Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hey all! It has been a long time since Ivan and I posted! I am going to try to post more now that I have more time. Both of the girls I nanny for are in school in the afternoons on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. so I will have some free time! Although on Thursdays I will be helping out in the oldest girls Kindergarten classroom, but that will be fun (and good on my teaching resume). In a few months I will be getting a 3 month old baby girl also. A friend of my boss had a baby a month ago and will be bringing her to me. That will be interesting and a lot of work. That poor baby will be carted around-town all week long! Right now I feel like a chaufer becuase of all of the activities the girls are in. Sarah is in school 5 days a week in the afternoon with Spanish class before school on Tues. and Thurs. She also has Ballet on Tues. nights. Molly has swim class Mon afternoon, school Tues., Wed. and Thurs. afternoon and ballet on Friday mornings. Wow! Well enough about the girls!

Ivan's work is slowing down, just like Jody's, but he is still working! He has been going all over fixing other peoples bobo's. But soon he will be taking some time off to build my bosses a new garage. He is very excited to do build again, not just fix. When Ivan is not at work he has been growing grass! He has done a great job cleaning up the lawn. The crab-grass is almost gone and there is new grass growing in its place.

Well, back to work I go! ~MISSI~

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hi everyone! Is anyone out there? I have a newer job at work and tend to look at the blog spot more often. Before, there used to be so many postings and I would be really late on seeing them. Now, I rarely find a new posting. What is everyone doing?

Monday, September 25, 2006


From the Manor: Report on last weekend? Report on past week is more like it! To Hasscib for Srs. Camp on 9-15,
return home on 9-17. Interesting presentations. Flew to
AZ on Mon., taking shuttle from here at 5 a.m.! Could have
taken a bump but didn't dare as couldn't talk to anyone in
AZ. Was told later that we should take a bump whenever
it is offered. Yes, we should have. First evening there, Jari
did halibut, salmon and hot dogs. Frans, Jenny and girls,
also Bill and Jane came over. Nice evening. Enjoyable time
at both homes. Finished two states and did outline stitch
on plane for a third. Precut floss so didn't lose scissors at
security. Got home 7:45 p.m. on Sat. To Rockford for
Sunday. Saw Jen there. Invited for meal at Kiviahde's;
Ken and Edna Kesti also there. Evening home services in
Brainerd. Today perhaps we rest up before held mail is
picked up from the post office after 12:00, and then go
through that.

Did Heather Rinerson have little dark spots or something
on her eye lids? Wasn't that a Rinerson who worked at
Coop Economy Mart when Ivan did? His name isn't
listed so perhaps I remember wrong. Who was in
Heather Rinerson's grade? dk


Hello. I hope things are going well for everyone. I just wanted to fill in everyone on my wonderful weekend. Calm the jealousy, you can come up and share the joy anytime you'd like =).

Friday after work, didn't feel well. ( I need to get to the chiropractor as I've been having a lot of headaches again. Okay, enough of my sob story). So, we didn't do much. Did some cleaning of the house, etc.

Saturday, got up early and went with Shawn to Princeton. He had tried to sell a dump truck at an auction and it didn't bring what he needed, so we went to pick it up. He drove it back. Then, we worked on putting soffit (I'm not sure if that is how you spell it) on the house and blocked off the eaves so the cats can't get in anymore. Worked on that until about dark. Made supper and I was going to bike. I was still biking when Shawn (who had gone to his mother's called. Sheila is up - I knew that and had seen her, but now Dan and Maurie were up to). I got to ride for 10 more minutes, finished only 12 miles, was hoping to do 18, and went over there to visit. Got home late.

Sunday, biked to church at Julia's and then planned to bike home too. Well, in the field by Julia's there was a dozer. Several of the Lindula's stopped to talk to the men there. They are putting in a house. Julia doesn't own the land right up to the road. There's 4.5 acres and it was sold to someone. They plan to move a house from Hibbing to the spot. So, the big debate was if they could. In the township, you have to have 9 acres to build. However, if the lot is grandfathered in prior to 71 or 76 or some such thing, you may be able to. The decision was that Shawn call Planning and Zoning in the morning. Well, with them buying the property, Shawn and I had work to do of moving all of his fencing. He claims it's $400 worth of fence posts and you don't want someone claiming that it is theirs. So, we worked on that until dark and no, I didn't get to bike home. Now, we have barbed wired strung out all over the place until we can think of a creative way to roll it onto something so we can reuse it at our house. Anyone got any clever ideas? Wire rolls off spools nicely, but doesn't go back on so well. Oh yeah, to alleviate his mother's worries, we also cleaned her chimney. Shawn was kind enough to sweep it and then I got to clean up the mess. I'm so glad I have an outside wood stove. All I do to clean the chimney, is leave the door open, burn it hot and watch the flames shoot out of the chimney and I bet it's clean when I'm done. Maybe not so healthy for the stove?

That was my weekend. How was everyone else's weekend?

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Tristan is doing wonderful.
He smiles alot and is very independent. Loves to sing
and make loud noises. He loves banging on things. Grandma
Kathy taught him how to play the "drums!" Thanks Grandma!
Obviously you can see his new teeth! All six of them so far!

Bath time is a favorite!

So, is climbing into cupboards and
opening and closing cupboards and drawers.
Getting locks this weekend!

Grandma Kathy buys him so many adorable
outfits, the one above is one of my fall favorites.
Hugs & Kisses!
Love, Laurie and Tristan!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It seems like I don't blog very often anymore! I will admit, that I look at it several times a day to see if there is anything new! So I will make a better effort at blogging myself more often!
How is everyone? Laurie, Liz, Jody, Charlie, Becky, haven't seen you guys on the blog in a while! (I know you others don't have computer access) How is the biking going this week Heather? I didn't do anything on Monday...went to Jari and Anita's for a yummy fish dinner, but did not have time to excersize! Went to curves yesterday, and will take a walk today I'm hoping!
Here are a few pictures of Kierstyn on her first day of Sunday School. Ever since Lindsey started school, she has been so excited for sunday school to start! I was running around that morning like a headless chicken, so Frans did the picture taking!
The kids have been in their swimming suits all morning begging to go swimming....but I just can't get out there! The water is getting way to cold to go for me! I know, I am a wimp! The weather here is getting so nice! Now, if you ask Reino and Diane, (they are here now) they may tell you different! I was watering out front at 10 this morning while the girls rode their bikes, and with the wind it felt so good! I never broke a sweat....park weather will be here soon! Yay!
Nothing too exciting has been going on here...Frans has cut down on the sidework so he has been home more. He is going to have to do something about his allergies soon....they are bad right now, and I don't know how he is going to make it through the rest of fall and spring! Anita needs to hurry and finish this class so she can work her magic on him!
I better get going...get Toni to bed, and I need to bake some cookies!
Have a great rest of the week everyone!:)

Heather Rinerson

just heard that Heather Rinerson, age 33, formerly of Cherry was killed in a car accident last night. i'll post the obit when its published. the "older kids" probably didn't know the Rinersons, but each of them (Carrie, Jared, Heather, Nathan) always had huge smiles and bright eyes and lively personalities and ambitious dreams - they were good people all and adored by many.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey everyone! i haven't posted a blog in awhile ..only commented and the last blog was what .. 5 days ago!? yeesh! David ..if you get a chance remind tanner (if you need my number i won't post it on here but i can get a hold of you whenever is a good time) that the option is still open on throwing together a snowboarding video and if anyone else is interested by all means give ideas on this post and let me know. I offered the idea at a few other people and they didn't really want to follow so! why not make a family one ex: "SNOW DAYS!" ..anywho .. thats what i'm kinda thinking about if we get some interesting ideas. Anyway .. uh ..(has nothing else to say)


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Biked 23 miles

I biked 23 miles last night, so have about 26 more miles to go to meet my goal. Others?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


How is school going for everyone?


Hello everyone!

Yesterday there were several fires started along the railroad tracks. On 7 and 101 the Mesabi Daily News reported "Using water bombers, engines and brush trucks, firefighters battled an 80-acre wildfire for more than five hours that threatened homes near West Eveleth Tuesday.". They say they aren't sure what started the fire and it is under investigation.

On Keenan Road the biker's almost lost their clubhouse as the fire was there also. Thay have a plastic shield (sort of like the thing we used for the Mines and Pines) and the plastic on it melted. The other buildings were saved, but the fire got very close.

Shawn said there were 4 fires that started along the tracks, so I'm not sure where the others were.

We need RAIN!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hope everyone had a great weekend! I wanted to go camping, but Frans had to work on Saturday and Monday, so we just hung around home (or around town I should say, we weren't home much!). We went to Paul's surprise 30th at paul and Kendra's on Friday night, to Jari and Anita's for the evening on Saturday, and then to my sister Lisa and Trents for the afternoon/evening on Sunday. Monday was pretty relaxed for me and the kids....we ran to target in the morning, then later in the day we played in the water outside, and in the evening my mom and dad came over.
Here are some pictures of the kids (Kierstyn and Alanys) playing in the rain gutter. I have many memories of this growing up....It is kind of dirty, but we did swimming and baths after! And the kids thought it was just great!
About ten minutes before my folks came over, Frans and the kids were swimming, and I came out to find the sky like this. These pictures are NOT digitally enhanced, it was the most awesome thing I have ever seen! If you looked to the East, it was gray storm clouds, to the north you could tell it was raining, and this was to the west. Pictures don't do it justice, there were these fiery red hurricane clouds, then bright blue sky. Pretty cool! The sky was way more blue than these pictures show.
I was so hoping before school started that Lindsey would take after the kuoppala side and not after the forstie side when it came to getting up and ready for school in the mornings. She is fine about getting up most of the time, but she doddles around and plays until the very last minute, then she is rushing around trying to get out the door on time. That is like me....when Frans and I are going someswhere together, we are on time 98% of the time, but I am always rushing around last minute. Frans hates it, and now Lindsey does it, and I hate it!! We are going to have to really start working on it, because I get frustrated, and I don't like her going to school after having a bad morning at home. I think our family has gotten the hang of this school thing, no more sleeping in in this house! Even Saturdays, everyone is up at 7 bells! And I am weed whacking at 7:15 A.M. !! This would have NEVER happened before! And Kierstyn and Toni have gotten better at playing and staying out of mischief! They spend their day playing barbie's and sometimes I foreget they are even here!
Anita has got me all excited now to start doing some tree, vine, bush planting here! I am going to do a boganvilla (sp?) vine out front between the two front windows, and maybe plant two Sisu trees. My sister Lisa has them in her backyard, and in a year, they are already so big! And they don't shed much, and Lisa said they stay green pretty much year round. So i will try them!
I am also going to do some boganvilla's in the backyard....I can't wait!
Anyways, I kind of went on and on here, sorry if I bored anyone!
I gotta get to the grocery store now!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday road trip with the kids

A trip to Safford Arizon to visit Ken and Donna Alanen.

Ken had his dads Model A there so he took the kids for a ride. The kids laughed and loved it.

After that we headed for the river where the kids played in th sand

And then for a long Three hour ride home. What a day but we had lots of fun and the kids got to see Safford Arizona.



I tried posting this morning, but blogger wouldn't let me....
Hope you are having a great day!

Friday, September 01, 2006


Wow, has this site been quiet for a while. What are everyone's plans for the Labor Day Weekend?

Tonight, Shawn and I will be taking Brian and Steven shooting at his mom's. Tomorrow, the bike ride is planned from Grand Rapids to Hibbing. After that, probably hanging out at Lindula's as Mark's and Dan's will be up for the weekend. Nothing planned for Sunday or Monday. (Bike riding? Fishing? Hopefully not working).