Sunday, April 23, 2006


I keep forgetting to tell Eric about the blog. He has lots of interesting stories now that he should be sharing. I will share a bit, and then try remember to get him into the loop so he can share personally. He is almost done with his first year of school. Meanwhile, for fun and as a resume builder, he applied and got on as a reserve officer for the county. He has mandatory training sessions that include shooting all kinds of guns I've never heard of at a high tech new gun range without having to pay a dime for ammunition! In May or June his mandatory training involves spending a Saturday driving jet skies and other water craft. Sounds rough, eh? In addition, this past Saturday he got to drive a real cop car, by himself on real roads. Oh, and a sheriff four wheeler as well. ...He is having a blast, but is also anticipating the part of training where he gets mased(sp?) and tazed (sp?). He will have his uniform early this summer. Thankfully they provide him with body armor as well. He only has to supply the leather.

Another year in school and he will be ready to take the POST. If all goes well, he could be a full fledged officer close to a year from now!

He went to visit the cop at the High School the other day. As Eric was leaving, the cop said, "Oh, and by the way, it's 'Pat' "(first name basis), then said, "stay safe." ...That has a whole new meaning now.

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