize I'm doing a lot of the things that I'm doing, but seeing it on film later, I see just how atrocious my riding is.  No wonder my racing is at the level its at!

Anyways...  I'm just playing around with posting video, so unfortunatly for you, your my guinea pigs :-)