Friday, May 28, 2010

Home sweet Home

Been home for a week now and therapy is continueing at In Motion Therapy here in Brainerd.  Pain med every 4 hours and an ice pack on the knee helps do away with the pain most of the time. Pep is lacking, sleep is more welcome.  Face Book etc will have to come later.  Perhaps the pain meds helps bring on the tiredness. "Scrubs" are more comfortable than other street clothes.  They will come in handy for traveling.

Mothers Saturday in hosptital

"I have had my lunch and they said I can go home at 1:30.  I'm ready, lets go."

Friday 21st for Mother

Lets try walking through some obstructions. Lift the walker over and then step over into the next box.  In the background is a carpet that has bumps and unlevel surface to walk on.  To the left is some stairs.  Learn to use that walker.  This is the last day of therapy in the hospital.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear David
Happy Birthday to you!

I found a piece and had one ... just for you!!

With best wishes from the Marjanens
Hi all!  Thought I'd share a few pictures of our new dog and Alanys birthday.  She turned five yesterday...I think turning five is the best is definately the most anticipated!  Now she is old enough for Kindergarten:)
We had pizza at the park with my mom and dad.

We picked up a new dog on Saturday.  While garage saling I saw some people put out a sign that said "free puppies" when I asked the girls, of course they said they wanted one!  As if I wasn't already busy enough, now I'm adding a puppy to the mix!  She is six weeks old and is part German Shephard, american bull dog, and black lab, and her name is Lulu.  And the girls love her!  She is pretty cute!

How is recovery going Diane?  Keep working hard, and you'll be running in no time!

How is everyone else doing?  Our kids are out of school on Thursday....only two more days of quite days!!  Tonight is Toni's kindergarten end of the year program at school.  They will be singing all the songs they have learned this is always such a cute program!

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A day on the river

John had an opportunity (with some of his class) to join a group paddling down the Mississippi. The group has been on the river for nearly a month, even paddling on the days we had snow. The group has invited schools to join them for parts of the trip. Wayne was able to take the day off to go with John. They started in Monticello and ended in Dayton (a river trip our kids paddle often in the summer), stopping in Otsego for lunch and lessons. The day started off with sprinkles, but got better as the day went on.  Like Steven said, "why can't all the field trips be like this?"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Earlier on Wednesday

Hospital scrubs are more comfortable. Work that knee, get it to bend.  The bend today measures 88 degree.  They like it to be 90 before going home. Care conference on Thursday to see if she should go home on Friday or maybe Saturday. Medical, Physical therapy ad Occupational therapy will be checking and discussing progress. Walking the hallways at will without aid today.  Looking better each day.

Wednesday evening

A scrabble game, without keeping score, ends Wednesday.  Mother is feeling  some nausea.  Doctor is aware and thinking it may be brought on by meds.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Poke the finger for a look at sugar.  Looks good. Tuesday Becky was at the hospital and I stayed home.  Something caused the supper to all come back up a couple hours after eating.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


On the re-hab floor, patients wear their own clothes during the day. Occupational therapy helps them so they can clean themselves and dress themselves.  Mother has gone for a short walk in the hallway, gets out of bed and into chair with a therapist present and helping a little. She gets both physical and occupational therapy twice a day which is very beneficial.  She said food is tasteing better and appitite is also improving.

More on Saturday

The degree of ben is adjusted to how much the patient can tolerate.  It is here set at 70 degree and the knee needs to bend at 90 degree for the patient to go home.  This machine is put on twice a day for an hour each time.  Mother says it feels relaxing

Mothers Friday

Day starts in 528 with some Physical Therapy and knee movements with the machine. But today it is suggested she have "in house" rehab/therapy which is on 8th floor.  Sometime today she will be transfered as this seems better than going home and having rehab 3 times a week.  At this point, she is reminded that she could not even get into a car.  So, in the afternoon, she gets transfered.

Mothers Thursday

Thursday saw a tired patient in room 528.  Knee was worked but walking was very limited.  Hemoglobin was low so she was given 2 units of blood to make her feel better.
Also give oxygen which was a little low

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers second day in hospital

The view from Mothers new room which is 525.  In the other room were two beds and she was not by a window and if she would have been, she could have counted bricks on the nearby wall and nothing else.  I'm sure the other room was suitable for the two beds before all the new equipment which takes so much space. 

This is in room 522.  Real crowded.  Another room became available accross the hall and one door down, so they had her walk there using a walker.  Is she texting or calling?  She is alone in her new room which is 525

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother goes to hospital

All preped and ready for surgery

Surgery is complete. Doctor says all went well but Ma says, "I hope so, I'm sore."  Now begans the exercises to keep the knee from getting stiff.  The surgery was to be at 11:30 am but she did not get into surgery til about 1:30 or 2:00.  Then about an hour in recovery before getting to her room at about 5:00.   That is room 522W at St. Lukes hospital in Duluth.  She may get out on Friday or Saturday depending on how well she can move the knee.  Then begins the therapy in Brainerd. (She has her cell phone with her.)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms today!!  I was just chuckling when sometime during the middle of the night I heard my phone say "new message from Reino and Diane Cell"!  text came in  at 3:12 a.m!  I was obviously tired tho, because it didn't dawn on me that it could be an emergency and get up and check.  I just kept on snoozin!  :)  Frans is working on a side job yesterday and today, so he won't be home until around 1:00 or so.  I'm not complaining tho, work is good!  So we skipped church today because I didn't want to brave it alone with all the kiddos and a late night last night.  We'll go to the park this afternoon with my family....but not until late's supposed to be 98 degrees today!!
What are everyone else's plans for today?  Whatever they are, hopefully the day is nice and relaxing for all the ladies!


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pictures from Brainerd

Picture #1 is our greenhouse in the garage.  Has grow lights and regular bulbs for heat
controlled with a thermostat.  One bulb visible on the left.  One squash, 4 bell peppers,
and 4 mini bell peppers plus 4 different varieties of tomatoes.  Will plant outside when
danger of frost is over.  The garden already has one row of early red potatoes and one
row of Superior white potatoes and one row of bush beans, 3/4 row of beets, some
carrots and a small amount of lettuce, some Swiss chard, some cukes and some giant
sunflower already planted.  Another area has some sick looking asparagus, couple of
rhubarb plants and Polano raspberries.

The next picture was taken in the bathroom to show the other side of bouquet in the
mirror.  Ten red roses for our 10 children and 46 daisies for 46 years of marriage and
both are celebrated on Sunday, May 9th.  Isä will bring them to the hospital on Wed. as
no use leaving them in the car on Tuesday until I get transferred to my room.  Surgery is
scheduled for 11:30 unless they come up with a different time on Monday when they

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Jen,
Happy Birthday to you!

Hoping your day was a happy one!!

Lots of love your way from the Alaska crew!