Friday, March 31, 2006

who has the computer brain

Is ther spel check on this blog site aniwhere? hahahaha


Surgery was a success. Tanner has a new souvenier, they gave him the plates and pins that were removed. His only danger is developing an infection in the holes in his bones but it is slim that this would happen. He is very sleepy and is on the final road to recovery!
I also agree with all of you that life is way to short....Don't sweat the small stuff. There is nothing going on in my life that I should ever be complaining about. Great family, good job, roof over my head, rowdy healthy kids (smiles) and food on my table, not to mention an extended family that I adore!!!!! All I need to do is look at the world through the eyes of those less fortunate and know how lucky I really am to have all of you and the life that I have been given!


I just wanted to share how my husband is out of the state effective this morning. I am going to be able to do what I want, when I want, eat what I want, well, you get the picture. (Ok, he's only gone for the weekend or I wouldn't be so ecstatic). This girl is going to be crafting all weekend and I don't even have to put anything away before I go to bed if I don't want to. Life is great.

If there are any girls who would like to come over and craft, you can feel free to do so beginning this evening. If I had a way to post my crafts on here on Tuesday, I would and you'll all be impressed=). (that's my motivation, so I actually get something done).

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!!


Hi (my words of wisdom for the day)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Muckster -- Internet Safety

Becky asked me to share some tips for internet safety to help avoid identity theft.

This is a public website. Anybody can access it and learn quite a bit about any of us. So please make it harder for them:

- No phone numbers.
- No addresses.
- No names of schools, hospitals, places of employment, etc.
- Not too many details about what you bought or where.
- I’d stay away from specific information, like ages or middle names.
- And, in general, just keep in mind that anybody can be eavesdropping on our conversations.

Don’t be paranoid, just be aware and play safe. This is especially true for the grandkids’ blog – it’d be a good idea to check on it once in a while and to remind them to use regular old email if they need to share a phone number, address, email address, or any other identifying information.


Life Is To Short

My......should I or......hhmmmmmm. ..ok. I,m not sure if I,m family or not but I thought this (Blog thing) was all for fun.. and if you have some thing to add .. add it. I read most and enjoy it. But words don't always come to mind to comment.. sorry if some of us are slowwwwwwww...
BE HAPPY and Enjoy :)
Life Is To Short
#1's out law husband


Boy, is my face red. Don't know if it's hot flashes or embarrassment. I was just informed about the
comment thing. You know, some of us are slower
than others. I don't have anything newsworthy;
just wanted you to know!


I did not mean to take such a postive thing and turn it in to something negative. Jenny called me 2 minutes after I got home and as I told her, if she didn't post pictures of her kids on here I would never get to see them grow up. As I commented back to Elizabeth, I was having a "moment" and if I would have listened to my right brain (haha) I would of never posted what I did. I rarely say anything negative and have always tried to be the upbeat, happy-go-lucky person that I am and I am usually the one rallying the troops when the chips are down. So...let's start over can we??? This Blog is a great communication tool and whoever has the time or want or urge to participate, should, without negative comments on what everyone else is doing or not doing or commenting on or not commenting on. I vow to do the same and I am truly sorry for blasting like I did.
In Elizabeth's comments back to me she asked if a felt the collective hug??? Yes, I did! I also feel (and have seemed to have forgotten) that things should not always have to be said but should just be known on how we all feel about each other whether it is spoken or not.
(Can I blame my prior posting on menopause......hahahahah)
Sorry if I hurt anyone by my comments, was not my intent.


Sorry, Jody. I was going to send Tanner a card but I'm late
with that as I am late with so many things. Heather e-mailed
how I can just comment to a blog but that didn't work so
will do it this way. I couldn't get on with a comment.
I'm glad your left brain won. Neither brain works on me!


I would like to briefly respond to Fran's entry on the blogger slackers. Although I took no offense to his posting, I would like to comment on one fact, Aboslutely NO ONE has responded, commented, whatever on the fact that I posted that Tanner is going in for surgery tomorrow. No well-wishers, nothing! There have been no comments on anything that I have posted so far and it feels or seems that a select few of you are corresponding back and forth on what is posted and for me, well, I feel it is a waste of my time, no one responds, no one answers, I feel like I (we) are out of the "circle". Sorry, you asked for honesty. Don't take offense...I am at the point right now where my left brain is asking my right brain if I should really post this or not, "do it.." "No don't do it " Oops my left brain won!
You must think I am crazy...(smiles)


Wouldn't it be fun to be mega rich! I'd take the next plane
out and come have coffee and cinnamon rolls. I'd even take
a cab from the airport! Might as well go all out. It is 5:10
a.m., CDT! I must be doing this in my sleep!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


not so good in the commenting department over here ... but anybody for cinnamon rolls and coffee?


After reading my post, I realize that I have something else from the forstie's. I always harrass Kenny Forstie and some of his sons on being negative. If my computer screen was a mirror, as I typed it, I could have seen the negativity, it wasn't meant to be, i was just typing. I realize not everbody sits in front of their computers eight hours a day like us.


P.S. Some do not have computers at home so they can get on
the Blog. Some do but do not have the time to do it except
once in awhile. Now, personally, I have only ironed 3 of
Pa's shirts since we got home so I better get at the ironing,
wouldn't you say? Check on your blogging after tonight's
pizza fundraiser and perhaps after some have come over after
that to view Kamp Kippa video that Pa took when he went
to the new camp land with Frans when in AZ. Enjoy your day.


Well, I never was much of a conversationalist so I guess this
blogging is like a conversation. You're right Jenny, the pic
of Frans and his girl's catching up on the news is cute. Worth
putting in their scrapbooks. Wedding pictures are very nice
but am wondering who Scuba and Sheila are. Never did
comment on Tailor at the computer but that was cute. I was going to respond that we had lots of dust balls, no hair balls. Asked Jenny via e-mail to give step by step how to get pictures from camera to blog. But anyone reading this could
e-mail with same instructions.

Last thing I commented on was Marjanen's Florida trip.
Okay, my comment about Lee and Karen having a baby the
day after they had been to Cloquet to a funeral was just a
comment. I did respond to Heather about ordering chickens
and guessed Charlie's internet photo (Well actually your
father guessed that correctly)

Called Anita last evening as there was a message that she
had tried calling. Related to her that we had been to
Esko for Clifford Trevena's funeral. Husband of a classmate.
Told her I asked this lady if she minds if I make a guess as
to who she is. I was correct. Anita said I don't have
Alzheimers! Makes me feel better but sometimes I wonder
about it. Wait until you are 70.

Have a good day. Oh, the old computer got brought to the
Storage Unit. Wow, makes a difference in small bedroom.


I am not saying the forstie's are better communicators, BUT, everytime someone puts up a new posting, people make comments on it. This tells me one of possibly three things or so. Either the Kuoppala's do not give a rats about anybody else but themselves, or they do not have time to sit at the computer, or else they just don't know how to post comments! So, either we are computer illiterate or too busy to share our thoughts on your fellow brothers and sisters posts. So, the last option is we are just too conceited. The whole moral to the story is that you can comment on people's postings cuz that's where the communication comes in. we could just send these things in the mail to santa clause and get no response also. I hope no one is offended by my posting, if you are please make a comment underneath it. three points a piece for the first three comments on this post, only one comment per person on this posting to receive points. The points can be combined with Charlie's points!
Love you all, talk to you later


Just had a minute to play around and got it!!! Check out the links on the right side of the blog.


Monday morning (and this morning) in the kuoppala house....(this morning Toni filled the empty chair)
The girls usually eat breakfast at the island on the stools...but when dad is home during the week, they all sit at the table with him, and they all read a section of the paper together.
I walked in to see this and thought it mighty cute....daddy and his girls....getting ready to take on the day:)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Here are a few pictures from Scuba & Sheila's wedding on the 25th of march


charlie -

the aerial view photo ... jari guessed elbow creek ranch before we got up to the correct guess part of the blog.

got one for you ... a special photo from st augustine!

just so you know I was thinking of you! (smiles)


Mom: Nice pics of Florida. I stopped in St. Augustine with
Liz in 1960 while Pappa and Mummu were visiting Aunt
Jennie in Sanford. Would be nice to stop there in May but
we will be rushing back for Denise' graduation as have to be
in Lake Worth May 27 & 28. You should have stopped to
see Don and Pauline at their condo in Lake Worth. We
won't see it as they will be in MN.

Monday, March 27, 2006


We are back home! It is warm here ... I always heard that Florida beaches were warm. We didn't go to California because it was going to be cold. The only place we could think of to go that was warm was Florida ... without going all the way to Hawaii. We had fun ... drove ... paid about $50 in toll road charges (Jari says $150!) ... froze our tootsies off at the beach ... saw a lot of the eastern side of Florida ... drove about 1100 miles ... at times thought I was on I35 from Mpls up north ... other times I thought I was in Zim!!! My most amazing thing about Florida: palm trees growing next to pine trees. This pic is of little trees, but there were massive palms next to equally massive pines. Just looked a bit unnatural to this desert dweller!

Friday we went to Kennedy Space Center ... wow! Definately worth the entrance fees if you ever have the opportunity to go. Didn't do the IMAX films, but did the tours. The size of everything is absolutely amazing. Saw 'gators where I didn't think gators existed ... vultures (oh my gosh!) and eagle nests. Every pond, lake and swamp is full of those beautiful critters. In the evening we had dinner and visiting with Toivo and Laura Loukusa who live in Orlando.

Saturday we went south. Found places we know we would never move to and can't quite figure out how some people can! We visited Martta (Jari's aunt) in Palm Beach. If you look at a map ... I believe that the only nice place in Lake Worth/Palm Beach is the area between the Intercoastal Waterway and the ocean. Martta's house (not hers, but where she lives) is 3 houses down from Donald Trumps. If that gives you any idea of the sort of neighborhood. I used the bathroom ... then sent Jari to use the bathroom with the camera. Check out this toilet!!! The house has a room off the garage that is full of a train set. $1 million dollars worth of train set ... 2 engineers worked about a year putting the thing together. Quite the lifestyle ... just a little moth ball smelling. We were invited to spend the night ... Jari respectfully declined. So .... Martta found us a "hotel" in Lake Worth. We drove up to see a tweeker leaving a room ... decided that a 3 hour drive back to our hotel room sounded better than ever!

On the way back we stopped at Jupiter Beach (chilly!) and drove through Hobe Sound. Now that is a place I could definately live.

Sunday we went to St. Augustine ... the oldest town/settlement in the United States. Totally cool! Very European looking with narrow streets, old buildings (including the oldest school house in the country), a fort that has survived 17 out of 17 battles. I found the coolest way to stack a dozen children to sleep ... didn't get a picture though. Well worth taking a trip to see if you go. Would have enjoyed going on a ghost tour at night, but couldn't stay. There are supposedly many ghostly creatures hanging around. A stop at the gator farm, but it was closed.

A little playing on the frigid beach. Note: If you take a wrong turn on the toll road and have to turn around ... you just pay again! Couldn't quite figure out how they determine if the charge is 50 cents or $2 or $1.25. Driving is challenging ... tested Jari's patience much more than a vacation needed.

Monday night and we are home. Being as this was a honeymoon and we didn't purchase one thing for "us" as souveniers ... Jari took me home from the airport in a limo. Fun times ... next trip to Florida ... we go to the Keys .... sit on the beach ... go fishing ... read a book from cover to cover ... no driving allowed!


Just a reminder for those "girls" that haven't given a suggestion yet for the girl's gift exchange, I need an idea. I'd like to draw them soon, so we can bargain shop. Mother missed a good sale as we hadn't drawn yet.
I will be sending out the other name exchange information soon.


I'm not sure how long we raise our chickens. I'd guess 6-8 weeks. Last time we got them in July and butchered them in September or Ocotober. All I know is that they are really good. Last time we left them whole, but this time, we are going to try and cut them up, but I don't remember how and Shawn doesn't remember. We'll see how it works out. With 75 (minus the ones we lose), we'll get a couple cut up good.
Here's an idea that I would love to put out there. What does everyone think about having a family get together this fall? Hopefully Lauri and Elsie can come. They mentioned September. If they come, I'd like to have a family get together at Kaleva Island perhaps. What do you think?

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Anybody caught any mice lately? I’m excited for summer and birding – yummy! Here is a picture of me on the computer. Liz is taking a nap and I busted a nail clawing up the furniture and i've licked up all the food she left on the countertop and chewed up all her work papers and don't know what else to do, so I figured I'd try blogging. Hope you have a no-hairball sort of day! meow.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Mom. Becky, did you say that Lee and Karen where in
Cloquet for Wayne's aunt's funeral on Wednesday? And she
had a baby on Thursday! Brave girl.

Read in obits this morning that my classmate Carol Trevena
lost her husband. We will be going to Esko on Tuesday for
the funeral. He did have difficulty breathing when we visited
there last.

Tables line one side of the "old side" hall, all filled with stuff
from Phyllis' apt. Estate sale today. Difficult to imagine that
a one bedroom apt. held so much stuff. Had the three Rousu
family members for lunch yesterday. I had seen a turquoise
brooch in that apt. which would go great with one of my
outfits. They gave it to me for doing so much for Phyllis.
It was fun; you have read my Phyllis stories. I miss that
gal but she is in a much better place now.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Mom. I was wrong again. We raised them 7 1/2 to 8 wks.
for broilers.


Mom: We would be interested in some chickens. We are down
to just the refrigerator freezer so couldn't take very many.
To what age do you raise them? I think we did to 5 weeks.


I love being part of this family! I got many a good chuckle from the diet emails and now from this as well.

Not much new today. Hoping Wayne gets home tonight.

Karen & Lee (Wayne's sister) had a baby boy yeasterday; 8lb 2 oz; Connor Benjamin. I get to see him tonight when I go to work :-)

I talked to a guy today about selling my medium format film camera. The value has gone down significantly as digital improves. I am hoping to get rid of it before it goes down even further, and then will look at getting a digital. Will try my hand at posting pictures when that happens, but don't hold your breath yet!


Isa gets the points!!! not sure what the points are worth ;-) Elbow Creek Ranch!


Mom - Yup, it might be the ultrasound. The black circle
is the cyst! This is Pa's idea: A picture off the internet.
If he is correct, the give away was Miriam's house and
the creek so it is a picture of Elbow Creek Ranch. (?)


Charlie - i was going to make a guess that the photo was somehow Mother's ultrasound - never could read those things - but since she's guessing its an aerial shot, i'll go with that - the sod farm, perhaps? is your shop near some fields? a picture from the Mars expedition?


Hello from the Lindula's. I'm not sure if this is going to work, but here is my first attempt.

Shawn has been busy logging and I have been working and making crafts for the Mines and Pines.

Shawn and I went to Texas a few weeks ago and had a great time with the Kuoppala's down there. Shawn is flying down there again on Friday to attend yet another auction. While we were down there, we went to an auction in Dallas, but this time, he is going to an auction in Carthage. I'm staying home this time, but he may be staying home when I go to Alaska in July. Amber's wedding is July 8th.

I'm posting an advertisement: Shawn and I ordered 75 chickens and we are getting them in April. If anyone is interested in buying chicken, let us know. We already have some sold, but we will likely have more. (Shawn doesn't really like chicken, so he'd love to sell most of them).

I'm going to try and take some pictures, scan them, then post them at some point. We'll see how that works. I'd love to share some photos of the dogsledding excursion that Jen, Laurie, Liz, and I went on.


Mom - Well, Charlie, I'd say it's an aerial view but haven't
figured out what it an aerial view of! Do I get a point?


hmm okie... try that another way

What is it?


10 points to the one who guesses what this is first! (if I can figure out how to add the picture of course)

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Here is another 12x12 page I did tonight... When Frans is out of town I like to get 'something' done....wether it's cleaning, re-arranging a room, or just anything that I've been putting off....
And so this time I decided the cleaning and re-arranging can wait....I am going to scrapbook! I got four pages done since he's been I am pretty pumped:)
Ma, hopefully your cyst isn't something major! Do keep us posted!


This is a test! Can I figure it out?

Wayne will love this and will be able to help me figure it out... when he is home. He has been in a different part of the country each week. Last Saturday morning he went to Pennsylvania. Got back late Tuesday evening. We went to Cloquet for his aunt's (Judy) funeral on Wednesday. On the way home, he got a phone call asking him to go to Iowa this morning. Doesn't leave much time for teaching me these computer things, or for getting the wood floors in the bedrooms!

Yes, we are finally getting the rooms done. We put oak floor in the girls room. Base board is in as well, but the doors, door trim, and windows will wait for later. It is beautiful! The boys room required ceiling repair, repainting (after patching walls), etc. Much bigger job. Eric and Steven put in the sub floor while Wayne was out of town, so now ready for oak. I am hoping it will happen Saturday. My nerves are getting worn by matteresses and all in the dining room.

Thanks for getting this going. If I can figure it out, your awesome posts will keep me coming back :-)


Mom. Well, here is update from yesterday. Had to have a
mammogram. The radiologist wanted still another one.
Then he wanted an ultrasound. No, I'm not pregnant.
Small cyst. More about that when I hear.


Jenny thanks for posting the calendar. I usually look at our calendar every Sunday to get my ducks in a row for the week because I have all of the school stuff on there as well, having it posted here gives me a chance to look at it several times throughout the month. If you know when Amber is getting married, post that for us will you....
Charlie, I am right behind you with the driving thing. Tanner takes his class and behind the wheel in August. Scary thought! Tanner wants to go up to Gary's so he can get some experience before he starts by driving in the fields. I am not to keen on that idea but have heard that most of you Kuoppala kids started driving way before your time. (smiles)
Jen I love all the pictures of the kids...


Amanda has completed the classroom part of her drivers training, and has excitedly passed her permit test... 2 questions wrong out of 40, gave her a 94% Gentlemen... you may want to consider another mode of transportation, We are about to have another woman driver!


Mom, (and anyone else that can handle my ramblings...) Where to put your name... Putting your name in the "title" field will put it in the yellow/gold larger size above your post. Which it looks like everyone has been doing... The ( KUOPPALA'S ) that is already in the spot where you actually start typeing your post, can just be "backspaced" out...
The "KUOPPALA'S" is a link that brings you to this webpage, not really sure why thats there. If you want to put something in italics, bold, underline (there are many more) then click on the "edit html" blue link to the top right of the page you are writing the post in, and the page will change from "Rich Text" (how a page looks on the internet) to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language, the language that is used to make things look like they do when you look at it as Rich Text) To make something in your post "bold" simply click the "edit html" at the top right, and type in <" "b" > without the quotes to seperate it, before your bolded word and <"/"b"> after the word (again, without the seperating quotes). The "b" is substituted with "i" for italics, and "u" for underlining... Mother is learning HTML

Hmmm I seem to have gone a lil farther than where to put your name... oops :-)


Mom, (and anyone else that can handle my ramblings...) Where to put your name... Putting your name in the "title" field will put it in the yellow/gold larger size above your post. Which it looks like everyone has been doing... The ( KUOPPALA'S ) that is already in the spot where you actually start typeing your post, can just be "backspaced" out...
The "KUOPPALA'S" is a link that brings you to this webpage, not really sure why thats there. If you want to put something in italics, bold, underline (there are many more) then click on the "edit html" blue link to the top right of the page you are writing the post in, and the page will change from "Rich Text" (how a page looks on the internet) to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language, the language that is used to make things look like they do when you look at it as Rich Text) To make something in your post "bold" simply click the "edit html" at the top right, and type in <" "b" > without the quotes to seperate it, before your bolded word and <"/"b"> after the word (again, without the seperating quotes). The "b" is substituted with "i" for italics, and "u" for underlining... Mother is learning HTML

Hmmm I seem to have gone a lil farther than where to put your name... oops :-)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


soneone wanted the calendar to be case the writing was too hard to read, I typed in the birthdays. There was nothing on my calendar for the rest of March, so I am giving April.


Here goes folks! Have to start packing a suitcase now. Do you s'pose I can find some clothing to put into it?? We are borrowing Blayde's nice roller suitcase that he got for graduation. First time in my (getting ever longer) life that I can PULL a suitcase behind me instead of lugging a huge bag on my shoulder! Will be great! So ... 20 years belated honeymoon ... here we come!! Alyx & Brock were both telling me that I should have saved the money, bagged going to Florida and used the money for Alaska this summer. Alyx said, "Amber is only getting married once, Mom". I said, "so am I and I'm going to Florida with dad". We aim to have a blast!

Still grocery shopping to do in the morning. Treated the kids to Marble Slab Creamery tonite. Tia & Anna each had so much ice cream, my stomach hurt looking at it! Made them and me feel better about ditching out of town tomorrow!

Laundry is still heaped to what looks insurmountable levels. Where does it all come from???? Thank goodness for Miss. Alyx ... she can be laundry queen for the next few days.

Back to work ... will breathe salt air for all of you!


Mom. Tried putting "mom" in two places. Will see how it
prints. How do you people get your name to show before
your message? I had to go back to St. Lukes today.
More on that later! Stopped to see Marvin and Nathalie.
They returned yesterday from a 13 day bus trip as far
as San Antonio. They saw things we've seen but we
didn't see all of it in 13 days. It took us many trips.


here are two 12x12 digital scrapbook pages I just did today...this is the first time I've scrapbooked in I don't even know how long! This blogging business is inspiring me to start scrapping again! Lindsey and Kierstyn are playing 'house' really good, and toni and Alanys are napping....Frans is not coming home tonight, so I don't need to plan a fancy why not scrapbook? Anita and I were going to get together this week one day to scrapbook at her house, but it ended up being too busy of a week. Her kids are on spring break, so they could've helped keep my kids occupied:) oh well, we'll do it another week!


I was here before, but now I think I'm really here.... my memory is kinda funny, I always had the right URL's, I just didn't seem to use them... Here from work

So... Howdy Doody ;-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Iron Kuoppalas

Testing it out! Looks neat so far!
Hi everyone!


Mom: Until someone figures how to put birthdays, etc. on
the Blog, check your calendar! Pa got a call from the car
dealership to drive a car to Maple Grove. That's just up
his alley.


After the zoo the girls came home to some rain, and the white stuff y'all see is arizona snow, hail to any anyone that does not know what az snow is.


Zoo day:) We tried to go last week, but the parking lot was packed, so we met Anita at the park instead! So today we went.... We started out the day with Lindsey waking up mighty early because she was SO excited to go...Came to wake me up and kept saying "mom get up and get ready...if we wait too long, the parking lot will be full of cars again!" So we all got up and got going... Was a really fun day (and good exercise too!) We left for home just in time too, as soon as we got in the car and started driving, it started raining! Just remind me next time to pack lunches for the kids!! :) Eating at the zoo is not real cheap!
I am not looking forward to the rest of the week, Frans is going to Yuma to do a job, and won't be back till Friday afternoon! Ugh!
Here is a Picture of Alanys at the zoo....she looks a little happier here than in the last picture I posted of her!! She is on medicine for the ear infection, and is feeling a lot better! She slept the entire night last night for the first time in about 2 months!!!!! Yay!! I totally enjoyed it, as I'm sure she did too!

Farmington Kuoppala's

Now that I THINK that I am getting the hang of this, we will try an entry (smiles)
What's new with the Farmington Kuoppalas:
Well, Dave plowed snow for 23 hours last week (13 of them straight in one day). He was ready for a nice long relaxed weekend and sleeping in was his priority which he managed both Saturday and Sunday! Our initial intent was to drive up north for the weekend but the Thursay snow had Dave behind the wheel for 10 hours and driving another 3 was something he did not want to do so we will try to pick another weekend.
Tanner is scheduled for his next surgery on his arm the 31st of March. They will remove his hardware (2 plates and 12 pins) and give him another 6-8 weeks of healing time so he should be ready to go by summer. He can not wait to be (as he would say) a normal kid again and not so restricted from sports. Tanner is looking in to joining the Army after he graduates, something every Mother loves to hear but we won't stand in his way if that is what he wants to do but we want to make sure he gets all of the facts first. Looking in to that.
Mitchell is growing like a weed, he will be tall like his Daddy! He has some of the funniest stories and is the cheapest entertainment around. Dave and I are doing the "same old, same old" with work and work. (smiles) Gearing up for another busy summer at the sod farm and they are already taking orders. May sell the motorcycle...Frans are you still interested? We decided that we can't drive the boat, camper and motorcycle all at once so giving up the 2-wheeler. All of our toys are summer toys and Dave has such limited "extra" time in the summer for fun that we decided to spend more time camping and fishing and not worry about his time for the motorcycle. So Frans if you are still interested let us know!
An idea for the blog site....we should post birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions each month just to remind everyone. What do you think???
Well I have to run for now...need to order my umbrellas for crafting...

Monday, March 20, 2006


KUOPPALA'S Well, so far, so good! I'm supposed to let you know that this is from Mom but I don't know if when I
typed mom in white space by blogger does it or not.
Muckster: Your story was cute. You have a better memory
than I!
Charlie, if this works, I'll tell you how I did it. Reason it
is so slow is 'cuz everyone else might be having as much
trouble as we are! I think the car is sold! Money here
on Friday and title transferred. Mom


I'm taking a writing class and having fun re-enacting conversations from our childhood and thought i'd share one. If it's offensive to anyone, please feel free to delete it, or let me know. I think its hilarious and its as close to the real conversation as i could get. Enjoy.


“Where is he?! Where is he?!” we six kids had our noses pressed to the window of the family station wagon looking for the old man who sat on the neighbor’s porch by the railroad tracks.

“He died last week,” Mom reported with a tone that suggested she wanted us to sit in our seats and talk quietly.

I jumped up with all the energy a four-year-old has stored for such an occasion and hopped over two bench seats to land my butt next to my mother who was driving the car.

“God died?!” I asked.

“No, God didn’t die. Grandpa Jagunich died.”

“God can’t die, right?” I didn’t know Grandpa Jagunich and wasn’t much concerned by his passing.

“That’s right. God can’t die.” Mom assured me.

On our way home from town, I had my nose pressed to the window again looking for the man on the porch.

“He’s not there,” Mom reminded me. “He died.”

At the dinner table that evening, I announced the news between spoonfuls of mashed potatoes. Eleven-year-old Anita had never heard such a thing and was intrigued. How did I know God died?

“Mom told us.”

“No, Elizabeth Christine, what I said is that God did NOT die.”

“Jesus died for our sins,” seven-year-old David piped up proudly.

Anita brought us back to the subject at hand. She wanted the full story from ME with no input from anyone else. Everyone listened because she sat in the middle on one side of this table of ten and wouldn’t please-pass-the-milk to anybody who didn’t.

“God lived at Doug’s house and God died.” I told my big sister, surprised that I’d gotten the news first.

“No, God lives in Heaven,” Dad reminded me from the head-end of the table.

“I know THAT. Heaven is at Doug’s house.”

“What does God look like?” Anita questioned, still on her mission to get to the bottom of this.

“You know. He sits on the porch and waves at us.”

Mom understood then. “That’s not God! That was Grandpa Jagunich!” She exclaimed with a laugh in her voice.

“No, it’s God. God made sure we were sitting nice in the car so a train wouldn’t hit us. And now God died. Probably a train hit him.” I went back to my mashed potatoes and creamed corn.


I need to get a digital camera - but until then you'll be stuck with old photos. so here's one of my cat for you to enjoy. and one of tristan who plans to visit me tomorrow for a couple of hours.

this is fun - thanks for setting it up and for sticking with the postings while the rest of us get our act together.


Heres one I took while Grandma & Grandpa where here. We went fishing for a few hours... but fish :( oh well all in good fun. (Life is to short)


HHmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... well.. frans and jen. Since we started I think we are putting most of the things on here every day or more. So ..we over here are wondering how to get all to start and have fun & enjoy.. this..
(Life is to short)


Me and the troops just got back from another doctor visit for Alanys....another ear infection! Poor little pumpkin! This is her 4th one in 2 or 3 months. One more for her in the next two months, and she gets tubes! Hopefully we can kick this! Not only is it a pain going back and forth to the doctors every week, but it is getting mighty spendy!
I gotta get to working on pictures now while I have a spare 1/2 hour!!
see ya, jenny

Sunday, March 19, 2006


In the title section of the post - let's try and put the name of the individual posting. When we are all posting with the same user name it's nice to know who is who. Usually I know that won't be a problem, but you never know...

Just to get some of you others motivated to post ... a picture of Denise when she was here visiting!

Have a great day all!


raining again! :)
did an outside wedding last night, and it was windy and cold!! Woke up this morning to see rain:) We are not complaining....
there was a pasty sale after church today to raise some money for the family of Colin Mattila (he is the young lad who had the skiing accident)....Anita bought some pasties, and we all went to my mom and dad's for lunch and birthday cake...(my mom's)
hope everyone has a great week! Let's see if we can get everyone else involved in this!

C if this works

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Hey all you can send blog from your cell. phone if your on a trip.... and pictures. Anita and I will try it out next weekend. I going to try it out right know.. after this note. to see if it works. (Life is to short)


KUOPPALA'S Enjoying pictures. Don't know yet how to do it
or don't even have pics to post. We did have someone come
look at the car. He is taking auto mechanics at the college.
Will be back with money tomorrow - or said he would.
Beautiful sunny day in Brainerd. Pa is working on routing
for our next trip! :)

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hello trying this out


Anita and Alyx planting flowers, peas and carrots. Also some other things this fine Saturday afternoon... and Duke (the Dog) is wondering what go on here!!! Me .. just trying this out to see if I know what I'm doing.. Well not bad so far... I think. Hope you all are having fun.


Opps I don't know what i did but I messed up your entry good thing it was not important and now I know not to mess things up.

Friday, March 17, 2006


And here I thought you were "working" so hard this evening! Happy sleeping Alanys!


just so you know if you put your cursor on a picture and left click once it will make your the picture bigger (and in case Ivan looks at this to show the form you need to acheive in a great golf swing).................:) ;) :0


I have had a long couple of days. Time for a long nap my parents hope.


went golfing on thursday morning with seven other guys

Just a Friday

Another day in the life of the Marjanens. School ended today and the kids went on spring break! At the moment the 3 youngest are busy playing hide-n-seek outside. Am adding a picture of Alyx when she decided to paint her room. Is this a new way of checking color coordination???

start of the blog...

this is for everyone to share their daily going-ons, etc...