Sunday, August 01, 2010

While my heart is in Minnesota this weekend ...

the rest of me is at home. We've been enjoying the company of visitors here this past week. Today started out a bit on the rainy side ... but ended up absolutely beautiful. Couldn't ask for better. We skipped the Arctic Thunder Air Show today and worked around home ... then enjoyed the evening visiting and playing outside.

The Kallinen crew.

Johannes Kontkanen and Brock. Johnannes arrived Wednesday evening via motorcyle from the state of Virginia. He spent several days in Juneau before arriving here. Sold his bike this morning and is heading back to Washington DC to pick up his car on Tuesday evening ... and move to Phoenix. He logged 8,000 miles of road on his bike in July.

Isaac Skoog and Fred. Isaac came last Sunday evening and I don't know what he plans on doing. I thought he came to do some touring with Johannes ... will see what happens!

Fred give Trena lessons in the friendliness of Duke.

Tanner getting into tossing corn bags.

All after a hard day at hard work. Okay. They really didn't just ride around on what I called the "Poor Man's Excavator" today. They really hauled some brush and stumps ... and burned a lot of it. Then they started working on moving stumps with 4-wheelers.

For some reason, though, I don't think it was all work. I was napping (trying to) and woke to what sounded like someone whipping circles in the yard. They were just having a great old time out there!

May as well enjoy your work!

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