Friday, March 24, 2006


Hello from the Lindula's. I'm not sure if this is going to work, but here is my first attempt.

Shawn has been busy logging and I have been working and making crafts for the Mines and Pines.

Shawn and I went to Texas a few weeks ago and had a great time with the Kuoppala's down there. Shawn is flying down there again on Friday to attend yet another auction. While we were down there, we went to an auction in Dallas, but this time, he is going to an auction in Carthage. I'm staying home this time, but he may be staying home when I go to Alaska in July. Amber's wedding is July 8th.

I'm posting an advertisement: Shawn and I ordered 75 chickens and we are getting them in April. If anyone is interested in buying chicken, let us know. We already have some sold, but we will likely have more. (Shawn doesn't really like chicken, so he'd love to sell most of them).

I'm going to try and take some pictures, scan them, then post them at some point. We'll see how that works. I'd love to share some photos of the dogsledding excursion that Jen, Laurie, Liz, and I went on.

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