Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Randall house

okay, i'm not my mother but since she never takes pictures i figured i'd post some of my own! :) no, i think its just she's a bit busier then me with between school, work, and parenting. life is staying busy here, currently dad is in Texas (not sure where) and mom is at school! so i'm home directing steven with supper on my day off from both jobs and school work finished for now, which is a first! Grandma had asked that i put pictures of John's swollen lips on here, a week ago today i got home from work to find steven reading bedtime stories and john with a little bit of a puffy lip, nothing major. the odd thing was that he had been sleeping and woke up with it like that..not long after i got home he told me to look at his lip again which was progressively worse..it kept swelling so denise went and got benedryl which he took and slowed the swelling down some, we brought him to my grandma randalls' house where my mom was for her to look at, and she decided to bring him to the ER, turns out its an allergic reaction to something which we're unsure exactly what, maybe a reaction to the cold that he's had..who knows! the crazy picture of me is with anna jurmu, elk river had their annual pig roast and hay ride, this year the theme was it was oscar and olga's pig roast so me and anna dressed up and played the role..was VERY fun! and of course our annual labor day trip to duluth as always was a blast!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't know where everyone has gone ...

I figure if I keep bombarding you all with pictures ... maybe we'll see some more from all corners of our family alphabet soup!

Fall is here and absolutely gorgeous! The mountains all around us are covered with snow this week. Unbelievable isn't it? I couldn't exactly stand in one place and spin the camera around in circles ... I had to drive a couple of miles up and down the same road ... and finally land at the mailboxes. This one is to the south ...

This one just because.

To the east.
The north ... I'm going to visit some of the north ones tomorrow ... just a tad bit to the left. (Look for more pictures!)

From the top of the hill at our mailboxes!

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good morning from Alaska!

I forgot the camera on my 9 a.m. run yesterday and missed a chance at capturing the mountains. The ones in the background of this picture are covered in white. Absolutely beautiful! In the meantime ... we're enjoying the fall. The weather has been gorgeous .. couldn't ask for any better.

Fishing rods really need to find their winter home. Keep looking at them but it won't help. Didn't catch anything at all this year ... maybe next year?!

The woodshed is full. What a nice feeling that is! We have trees felled and drying in the "woods" and more that need to come down before Mother Nature decides to land them on our cars. We've lit a fire several times. Sunday was a wet and chilly day ... fire felt good.

For a short while longer we'll enjoy this view out of windows.

Tia had a concert Monday evening .. they did a fabulous job! Always fun to watch and listen to their growing and maturing skills.

Happy Wednesday ... hoping your day is full of wonderful things.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Life at the beach

These are out of order, but I'm being lazy and don't feel like chaning them :)

I have a new goal that Shawn, Heidi, and I do a family activity one time per month. Time when we can forget work and all that other fun stuff and just focus on being a family. Heidi sees a lot of me, but Daddy has been very busy with work (we are very fortunate) so we need to take time to do family things.

This weekend.... we went to Two Harbors. We went Friday night and stayed at Superior Shores (I highly recommend it). Saturday, we did some of the tourist things. The greatest part of the weekend.... going to see Glady. Her memory wasn't so good, but it was enjoyable regardless. I'm also on a mission to get pictures of Heidi with her older relatives or friends who we may not be able to see for much longer. It is much easier to inform her of Mom and Dad's relatives/friends through pictures.

Here she is being the perfect "tourist" at the tourist information center.
Daddy and Heidi enjoying the beach....

Labor Day, Heidi and I went to Park Point. We thought the Randall clan was going to be there, but we missed them by a day... Heidi and I enjoyed our day. She loved the water and appears to put a lot of thought into it :)

She would giggle at the waves.... By the way, she can sit up on her own and has been able to do so for a while now. However, she also likes to pick grass to try and eat, pick up handfuls of sand, etc. It was a lot of fun to spend the day with her and let her see and touch new things :)

In other news: We have just been doing the same old, same old for the most part. Like I mentioned, Shawn has been very fortunate and has a LOT of work to do. We were worried how this year was going to go, but the phone started ringing with work and hasn't really stopped. With this amount of work though, it is later evening and some work on weekends too.
I continue working and am back to volunteering more for the Eveleth Horizons. Heidi gets to come with me for the volunteering so I can continue doing that.
Life on the farm: we got more animals... I'm sure you're surprised? I was selling my goats to get sheep and was down to 2 goats. SHAWN has bought 4 more goats, but all of them may be going out on a truck on Wednesday. We are up to 30 cattle, but 8 should be shipped on Wednesday. We got 2 more bunnies.. I got one, but it disappeared, so not sure how long these will last, but it is cute to see them bounce around the yard. (We got them yesterday and also got 4 kittens). I'd gotten 2 a week ago and they disappeared, so our success rate needs improvement!!! We've still got a lot of pigs... anyone want to buy pork? We also have our chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. Someone came over yesterday and said all we need is an Ark :)
Hope things are going well for everyone!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Michelle and Daniel's Engagement

Well, it isn't "new"s anymore, as I am sure you have all heard, but Michelle and Daniel are engaged. They are planning a January 9th wedding. You will hear more details as time gets closer! For now, they are drafting invitations, looking for dresses, brainstorming, etc. Actually, lots of brainstorming is done already :). She is a rather capable planner!

We are going to have a little get together to recognize their engagement on Sunday from 2 - 5. If anyone is interested in joining us, you are welcome to.

For those that haven't seen Dan, I will post a picture for you.

What's New

I was thinking that I havn't read the blog in a while, so I decided to take a look and maybe post. Well, I guess Ivan beat me to it! He pretty much summed up what is going on in our life. Hopefully we will get the cupboards up this weekend then I can finally put some of the kitchen stuff away. We are not going to put everything away because the bottom cabinets will need to be moved once more when we put the flooring in.

Tonight I get to babysit for the little girl, and her brother, that I used to nanny for. They left because the dad got transfered to Belgium. That is where the brother was born. Then they got transfered to China, and finally, back to Minneapolis. It is great to see them again!

My two oldest girls, Sarah and Molly, started school last week, now work is kind of slow. I just have the two younger ones, Anna Sophia and Meara, and they both take their naps between 12 and 3ish. So after cleaning up lunch, I don't have much to do. Hopefully I will be able to check the blog more often!

This is Sarah: will be 9 on Sunday

Molly: will be 7 on Wednesday

Anna Sophia: 2 yrs

Meara: 1yr
Molly, Hannah, Michelle & Sarah
My sister Jenn takes care of Hannah and Michelle during the summer. I took care of them for two days at the end of summer. So I had 6 girls for a couple days!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's been pretty quiet on here lately, so I figured I'd break the silence with a blurb. I decided to make a change at work and opted to take a third shift position in shipping which will alow me to learn more and create more options for the future. My original position was a pretty stagnent place and there was no room to advance. Time will tell if third shift will work out-I started Monday night and so far haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep. I expect it will take a week or two to adjust.
The house project is coming along slowly but surely. We painted most of the kitchen this week and plan to paint last wall this weekend, then hang the cabinets. First there is a little mudding to finnish. Then there's a little bit of mudding and some sanding to finnish in the dining room before painting there, when that's done we'll move the living room into the dining room temporarily so I can do the sheetrock in living room. We're having Missi's family over for Christmas this year so I have to for sure at least get the main floor and loft area done prior to so we can clean up and all. Also have to get sheetrock on upstairs ceiling so we can blow in insulation before winter(Missi said no more cold winters!). Catch you all later. Ivan

Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Heather

Wishing you a happy Birthday. We had to leave you in the hospital when we went to Grandpa
Himango's funeral. Then when Gary saw this baby with a good abundance of dark hair, he was
so excited. Wanted to give you something so threw a toy. Then he must have noticed that
hair and went and got a hairbrush for you. The years add up but I don't think that dark hair
is getting gray yet. Love and God's Peace from Mom and Isä