Monday, September 25, 2006


Hello. I hope things are going well for everyone. I just wanted to fill in everyone on my wonderful weekend. Calm the jealousy, you can come up and share the joy anytime you'd like =).

Friday after work, didn't feel well. ( I need to get to the chiropractor as I've been having a lot of headaches again. Okay, enough of my sob story). So, we didn't do much. Did some cleaning of the house, etc.

Saturday, got up early and went with Shawn to Princeton. He had tried to sell a dump truck at an auction and it didn't bring what he needed, so we went to pick it up. He drove it back. Then, we worked on putting soffit (I'm not sure if that is how you spell it) on the house and blocked off the eaves so the cats can't get in anymore. Worked on that until about dark. Made supper and I was going to bike. I was still biking when Shawn (who had gone to his mother's called. Sheila is up - I knew that and had seen her, but now Dan and Maurie were up to). I got to ride for 10 more minutes, finished only 12 miles, was hoping to do 18, and went over there to visit. Got home late.

Sunday, biked to church at Julia's and then planned to bike home too. Well, in the field by Julia's there was a dozer. Several of the Lindula's stopped to talk to the men there. They are putting in a house. Julia doesn't own the land right up to the road. There's 4.5 acres and it was sold to someone. They plan to move a house from Hibbing to the spot. So, the big debate was if they could. In the township, you have to have 9 acres to build. However, if the lot is grandfathered in prior to 71 or 76 or some such thing, you may be able to. The decision was that Shawn call Planning and Zoning in the morning. Well, with them buying the property, Shawn and I had work to do of moving all of his fencing. He claims it's $400 worth of fence posts and you don't want someone claiming that it is theirs. So, we worked on that until dark and no, I didn't get to bike home. Now, we have barbed wired strung out all over the place until we can think of a creative way to roll it onto something so we can reuse it at our house. Anyone got any clever ideas? Wire rolls off spools nicely, but doesn't go back on so well. Oh yeah, to alleviate his mother's worries, we also cleaned her chimney. Shawn was kind enough to sweep it and then I got to clean up the mess. I'm so glad I have an outside wood stove. All I do to clean the chimney, is leave the door open, burn it hot and watch the flames shoot out of the chimney and I bet it's clean when I'm done. Maybe not so healthy for the stove?

That was my weekend. How was everyone else's weekend?

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Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Our weekend was a usual/unusual one for around here. Thursday p.m. out to dinner with Mom & Dad, Frans & Jenny. That was yummy! Gram & Gramp to Frans' for the night. Friday I worked and came home to a houseful ... always fun to visit. Saturday I worked & was probably comatose by the evening. Really can't remember. Sunday we went to Prescott for the day. Heini's daughter, Charisse, is engaged. We had a mini family day with engagement cake, bbq, pizza etc. Fun time.

Today Brock was sort of on target again with school. How does one learn things like adjective phrases, adverb phrases and appositive phrases??? I can't even do it! I did come up with an ingenious idea today. I can sit at the table and cross stitch while answering his questions every minute. If I keep this up, I may have Alyx's Christmas stocking nearly done by Christmas!

Scraped paint off the girls' floor today. That is getting close to done ... as my hands can attest to. I am either developing blisters or caluses. Amazing that it probably took me an afternoon to put that paint on the floor many years ago. I had tried to pay Brock to do it ... he gave up long ago. It takes HOURS ... DAYS ... WEEKS!!! Then some old fashioned brake or carb cleaner when it is all scraped off and we should be good. Note: if you use the nasty cleaner, fans have to be on, windows open ... all that good stuff. We are getting there!! And just in case I hadn't gotten in enough cleaning today, we went and did the church this evening.

Grass sprouted last Saturday morning and Isa got a picture of it before they left. Will try take one tomorrow. It is gungho now. If I wasn't so aged, I'd be so excited about attempting a cart wheel when it is ready for such things! I can probably get away with a picnic blanket (I have an awesome one Heather made me) and a good book ... with bonbons & coffee.

Speaking of bonbons ... someone needs to motivate me to do something active other than scraping floors. It is getting to the point of serious here!

You all have a wonderful day! I am going to finish scraping a floor, go to a food committee meeting, school Brock, get a red shirt for Alyx, go grocery shopping, pay the rest of the bills, spin some laundry, do some dishes, vacuum dog hair and dust off the floors ... and then ESCAPE to the lake with my hubby ... all by our lonesomes!! We have been trying to do that for 4 months now ... somehow life just keeps interfering.