Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sun. a.m. Sylvia and Paul spent the day in Brainerd
yesterday. Enjoyed having them and Paul said many
times that he's glad he came. Reino showed him around,
even our garage as Paul is planning on setting up his
paternal grandmother's loom.

A bit cool here and drizzle yesterday and today. Lawn
is ready for mowing when it dries up. The veggie
garden is waiting for the same and to be tilled.
Some seeds bought, hoping to get pepper starts and strawberry plants from Harry & Audrey.

Of course, looking forward to our trip. Next weekend
to Thunder Bay with Ron & Pauline on our ride. The
19th we leave for the long one going through 11 states
and getting 7 state capitols. Summer clothes are not
even out of storage yet!

Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Friday:)

Hey everyone...happy Friday! We went to the park this morning so I could take a walk. It was sprinkling when we started, and a little chilly! I think it only got to about 74 today! One last taste of cool weather before things really start heating up! It is supposed to be 99 degrees on Sunday! Can't wait till we come up there!
I have never really noticed these trees before, but I am noticing them all over lately! They are absolutely beautiful....I think they are the prettiest tree down here in the spring! But they are messy, and they are also one of the causes of Frans' allergy problem! His allergies are horrible again this year. I have never had allergies, so I don't know what it's like, but I do feel sorry for him when he comes home from work, and his eyes are totally bloodshot, and he is so plugged up he can hardly breathe! I asked him, "If your allergies are so horrible, why do you enjoy living here so much?" He said he is enjoying it less and less. I have to see about getting him the allergy shot. George Niemela had allergies bad when they moved here, and the shot did him wonders.
Nothing real new or exciting going on here...Frans will be home in a minute, maybe I can catch a quick nap before supper!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am going to try to...Frans is working in Yuma again all next week:(
more later....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I just wanted to post something. Life here has been a little hectic, but not too bad. Some of us from the outdoor club have decided to be athletic (I really am attempting but will someday surpass the attempt). There is bike riding on Tuesdays - we did 6 miles yesterday (I'm standing as I type) and now tennis in the AM Monday through Friday from 6:15AM to 7:00AM. I'm thinking we may as well do the weekends too, so we'll see how that works (today was the 1st day and Jen, Liz, and I made it). So if anyone is interested, you are more than welcome to join. Can't wait until people come up here on vacation - bring your tennis equipment or we'll provide you with it. Shawn has been busy getting machinery ready for the auction the 1st weekend of May. I'm the detail person, so have to clean the trucks this weekend. We'll see if they sell at the auction for the amount that he needs to get out of them. Anyone want to buy a Ford 8000 dump truck? Hello to everyone. I haven't had much time to be on the computer - work has been busy, but I too, like Charlie, do read the blogs, but often don't have time to comment. Here's hoping that everyone had a wonderful day and an even better week.


Hey! Just sayin howdy, been pretty busy, and even though I havn't left any messages, I've been gettin here to at least read everyone elses! Last 3 weeks have been a lil on the hectic side.. looks like I've got at least 2 more just like it to make it through. So... Howdy, Mornin, Gd'evenin... keep on posting ;-)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sedona & Lost Uncle Jerome

The plan was to leave at 5:30 this morning. Well ... the take off time got delayed a little bit. Will certainly have to go back soon to Sedona. Agree with Becky, could absolutely do the week without the end. Got a few pictures of kiddos.

Jerome was found, quickly viewed from the car window and wouldn't allow any pictures to be taken. Sorry about that! We are going up again sometime soon to browse and spend time drinking coffee ... with Jerome. Will share pictures when that happens.

Laina (Jari's mom) celebrated 80 years with a nice houseful of people. Was a fun day! Except for one minor detail. (Why is there always an except?) My coffee cup got derailed off the dash during a stop at the gas station. As Murphy's Law would have it (& positive thinking as well), the coffee cup was over half full. The liquid managed to collide all over many things as it made it's gravitational (word??) descent. The most unfortunate place it chose was the Palm Pilot. You see ... it is mounted on the dash (just left of the coffee cup spot) and controls the motor in the truck. Technology these days! Wouldn't have been bad except that the beast it is connected to under the hood was turned on. Once doused with coffee .. the beast under the hood now had a mind of it's own and could not be controlled. Not a good thing from the sounds of it. (What do I know? I cross stitch, bake pulla & pass out pain pills!) If it wasn't ... the motor wouldn't have been getting all this extra boost & traversing mountains wouldn't have been a problem. Apparently. I really don't know about these things. I do know that we had to find an Office Max and go shopping. At the cost of the day ... was the most expensive cup of coffee I've ever not managed to drink!!



I keep forgetting to tell Eric about the blog. He has lots of interesting stories now that he should be sharing. I will share a bit, and then try remember to get him into the loop so he can share personally. He is almost done with his first year of school. Meanwhile, for fun and as a resume builder, he applied and got on as a reserve officer for the county. He has mandatory training sessions that include shooting all kinds of guns I've never heard of at a high tech new gun range without having to pay a dime for ammunition! In May or June his mandatory training involves spending a Saturday driving jet skies and other water craft. Sounds rough, eh? In addition, this past Saturday he got to drive a real cop car, by himself on real roads. Oh, and a sheriff four wheeler as well. ...He is having a blast, but is also anticipating the part of training where he gets mased(sp?) and tazed (sp?). He will have his uniform early this summer. Thankfully they provide him with body armor as well. He only has to supply the leather.

Another year in school and he will be ready to take the POST. If all goes well, he could be a full fledged officer close to a year from now!

He went to visit the cop at the High School the other day. As Eric was leaving, the cop said, "Oh, and by the way, it's 'Pat' "(first name basis), then said, "stay safe." ...That has a whole new meaning now.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hello all!
We've had a bit of a busy week around here. Thought I'd share a few pictures from happenings. Thursday evening our elementary school had it's (' or no ' ... 'tis always my question) first poetry evening. No clapping after reading of poems ... rather we snapped our fingers in appreciation. Tia recited (read) a poem with her class ... and Anna was curtain person. Tia did an awesome job of performing and Anna kept the curtains sliding open and shut with wonderful precision. Am sorry that I didn't go backstage to snap a pic of Anna hard at work.

Friday evening Jari & I attended the wedding of Aaron and Anne Alanen. Was a very nice wedding, tho' a bit different than I'm accustomed to. The bride wore a green sundress and the groom was in jeans with a green silk shirt. Food was hors d'oeuvres and they were absolutely delicious. Am posting a picture of the cake. This is really the cake! I thought it was a piece of cloth covering something ... can't imagine how the draping process works but the result was amazing.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Jari's mom's 80th birthday in Prescott. On the way there we are going to Sedona for breakfast. I don't think my 4 youngest have ever been to Sedona. They will also see Jerome for the first time. These kids have traveled many places, but have many wonders here yet to see. Will be a fun day.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ... and relax a bit before the next week starts again!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Mom. I haven't been on this for awhile 'cuz we couldn't get it
on our computer. It just wouldn't. We could get abreviated
versions but not the real mckoy.

No, haven't been getting ready for the trip yet. Though my
hubby has been working on it. Doing a routing, what roads to
take, maps of state capitol cities with a condensed map so
we can find it quickly. Will be spending a night with Lenny
and Kathy in New Berlin, Wisc. Then down the pike, I think
it's 2 nights at Gray and Mary Ellen Abercrombies. He is
the story teller.

Don Lahti stopped in today. When we mentioned that we
would be stopping at the Kennedy Space Center he said we
should plan for a full day there as so much to see. And we
wouldn't have even thought of stopping there but Anita said
that would be a must see. I think we'll get to St. Augustine
also, the oldest city in the U.S. I was there in 1961 with my
folks and Liz Hawkin. She was Betty Berg in those days.

Enjoy your postings. Don't know how to send pictures yet.
Finally mastered that on e-mail. Will wait until Laurie,
Heather or Elizabeth come over to show us how it's done.

By the way, I miss everyone. Wish we had more contact
but that's life.


Hello, it's me again!
What is everyone doing for mines in the pines?? (is it mines or minds?) And what can I do? I am not very crafty, but would be fun to do something for it before it's too late. I would love to be there for it! Somebody will have to make sure they have their camera there, and snap some photos! Maybe even do a little videoing! We will be there at the end of May, but it is only for a week....that is way too short! :( It would be so much fun to come there for a few weeks in the summer. oh well....Maybe next year!
Diane, you haven't been on here in a while....are you busy getting ready for your trip? When do you leave? If you have time, could you tell me the recipe for that wild rice salad?
Last night, Alanys took 6 steps on her own....she did it a couple times! Anna, next time you see her, she probably won't even let you hold her...she'll want to be walking all over! Here is a picture of her from this morning in her first ponytail... it was a fight getting her to let me put it in!
Liz, are you still training for the marathon? There is a 40 mile walk for breast cancer in San Diego...sometime in the next few months. I was thinking it would be fun to go, but it is a three day ordeal, and I don't know how much you would have to train for that, or if I would have the time anymore.
more later....enjoy your day:)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It's been kinda quiet on here's shouting out a big HELLO to everyone! Hope everyone is having a good week....Lindsey and I just got back from a mile walk (she rode her bike)....The evenings are still nice for walking...but yesterday I went for a walk with the kids, pulling the wagon, at noon, and it was HOT!!! Frans had an interesting day at work yesterday.....he was doing a commercial job in the southwest valley, and there was a huge tanker truck that caught fire somehow a block away from his job....It was in a salvage yard, and several other things in the yard caught fire. Flames were as high as 60 feet, and it took close to 100 firefighters, and several hours to put it out. (they let it burn itself out)
Then to top it all off...Frans' helper Noberto was following Frans back to the shop in the foam truck, and a bullet came through the passenger window and out the driver window!! They aren't totally positive it was a gunshot, but it sounded like it! Pretty scary!
Anyways...gotta go and get these girlies ready for bed!! (me too!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


SCHOOLS ALMOST DONE!!!! unlike everyone else at home i only have 3 weeks left! its been a hand full between work and school, but its almost over! a week after schools out ill get to start my nanny job!!!!! 2 kids, ages 3 and 6! very cute and energetic! then after i pay off my car... i may just may start on another one. or i might follow denise and go to ecuador or finland! well have to wait and see what happens! well now that im done with class untill 4 i really should get a paper written! so hopefully you all have a good week! - Michelle-


SCHOOLS ALMOST DONE!!!! unlike everyone else at home i only have 3 weeks left! its been a hand full between work and school, but its almost over! a week after schools out ill get to start my nanny job!!!!! 2 kids, ages 3 and 6! very cute and energetic! then after i pay off my car... i may just may start on another one. or i might follow denise and go to ecuador or finland! well have to wait and see what happens! well now that im done with class untill 4 i really should get a paper written! so hopefully you all have a good week! - Michelle-

Monday, April 17, 2006


Hope everyone had a great Easter! The girls looked for baskets when they woke up, we went to church, then to my mom and dads for a tasty ham dinner (lunch)! The weather here was awesome...warm, but not too bad:) We had a little easter egg hunt for the kids in the backyard, then came home around 5:00. The kids ate candy like crazy all day, and were on such a sugar high!! But that's's only one day a year:) They had fun, and surprisingly enough, they were all sleeping by 9:00! That's pretty good for our house! One thing I didn't do, which I can't believe, is take a picture of my girls in their easter dresses! And Toni even let me curl her hair for church! I will have to get them dressed up again....maybe tomorrow, and take a picture!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


this picture may be a bit small to see .. won't know until i post it. some easter bunny is busily crafting his baskets and in looking online for cute pics, came across this little picture ... and passed it along as he/she thought i would enjoy it. just a bit of humor before tomorrows sugar hyperactivity! Happy Easter to all.


While we were at Randalls for the baptism, John asked us
these. Will pass them on for your answers.

What's brown that sits on a piano bench?

What's Beethoven doing in his grave?

Mom or Grandma, as the case may be.
Happy Easter to one and all.

Tristan's Baptism

Tristan was baptized today at Wayne & Becky's. His mom, dad, grandpa Diane, Grandpa Reino, Grandma Kathy, and Grandpa Jared were there to celebrate, along with all of Wayne & Becky's kids.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!!

Doesn't Dave look like Frans with the funnel on his head. We took first place for this halloween costume contest (with our neighbors) 2 years ago, won $100.

Yes, that's me-the witch...haha

Good Humor-thought you would all get a good laugh.


Can someone send me the password for the grandkids it to me (I think most of you have my email address).
We need to change Tanner's posting since he put it on the main page and everytime the kids use it, it sends Tanners picture with it....Tanner forgot the password.


Hail to the Hampton Boy who has a lot of charm
I bet you he is like that because he was raised on a farm!
He turns thirty something today (tomorrow actually but I am making a rhyme here)
He has seen a lot of good years
But if you compare him to my age
He is still wet behind the ears!
Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Frans Birthday

Here is a picture from the birthday party last night. Kierstyn had been hanging on to this funnel all day long..."When dad gets home, this is his birthday hat!"

We had a really fun day....we brought Frans lunch to his job-site, the girls helped make/decorate his cake...(surprised there was anything left to put in the pan!), we made his favorite meal of meatloaf and baked potatoes, (we even set the table with a table cloth and candles!), and then after supper, we all walked to the grocery store to buy ice cream, and then came home and had cake and ice cream! The girls were so fired up about his's all they talked about all day!

Alanys finally is sleeping through the nights again! She is done with her antibiotics for the ear we are hoping that it doesn't come back! We have an appointment with the ear, nose and throat doc. on the 27th, to see about getting tubes. And she took her first steps yesterday!!!!! This will be our earliest walker! I was videoing her standing up and goofing I was fortunate enough to get it on video! Fun stuff:)

Blayde....haven't seen you in a while...what's this about MN? Are you moving up there? And does Eric have internet access? Does he know about this blog?

talk to you all later...


Happy Birthday, Frans!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You look like a monkey
and you live in a zoo.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Questions from Jen when she was in Brainerd. Maybe a pkg. of flower seeds to the winner!

Q. Half of all Americans live within 50 miles of what?
Q. Most boat owners name their boats. What is the most
popular boat name requested?
Q. If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have
to go until you would find the letter "A"?
Q. What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers,
and laser printers all have in common?
Q. What is the only food that doesn't spoil?
Q. Which day are there more collect calls than any other day
of the year?

Bicycle trip down memory lane

My name is _____________________


Here is your BIKE TEST. There are three (3) parts. Part one (1) has 20 questions. They are true and false. Each question counts for one (1) point. Part two (2) has five (5) questions but one of these has two (2) parts. Therefore part two (2) will count for thirty (30) points all together.
Part three (3) has five (5) questions. Here you will explain exactly what you would do. This part is worth ten (10) points for each question.
You need a score of 75 to pass this test. You will not be allowed to talk while doing this test and no answers will be given so don’t ask the question.

True and False. Answer each question by placing a T or F in the blank by the number.

___ 1-Bike riders may “hitch” onto a truck if it is traveling under the speed limit.
___ 2-Bike drivers should keep to the right side of the road.
___ 3-Bike drivers should drive in single file for greater safety.
___ 4-Bike drivers should give hand and arm signals when turning.
___ 5-It is best to learn to drive a bike on a busy road.
___ 6-State law says you can not drive a bike on the sidewalk of a business district.
___ 7-It is safer to carry packages in your arms when riding a bike.
___ 8-Bike drivers must obey all road traffic signs. (stop signs, etc.)
___ 9-It is safe to carry passengers on a regular bike.
___ 10-An older person is not required, or in other words, does not need to have brakes on his bike.
___ 11-Before passing a person on the sidewalk or anywhere, the bike driver must yield right of way and give a signal out loud.
___ 12-A bike should be checked to see if it needs fixing.
___ 13-When going out of or coming into a driveway the bike driver must yield right of way to pedestrians or cars.
___ 14-While driving on a road, the bike driver must keep at least one hand on the handle bars at all times.
___ 15-Young bike drivers should push rather than ride their bikes across busy intersections.
___ 16-It is all right to ride on the left side of the road if I only to the bridge.
___ 17-Every car driver will watch out for me on my bike.
___ 18-If I go real fast, I can control my bike just as well as when I go slower.
___ 19-It is wrong to ride double on a regular bike.
___ 20-Everyone needs lessons or teaching before biking on the road.


1 – How many people should be on one bike?
2 – Which side of the road will you drive on?
3 – Who has the right of way? Circle one for each letter.
a. Truck or Bike
b. Car or Bike
c. Pedestrian or Bike
4 – On the road past our house, what is the most dangerous place?
What is the second most dangerous place?
5 – If you and a friend are biking down the road, side by side, and a car is seen coming, what will you do?

What would you do? EXPLAIN CLEARLY. Write as much as you want.

1 – I am riding on my bike. I see a car coming from the front. I see another car coming from behind me. They are getting closer ---
2 – I am riding my bike and my pant leg gets stuck in the chain. I am just going on to the bridge ----
3 – My friend and I are riding our bikes. My friend is going all over the road. I see a car coming towards us. My friend goes on the left side of the road ---
4 – I am riding my bike one evening and the sun is just setting. It shines brightly into my eyes. I look behind me and see a car coming ---
5 – I am going for a ride on my bike. I get close to the ends of our driveway and look back. I see my little brother or nephew running after me. I tell him to go home but he doesn’t listen or obey me ---

Monday, April 10, 2006


Yes Gary and Laurie, the pictures of Tristan were so cute!! Can not believe how fast he is growing and changing, he looks a lot like his daddy in the pictures!
He must be a happy boy...he is smiling in every picture!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I have been kina busy and haven't posted in a while. Thank you for the pictures of tristan Laurie! He is such a cutie, and we can't wait to see him! Here a few fun pictures of our oldest learning how to be steady on wheels, and our youngest learning how to be steady on her feet:)
Hope everyone is having a great weekend, Heather hopefully it's going better than your last weekend! It is supposed to be 88 degrees here today!! Uughh!!
Went garage sailing today, and FINALLY got some bargains! I haven't had any luck garage sailing in a long time!
Talk to ya'll later...

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Tom walk across the bridge but yet he run.. how is it Possible????

10Points to winner......
and a rose

Humor for the Aging

I feel like my body has gotten totally out of control so I got my doctor's permission to join a fitness club and start exercising. I decided to take an aerobics class. I bent, I twisted, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour but by the time I got my leotards on, the class was over.....

And for Anita...don't think of it as getting hot flashes...think of it as your inner child playing with matches. Remember, you don't stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.

Have a good day all!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I love the Grandkids Blog site....What a grand idea and it is so great that they all interact so well. I will need to show Tanner how to use this communication tool, (now that he is no longer grounded from the computer).


10 points to the first one who can answer all correctly.
1) What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a 1000 years.
2) What month has 28 days
3) What building has the most stories
4) Wht is in the middle of Paris
5) How could a cowboy ride in to town on Friday, stay 2 days and ride out on Friday
6) What can you put in a wooden box to make it lighter
7) What bones keep getting longer and shorter
8) What 11 letter English word does EVERONE pronounce incorrectly
9) What state is a 2 oz cola
10) What state is inside another state?

Some of these are pretty silly but thought this might be fun!!!

Blog instructions

You are all far ahead of me in the blogging world. I am looking for tips to speed up the process of "checking in."
1) How do you know who has commented on a post? Is the only option to try remember to add an identifier in the text of the comment?
2) Is there a way to see what day a comment was added? I see the times, but not checking in daily, would be nice to see a date as well.
3) Without opening a post or remembering the number of comments, is there a way to check for new comments on posts?

Finally, I think I discovered a tip.... When initiating a new post, maybe it would be helpful if we titled it according to topic, rather than author. It may be easier to locate a specific post. Ya think? Doing so would require that we identify ourselves in the body of the post as well as the body of a comment.

Help! The non-savvy blogger, -b


If a papa bull eats three bales of hay and a baby bull eats one bale, how much hay will a mama bull eat?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hey hey hey! i recently had to transfered from one store to another and now my drive to work is about an hour long, but hey.. you gotta do what you gotta do, especially when its best for you. BUT! when i was recently at a different store(for all of you that don't know i work at discount tire and there are about 800-900 stores nation wide) and they were trying in there ut-most to get me to "tie the knot" with their store with pay raise and otherwise specail leadership roles of which i might partake in.. but the story i caught onto while i was there for their little "orientation-to-get-blayde-to-transfer-there" was: a kid who wanted to go full time(as i do) decided he wished to move to florida and as a result he got his training and called up florida and they said "sure! come on down! just give us the number on your transfer papers!" .. and to think! and all i would have to do is simply call a store in minnesota(or alaska? anywhere there located for that matter!) and ask if they were in need! hmm i guess my ship has its sails set, the wind has blown, and its chances of reaching the new world are fast approaching! hahaha! we'll see how things work out. heck! might be able to get stinky cleaning crawl spaces on weekends! :)


Here's a little story about my weekend of crafting and throughly enjoying myself while my husband was out of town.

I got home on Friday (early from work) and the outside stove was overheating. It does this when the blower isn't working in the house because the water doesn't cool down and it gets too hot in the stove. So, I was going to go in our crawl space to trip the switch so it works. Much to my dismay, the crawl space had become a mini swimming pool of sorts. Needless to say, this wasn't in the plans when we built the house.

Jen and I began to bail out water. I was apprehensive to tripping the outlet sitting in a swimming pool. They put warnings on dryers for a reason. Anyway, we bailed water (roughly 40 gallons or so) then Jen had to go to work. Elizabeth came to aid me in this lovely (remember crafty) endeavor. We bailed water and more water. Randy came to help and we hooked up a sump pump until that overheated and quit, then we began using the shop vac. We bailed and bailed until I gave up at 8PM. I was cold, wet, and stinky. I wanted heat in the house. So after having my possible last meal of Poor Gary's Pizza and muttering my last words ("Tell Shawn to put in a sump pump") the decision was that if I was electorcuted the smell would be better than the smell we were getting nauseaus from. I ventured to the crawl space, crawling through very smelly water, and sitting in a pile of water (I had on rubber boots, but it's a "crawl" space so doesn't do any good) I hit the switch and voila, the blower worked and we began to get heat in the house.

The next morning, I started it all over again. We bailed water and more water. I was under the house and didn't see where any water lines were broken, the sewer wasn't coming in, and there was no problem that I could tell. We figured it was because we had a lot of snow and it all melted quickly and it rained all day on Friday. We haven't had a flooded crawl space before. I talked to Shawn and he didn't know (it's sometimes hard to say what the problem is when you are in another state). Anyway, the saga continued and my crafting was trying to figure out the best way to get water out of the crawl space without breaking my back any more than I already had. By Sunday night, the guestimate was 500+ gallons of very smelly water being emptied and more coming in as quickly as I could empty it. My house had a little robot (the shop vac) in the front door, with a long protruding apparatus so I could drain the water down the steps and away from the house. Being as it rained on Sunday, I took an old shower curtain and hung it for a door. The shower curtain was my "beacon of hope" near by ever increasing ocean of a crawl space (it was perfect fit, a lighthouse shower curtain). Anyway, Sunday night Shawn says it has to be sewer water coming in, but I just couldn't figure out how that could be. Well, he figured it out. We have the pump for our sewer plugged in behind the house. It has one of those nifty little switches that you have to reset. So why don't I check that out. I wander outside and sure enough, the little red light is on. I tripped it back, and called him. He marveled at how that could of happened. I remind him that the fencer is plugged in there also. A light bulb goes on, the extension cord plugs into the fencer and being as it is spring, it is likely in water, shorting it out and tripping the switch. I unplugged the fencer (at this point I don't care if the horses get out, they haven't yet and there hasn't been an electric fence, just me thinking there was) so Voila (500+ gallons of water, an aching body, and how many hours later) the problem has been identified and is fixed. I continued to suck water out of the crawl space and we will have to for some time, but at least there isn't more water coming in.

Here's where the problem lied, the pump wasn't working for the sewer, and therefore, our drain tile (which goes into the sewer) wasn't working and the liquid had no where to go, but my crawl space. I missed work on Monday to bail out more water, but needed 2 people to do the job completely so, I sucked out water when I could and I took it easy. I did a lot of scrapbooking between suctioning and finished many pages. Over the weekend, I did some scrapbooking and finished half a knit dishrag. I usually do half of one per day if not more.
So, my crafting was different then I thought it would be, but the experience is something I learned from and wouldn't really need to have happen again. I've been waking up several times per night and run to the crawl space to see if more water has come in and I'm not sure if I really run out in my sleep or only think about it to check the switch. The positive part is that Shawn is home and he can take care of it now.

How was everyone else's weekend?

Muckster's Fun Fact

Tonight at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning,
The time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I don't know if everyone has already heard this story or not, but I will tell it anyway.
For those who don't know Colin Mattila, he is Doug and Judy's son from Cokato, and he got in a snowboarding accident at snowmass, CO. He has been at Denver Health in Denver.
This story is just simply amazing:
Judy was on a shuttle bus, I think she may have been on her way to the airport, and she was on her cell phone to someone lamenting about how they were going to come up with money ($11,000) to get there son transferred from CO to a hospital in MN. When she hung up the phone, a lady next to her told her "I couldn't help eavesdropping, but could you please tell me the story about your son?" So Judy told her all that had happened, and when she was done, the lady said "I would like to borrow you the money for the transfer!" And Judy said "well that wouldn't do any good, for I would have no way to pay you back." So they parted ways.
I don't know how long after this was, maybe only a day or two, (sorry, I don't remember every detail!) but a nurse at the hospital came in the room and asked Doug, "do you believe in God? Well, you will now, that lady called the hospital, and they are going to donate the money for the transfer!" And not only that, but they paid Doug and Judy's entire hotel bill!! That lady's father is a physician, and him and another physician split the cost to pay for all this! Complete strangers! Is that just awesome or what? You can read more about it if you go to click on visit, type in colinmattila, and read their journal.
Just thought I would share that....if anyone else knows about it, and I got something wrong here, do correct me.





Sunday, April 02, 2006


Very interesting re: the Google thing...I went on just now and found Elizabeths name in 3 different articles about her work with the homeless.
Have you ever typed in your phone number on Google....most times it will show who owns that number. Scary!


Amanda just told me that she did a google search on "kuoppala" and one of the results, was my post about her just passing her permit test. I tried it, and comically came up with this one...

Either the Kuoppala's do not give a rats about anybody else but themselves, or they do not have ... Monday morning (and this morning) in the kuoppala house. - 66k - Cached - Similar pages

Not that it really matters, but just so everyone is aware, that everything you put on the web... blog or otherwise, is eventually spydered, and is added to the search databases...

I got a good chuckle out of this one :-D

Saturday, April 01, 2006


hi guys! didn't know about this til about an hour ago when my mom was busy giggling up a storm about something "grandma" posted(which i seem to have but since forgotten) and decided to make my presence known on here .. its been awhile since i've visited/saw/hung out with quite a few of you! hopefully that can all change..anywho! works goin good down here, have a boss that loves me and would like to sink the ship of hope thats christened(did i spell that right?!) "Minnesota" but alas i can't seem to settle down in one place so what the heck! but before i ramble on too far, too fast, i must say! miss you all and who knows? maybe a comment? :)