Saturday, March 25, 2006


Mom. Becky, did you say that Lee and Karen where in
Cloquet for Wayne's aunt's funeral on Wednesday? And she
had a baby on Thursday! Brave girl.

Read in obits this morning that my classmate Carol Trevena
lost her husband. We will be going to Esko on Tuesday for
the funeral. He did have difficulty breathing when we visited
there last.

Tables line one side of the "old side" hall, all filled with stuff
from Phyllis' apt. Estate sale today. Difficult to imagine that
a one bedroom apt. held so much stuff. Had the three Rousu
family members for lunch yesterday. I had seen a turquoise
brooch in that apt. which would go great with one of my
outfits. They gave it to me for doing so much for Phyllis.
It was fun; you have read my Phyllis stories. I miss that
gal but she is in a much better place now.

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