Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Howdy from the southwest!

We are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. It has been absolutely beautiful and we've had a chance here and there to get out and enjoy it all. Saturday we spent half the day playing like girls play. I usually don't do that. That involves things like shopping and lunch. It was a whopping fun time!

I do have an itch to garden, but don't have my own yard. I've been trying to collect gardening containers from the local Goodwill while they're on sale. Maybe I'll manage some kind of garden, although certainly not the Alaska greenhouse variety!

Winter time and naps out on the porch in the cool afternoon air. Life. Is. Good.

I'm working part time and away from home a lot less than I use to be. It gives me chances to do things like go through hoards of spray paint putting together all kinds of prizes!

And we spend all kinds of time sharing life with other people.
Visiting .... lots of it!

That would about be it over here.
This morning when it isn't a work day .... my eyeballs were open before the alarm clock.
THAT is a mirracle! :)

Be well.