Friday, September 01, 2006


Wow, has this site been quiet for a while. What are everyone's plans for the Labor Day Weekend?

Tonight, Shawn and I will be taking Brian and Steven shooting at his mom's. Tomorrow, the bike ride is planned from Grand Rapids to Hibbing. After that, probably hanging out at Lindula's as Mark's and Dan's will be up for the weekend. Nothing planned for Sunday or Monday. (Bike riding? Fishing? Hopefully not working).


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Anyone feeling the need to dig in dirt this weekend is welcome at our house. The backyard looks like a major dirt pile at the moment. By tomorrow evening ... we hope to see rock piles! Jari is playing with a Bobcat. There must be something about guys and machinery. I would rather be planting bushes/vines/flowers. He wants to move dirt. My handy sprinkler system? Remember that lovely thing I was so proud of? Between Jari & Brock, the thing needs many connector pieces now. Bobcat & shovels met water line. Water line lost. On the bright side. I get to run MORE line and plant more deserty things. I am pumped! Maybe by February we'll have a backyard that is really blooming with bougainvilla. I have one that is doing fantastic. Can't wait for more. The rest of the weekend I am privileged to be able to work. (Trying to make myself feel better about it.) Maybe by working the holiday Monday I can pick up a few more plants.

Tomorrow morning I have a date with United Blood Services. Am hoping to share a few red blood cells with drunk driving accident victims this weekend. My current place of employment makes me just a little cynical. The sarcasm I was born with. (grins!)

You all have a wonderful weekend. Someone grill a burger for me and thoroughly enjoy it.
-anita & dirt diggin' clan

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Oh, No, re water lines. Also,
reminds me we should donate the
next time we're in Duluth. Will
go take gr. beef out of freezer
for a Labor Day bbq. Thanks for
the ideas! Moved 90% of Jen's
things from storage in Nashwauk.
Jari's niece Tina was at Jens.
She is a very energetic young gal and saved my knees with her numerous trips carrying things to
2nd floor. dk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

A P.S.: You didn't inherit that
sarcasm from me did you? dk

Marjanens said...

I don't where the sarcasm came from. I do remember Isa saying, "are you being sarcastic?" once when I actually had the nerve to call you "ma'am".

Planted a tree today!!! Part of yard was leveled. Bought more plants. Then ... Frans & Jenny came to visit this evening and now we are back to adding a bit of grass in the backyard. It WILL look nice. Can't wait to get it all done. My day off "work" today. I think I'll go to work & try relax tomorrow. (smiles)

Bet Jen is happy to be mostly moved. Kind of like Christmas to see what you've had in storage for the past several years.

Head must hit pillow.