Monday, September 25, 2006


From the Manor: Report on last weekend? Report on past week is more like it! To Hasscib for Srs. Camp on 9-15,
return home on 9-17. Interesting presentations. Flew to
AZ on Mon., taking shuttle from here at 5 a.m.! Could have
taken a bump but didn't dare as couldn't talk to anyone in
AZ. Was told later that we should take a bump whenever
it is offered. Yes, we should have. First evening there, Jari
did halibut, salmon and hot dogs. Frans, Jenny and girls,
also Bill and Jane came over. Nice evening. Enjoyable time
at both homes. Finished two states and did outline stitch
on plane for a third. Precut floss so didn't lose scissors at
security. Got home 7:45 p.m. on Sat. To Rockford for
Sunday. Saw Jen there. Invited for meal at Kiviahde's;
Ken and Edna Kesti also there. Evening home services in
Brainerd. Today perhaps we rest up before held mail is
picked up from the post office after 12:00, and then go
through that.

Did Heather Rinerson have little dark spots or something
on her eye lids? Wasn't that a Rinerson who worked at
Coop Economy Mart when Ivan did? His name isn't
listed so perhaps I remember wrong. Who was in
Heather Rinerson's grade? dk

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Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

The Rinerson that worked with Ivan was Jennifer. She did have problems with her eyes, but don't really know what the problem was. She was a cousin to Heather. Heater was Shane's age, so not in any of our classes.