Monday, August 17, 2009

Iron Range News

Went to the Range today to split perennials in the tiers on creek side of sauna. Brought two
Monks Hood here, left two for Laurie and the others went to Elizabeths. About 30 plants in all
went to Elizabeths, other varieties also. Those who want to put plants in their yard may have some. They are having a city revitalization project. Have received grant money for some

Gary had ended up under a horse on Friday. Horse reared, lost his footing and fell on top of
Gary. Rolled one way and then the other! Leon Slater happened to be there. He has a wild
mustang at Garys. Gary said he could have driven himself to the ER but Leon brought him.
Virgnia wanted him to go to St. Marys so they can better tell what kind of internal injuries.. Had
stitches inside and out. Doctor told him to stay off a horse for 4 days. Gary was outside doing
stuff. Andrea Mayry K?????'s daughter was there riding a horse. She looks like Andrea. Told her to tell her mom that we drove to Alaska to visit Anita and family.

We were going to split some plants at Heathers but we were tired! She had gall bladder surgery
on Friday. Charlie let Jen take some time off so has been helping with Heidi cuz Heather
shouldn't be carrying so much. Heather looked like she was doing fine; grilled some burgers
for us. Jen was going home tonight.

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