Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Night at Stony, the night before confirmation

Pictures came out in reverse order!  Here Grandma with Anna
The top picture is of a small singing group.  The program was very nice.  One song by
staff, one song by the confo class and I think there are 41 students from 15 congregations and with staff, 17 congregations are represented.  We will go back to
Stony tomorrow morning for the confirmation exercises.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, we are in Duluth w/ Grangroths on our ride to see the 8 tall ships come into the Duluth harbor

Top one is the Roseway, a Grand Banks Fishing Schooner built 11-24-1925
Bottom one is the Europa which sails the seas of the world including expeditions to Antarctica, Tall Ships' races and long ocean crossings.

They have never been to Esko so returned on the North Cloquet Rd. past my old
elementary school and then into the Himango yard.  Went to the door to say who was
in her yard and was invited in.  The cabinets Bill made are still up, hard wood floor is
visible.  She said she has her sewing machine in same spot Ida had hers.  Walked to
look into the living room and there is still a drape on the door into my old bedroom.  She said they have lived here 20 years.  Ida moved to Superior when 75, so she'd be
95 now, 20 years my senior.

Then past the old church.  Someone had been living there, don't know if they still do but the bldg. is showing neglect.  Then to the Apostolic church to show where we were
married and past the Himango graves.  Through Esko and pointed out the former
Kinnunen lumber.  Stopped to eat in Cromwell, the restaurant owned by my classmate
Carol Trevena's daughter.  We left at 6 a.m., returned at 8 p.m. and have some sunburn.

Monday, July 26, 2010

some more pictures

Some more pictures

Mom's birthday

Well, here are some pictures from Saturday, though I have not a clue how to arrange them on the blog!
The latch hook was made by Jade and Cole!Heidi was able to enjoy the Red Velvet cupcakes, and her face gave it away!
Almost everyone was able to enjoy the game that David and Jody brought, though Wayne and David would not allow ANYONE to beat them. They remained the champs throughout the entire day and evening! While people were able to enjoy the game, Heidi found great enjoyment in the puddles!

There will be some more pictures from the day posted on my facebook page. Thanks to everyone for helping out to make it a special day for Mom! And I have to agree with Mom about how happy I was that Leona and Liz were able to make it! AZ Kuoppalas and Marjanens, even though you weren't able to make it, we felt you there in thought and spirit!

More from our collection. 3 grills going, burgers, brats, chicken

Gift opening.  The gift with white bow is the book with pictures and memories, the gift
that brought tears to my eyes.  We have lots of video footage but perhaps pics can be
posted from Heather and Becky and Jen's cameras.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 75th birthday

even if I had said, "It's no big deal".  Though it was kept a secret some things happen that makes one wonder what's going on.  So, I was suspicious!  Everyone put so much
effort with good food, etc.  Am glad David brought the bean bag toss.  We all had a
chance to do a round or two.  Leona had to work until 4:30 so she and Liz came later;
am glad they were invited.  They were at my 60th, as was Cyndi.  Sunday I read the
green book; some things you recalled that I had forgotten.  I was surprised that Becky
remembered that the reverse band had gone on the van the day before we left for Stony.
You all do such an awesome job of writing.  Brought tears as I read the comments.

Those of you who took pictures and have speedy e-mail, I hope you post some pictures.   Thank you again, Love, Mom
We want to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wish we could have been there to join in the celebration!!!
frans & jenny

Monday, July 19, 2010


They've been missing this summer.
They know when to disappear ...
anytime someone is looking to see a moose ...
then she's gone.

Freshly cut trees are an invitation for these folks.
She tromped through my garden (at least she didn't tromp through the greenhouse!).
She isn't a fan of carrots or green beans, tho', so all was well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holding soil from Finland

At the cemetery, two of Ron Hermanson's sons showed the vial and bag of soil that
Charles Sarkela brought from Finland as he didn't think he would ever be going back.
I guess Linda has been the holder of the vial.  They sprinkled a little on the casket and
said it would be fitting for the oldest Sarkela grandchild to be the holder of the vial so
it was precented to Robert Maki.  In picture Kenneth Sarkela is holding the vial and
Robert Maki is holding the bag, tho Bob will have them both.  He will pass them on to
his off spring.

Sarkela cousins at Linda Hermanson funeral on Monday

Back row:  Robert Maki, Kenneth Sarkela, Ron Hermanson, Rodney Luoma, Jon Sarkela, Brian Zupan, Donald Luoma, Ross Sarkela
Front row:  Sharon Luoma Olivares, Joyce Maki Wodahl, Irene Zupan Kok, Nancy Luoma Nettleton.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brainerd MN Garden

Rhubarb; haven't used it yet.

Big Boy tomatoesThe tomato jungle, 8 plantsBell peppers
Plus potatoes, carrots, green beans, beets, lettuce, asparagus, squash, cukes and raspberries

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Some other life at our house

We have some calves that we are bucket feeding...

and 17 more from our own cows

A deer came visitingFlowers were blooming... my peonies bloomed for the first time. I'm happy to report that the pigs did not eat All of my flowers, just some of them
Not sure how the cat thinks he can get a mouse on the ground, but is most likely trying to get a bird

My co-worker had me count all of our animals today and the number is up to 208 and that doesn't count any fish in a fish tank.... they are all animals that are moving about outside.

Miss Heidi is growing like a weed

She really likes to help Mommy clean and is very good at soaking the floors!!!
Heidi loves her chickens... they tend to follow her around the yard! Tonight, she headed out the door and right into the meat bird chicken coop. Not a fear in the world for her!She isn't happy ALL the time. She is prone to her temper tantrums
Daddy taught her to dip her food in Ketchup!

Heidi likes to help Mommy in the flower bed

And then drink warm refreshing bathwater