Monday, August 30, 2010

does anyone read this thing anymore???

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Time to celebrate another anniversary.  Today it is Frans and Jenny's 10th.  Congratulations and wishing you many more happy years.  We got a card once from
Merry and Dan:  "I do"  "I do".  Aren't you glad you did?  Happpy Anniversary.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anniversary greetings

Happy Anniversary to Becky and Wayne celebrating 25 years today though they have already celebrated.  Anxious to hear about your trip to Ecuador.

Happy Anniversary to Charles and Machelle also celebrating an anniversary today, their

Will mention here that we went to Outlook for Jason Parks - Kendra Ylioja wedding.
What a surprise to be escorted into the 4th row!  I questioned Trent and he said it was
for Minnesotans!!  Jason played his violin as Kendra and her dad came up the aisle -
"Oh Perfect Love".  We stayed overnight at Leah and Jeremy Simonsons.  Gladys R.
stayed at Art & Irenes.  They wondered where we were staying!  Hannah and Diane Barber stayed at Myla Pirness'.  We had a laughing and gabby bunch in the back seat.

Today we canned 13 pints of carrots and have 2 1/2 lbs. of large ones in the frig to throw in with roasts.  Potatoes left to can.

Monday, August 16, 2010

first day of school!

Today was the girls first day of school!!  They were soooo excited to start!!  And I was too, even tho this summer was really fun for us!  I am ready for a routine around here and much quieter days!!
Alanys was way too excited to be nervous....until this morning...then she got a little nervous, but she did great!  We are going to miss her home with us!!   Trina came out of her room in this dress and said "I'm all ready for go to school!"  she has been convinced that she is going we have played along!  She did just fine when we left the girls at school and she came home with us.  We went to the grocery store after the school, and walking into the store she tells me "that was so fun, huh mom, that was so fun going  to school!"  too cute :)
when do the rest of you start?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brainerd reporting

How many of you remember the yellow flowers growing by Grandma's house?  These
are the ones we brought from there to Brainerd.  There are some also in Grandma's
Memorial Garden.
Even though he doesn't like to eat cukes, peppers, or squash, he likes to grow them.
Have given some peppers to residents here at the Manor.  Gave one squash away also.
Sliced one cucumber the day we served sandwiches to those going on the Breezy Belle.
What am I going to do with tomatoes being produced on eight plants? He doesn't eat them either!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Seniors on an outing

Seniors go on an outing on Pelecan Lake out of Breezy Point. Total of 56 from all around Minnesota including Brainerd, Menahga & Wolf Lake were joined by the Southern group which included Minneapolis, Elk River, Rockford & Cokato.  The boat ride was a 2 hour ride out on the lake.
Some found the wind to be a bit Chilly.  After the boat ride which began at 1:00 and was to last for 2 hours (went little over the 2 hours ) we met in Brainerd for a lunch and fellowship. We were even joined by 3 from Arizona. Much enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cancer Walk

Thanks to all who donated towards the Farmington cancer walk.  We raised over $47,000.  Mitchell, Grandma Mitchell and I spent the night from 7 pm on Friday through 7 am on Saturday morning.  Survived a lot of bug bites and a major swollen eye from the bites but it was worth every minute and every bite.  There were over 900 luminary bags with the names of survivors and those that have passed and it was such an emotional event.
Most of you know that I lost my dad to luekemia when I was 16, he was only 36 and even after all these years you can not attend an event like this without getting choked up. 
Again, thank you.  I will be closing out my donations on August 31st and as of Friday night my team was in third place overall for raising funds.  It was a lot of work but how rewarding!  We laughed, we cried, we sang, we sat in silence, we remembered, we prayed, we hugged, we walked, and we walked, and we walked so that others may never know what it is like to lose a loved one to cancer. 
I know you might say that I am a hypocrit because I smoke and I put all of this work in to cancer awareness, maybe it's my trade off.  I wanted to show my kids what it is like to volunteer, what it is like to have a passion for something, what it is to give of your time so that others may benefit and have a better life.  I walked for my dad, for my family, for my neighbors, for my friends and for my kids and yours kids and their kids.
So get ready because you know that I will ask all of you again next year. (smiles)

Farmington JO

Mom's official birthday today

Today is the day that Ma turns 75 and we will help celebrate at coffee after Bible Class.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Canning green beans in Brainerd

Pa said there will be too many beans for an icecream bucket so took the larger blue pail.
Came back with pail full.  We washed the beans, Pa cut off ends and I cut into pieces.
Filled the jars, got 13 pints!  Moved into the church kitchen for canning as can't put
pressure cooker on glass stop stove.  One of the jars didn't seal.  More beans to come.
Then beets, potatoes too.  Tried canning potatoes last year, will do so again this year.
Should have some carrots too!  Lots of tomatoes, just a hint of color so far.  Oh, yes,
peppers are producing.  Have been giving them away.  One long cuke to come in, also
1 squash!  That black dirt that was delivered last fall and the pickup load of manure
certainly improved the production.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

LLC Confirmation Exercise at Stony Lake Camp, 8-1-10

All the girls carried long stem red roses.The boys had red rose boutonnieres.

There were  48 students.  Estimate was 500 attending.  We got back to Stony early so
were able to sit 3 rows behind reserved rows in hoping to get better pictures.  I don't
know why when the picture is printed large it elongates the face.

While my heart is in Minnesota this weekend ...

the rest of me is at home. We've been enjoying the company of visitors here this past week. Today started out a bit on the rainy side ... but ended up absolutely beautiful. Couldn't ask for better. We skipped the Arctic Thunder Air Show today and worked around home ... then enjoyed the evening visiting and playing outside.

The Kallinen crew.

Johannes Kontkanen and Brock. Johnannes arrived Wednesday evening via motorcyle from the state of Virginia. He spent several days in Juneau before arriving here. Sold his bike this morning and is heading back to Washington DC to pick up his car on Tuesday evening ... and move to Phoenix. He logged 8,000 miles of road on his bike in July.

Isaac Skoog and Fred. Isaac came last Sunday evening and I don't know what he plans on doing. I thought he came to do some touring with Johannes ... will see what happens!

Fred give Trena lessons in the friendliness of Duke.

Tanner getting into tossing corn bags.

All after a hard day at hard work. Okay. They really didn't just ride around on what I called the "Poor Man's Excavator" today. They really hauled some brush and stumps ... and burned a lot of it. Then they started working on moving stumps with 4-wheelers.

For some reason, though, I don't think it was all work. I was napping (trying to) and woke to what sounded like someone whipping circles in the yard. They were just having a great old time out there!

May as well enjoy your work!