Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today in Palmer ...

Tia and I went to enjoy the Palmer Alaska State Fair Parade today. We had a ball! We saw the ...
Cabbage Fairies ... never knew they existed. (wonder if there are tomato fairies as well?!)

Always a few fire trucks ...

...antique vehicles ...

...someone sporting Colony Knights colors in their leggings ...

aaahhh ... small town flavor.

Hats waiting to be filled with candy treats.

The cutest short vehicle EVER! I want one of these!

Brock helped carry the United Way banner.

A long line of Corvettes ... have to drive them before the snow flies!

... the glorious Red, White & Blue ...

... and in farming country ... there are tractors ....
and the cutest ever farmers who drive them!

We had some coffees that were yummy. Did some grocery shopping and then stopped at a few of these ....

We found a new set of wheels for Tia for $5 ...

and a brand new sewing machine in the box for $20! Can't wait to haul it out in the next few weeks and see what it can do!

As long as we were on a roll with the camera ... and the day was beyond beautiful ... we shot a few fun ones in the yard.

We had a fun day!
I know I don't post on here nearly enough. Life has been a bit busy lately ... seems more than usual. Today was a treat. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


nine years and 6 kiddos ago, i married the man of my dreams!!  the years have been good :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary

"I Do"------------"I Do"
Aren't you glad you did?
Happy Anniversary

24 years on Monday for Wayne and Becky
7 years for Charlie and Machelle

And with old age I might forget that on the 26th it's
9 years for Frans and Jenny

May you all enjoy your anniversaries.
Love, from you aging parents!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Iron Range News

Went to the Range today to split perennials in the tiers on creek side of sauna. Brought two
Monks Hood here, left two for Laurie and the others went to Elizabeths. About 30 plants in all
went to Elizabeths, other varieties also. Those who want to put plants in their yard may have some. They are having a city revitalization project. Have received grant money for some

Gary had ended up under a horse on Friday. Horse reared, lost his footing and fell on top of
Gary. Rolled one way and then the other! Leon Slater happened to be there. He has a wild
mustang at Garys. Gary said he could have driven himself to the ER but Leon brought him.
Virgnia wanted him to go to St. Marys so they can better tell what kind of internal injuries.. Had
stitches inside and out. Doctor told him to stay off a horse for 4 days. Gary was outside doing
stuff. Andrea Mayry K?????'s daughter was there riding a horse. She looks like Andrea. Told her to tell her mom that we drove to Alaska to visit Anita and family.

We were going to split some plants at Heathers but we were tired! She had gall bladder surgery
on Friday. Charlie let Jen take some time off so has been helping with Heidi cuz Heather
shouldn't be carrying so much. Heather looked like she was doing fine; grilled some burgers
for us. Jen was going home tonight.

back to school...!

Today was the girls' first day of school and they were soooo excited to start!! (and so was I!)  Toni wasn't really nervous to start Kindergarten, because she went to this school last year for preschool...she was just excited to get to go full day!  Kierstyn was actually the only one really nervous...but she was fine by the time we left.  here are a few pics....when does everyone else's kids start?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Vacation

How do you go through a couple hundred picutres taken over the course of three weeks and thousands of miles to pull out just a couple to share? Here are a few, but welcome over to view the rest and to hear our stories :). We had a great time. We stopped in the Badlands and at Mt. Rushmore on our way to Seattle. There we attended Nolan Fredrickson and Beky Martin's wedding. The next portion of our trip was in Longview for Summer Services. From there we camped on the Pacific, then on to Spokane. Our last stop was in Great Falls Montana to tour a General Mills plan that Wayne goes to often. The only mishap was a flat tire on the trailer when we were almost back into MN. The spare was on in a matter of moments and we were back on the road. Our "Finn boy," Tompa, and Brian were with us through the time in Longview. Kelsey Fredrickson and Denise joined us in Longview for the rest of the trip. That made for 12 on the way out, 12 on the way back, and 14 while out there. It was a wonderful trip! ....Wayne and I are on a cliff in the Badlands:

Everyone but Eric and Denise were able to be at the wedding.
At Cape Disappointment on the Pacific.

Kelsey and Debbie... There are just so many photo ops on the beach!

This is the bridge in Austoria. It is about 4 miles long and begins by circling into the clouds :)

There were about 2500 people at services. A wonderful time!

Wayne, Michelle and I went with Kim and Skeeter Byman and Kayla on his boat for a couple hour ride down the Columbia River. We docked in Clatskanine and went to eat. Cool!

We miss them so, so much now that they are in Washington!

Our little adorable princess, Abigail.

At Sheila and Ed's in Spokane.

Our bunch at General Mills. Very interesting! Not an opportunity the general public gets. Wayne had a special "in."

At one of the 7 falls/dams in Great Falls.

Quick tire change before being home, sweet home :).

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many years to come. May those years be filled with good health, adventure and newly discovered KOA camping sites!

Hugs and love from the Marjanens

Monday, August 03, 2009

will wonders never cease.....

Frans has hit DAY 7 with no chewing!!!!!!  he says he will never chew again...


"I went to the animal fair....."

Heidi and I at the fair....This lady was so nice, she held Heidi on a calf for me to get a picture....
Her first pony ride (okay, she didn't go for a ride, Wanda (the owner) let me put her on them for a photo op :)

Aunty Jen came with us to the fair

Heidi with our award winning callling ducks - note the ribbons :)
We also entered photos, oats, chickens, and geese... we already are making plans of what to put in next year!