Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bicycle trip down memory lane

My name is _____________________


Here is your BIKE TEST. There are three (3) parts. Part one (1) has 20 questions. They are true and false. Each question counts for one (1) point. Part two (2) has five (5) questions but one of these has two (2) parts. Therefore part two (2) will count for thirty (30) points all together.
Part three (3) has five (5) questions. Here you will explain exactly what you would do. This part is worth ten (10) points for each question.
You need a score of 75 to pass this test. You will not be allowed to talk while doing this test and no answers will be given so don’t ask the question.

True and False. Answer each question by placing a T or F in the blank by the number.

___ 1-Bike riders may “hitch” onto a truck if it is traveling under the speed limit.
___ 2-Bike drivers should keep to the right side of the road.
___ 3-Bike drivers should drive in single file for greater safety.
___ 4-Bike drivers should give hand and arm signals when turning.
___ 5-It is best to learn to drive a bike on a busy road.
___ 6-State law says you can not drive a bike on the sidewalk of a business district.
___ 7-It is safer to carry packages in your arms when riding a bike.
___ 8-Bike drivers must obey all road traffic signs. (stop signs, etc.)
___ 9-It is safe to carry passengers on a regular bike.
___ 10-An older person is not required, or in other words, does not need to have brakes on his bike.
___ 11-Before passing a person on the sidewalk or anywhere, the bike driver must yield right of way and give a signal out loud.
___ 12-A bike should be checked to see if it needs fixing.
___ 13-When going out of or coming into a driveway the bike driver must yield right of way to pedestrians or cars.
___ 14-While driving on a road, the bike driver must keep at least one hand on the handle bars at all times.
___ 15-Young bike drivers should push rather than ride their bikes across busy intersections.
___ 16-It is all right to ride on the left side of the road if I only to the bridge.
___ 17-Every car driver will watch out for me on my bike.
___ 18-If I go real fast, I can control my bike just as well as when I go slower.
___ 19-It is wrong to ride double on a regular bike.
___ 20-Everyone needs lessons or teaching before biking on the road.


1 – How many people should be on one bike?
2 – Which side of the road will you drive on?
3 – Who has the right of way? Circle one for each letter.
a. Truck or Bike
b. Car or Bike
c. Pedestrian or Bike
4 – On the road past our house, what is the most dangerous place?
What is the second most dangerous place?
5 – If you and a friend are biking down the road, side by side, and a car is seen coming, what will you do?

What would you do? EXPLAIN CLEARLY. Write as much as you want.

1 – I am riding on my bike. I see a car coming from the front. I see another car coming from behind me. They are getting closer ---
2 – I am riding my bike and my pant leg gets stuck in the chain. I am just going on to the bridge ----
3 – My friend and I are riding our bikes. My friend is going all over the road. I see a car coming towards us. My friend goes on the left side of the road ---
4 – I am riding my bike one evening and the sun is just setting. It shines brightly into my eyes. I look behind me and see a car coming ---
5 – I am going for a ride on my bike. I get close to the ends of our driveway and look back. I see my little brother or nephew running after me. I tell him to go home but he doesn’t listen or obey me ---


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Hmmm! Who found this test in
their Christmas stocking? Am
I right? mom

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Printing this off... see how the kids do ;-)


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Oh my goodness. Was retaking the test for ol' times sake ... and I think I got a 75.
Is Part One (1), Question #7 the reason I had baskets on the back sides of my bike? I should probably have reviewed this test before sending on my cherubs to the store to buy me eggs. Lack of baskets, combined with an overgrown bush, probably a bit of flinch/jerk reflex = one dozen scrambled eggs without benefit of wire whisk.
Question for the author of this Bike Test: were bike helmets not invented yet?
-the first test passer

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I asked the original author!
No, helmets weren't in use then.
Car seats weren't in use then
either. Mom