Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ken Forstie's elk

I put the picture that I doctored up a touch on the Forstie blog, and am going to wait a day before I post the next one. Have to get a rise out of his boys in Washington. These are all pics of the same rack I just gave one a little steroid. would have gone bigger but would have cut off too much rack. He was rifle hunting on the tag that I normaly put in on but after 12 years of not getting drawn decided I hold off this year. They should thank me that I did not put in maybe I was the glitch that was hold our ticket back. They were on a rifle hunt about 100 miles north of Phoenix. This is a 6x6 that should score about 180 I think for anyone that is intrested. Not huge but nice.

Party Lite

For those that would be interested in looking at Party Lite Candles, I don't have any extra catalogs, but here is the website. - Sorry I didn't even see the request for the catalog until Monday and my party is Thursday so I wouldn't have gotten it to you in time anyway.



Monday, November 27, 2006

assignment day 1---debbie

here is the first pictures from thanksgiving does this count???? i will try post every day this week but somedays i only can come on to read.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving in AZ

We had a wonderful day today at Marjanen's! We didn't get home until about 10:30 tonight!! There was plenty of yummy food, the kids played awesome together all day, and the weather was perfect....lots to be thankful for!:) We ate around 12:30 or so on tables on the back patio, with linen napkins, china, the works! It was wonderful! Of course neither me nor anita took any pictures during lunch!:( I took one of Alyx setting the table, but it came out kind of dark. After eating we looked at the ads in the newspaper, visited, ate pie and visited some more. Jari took the girls for a 'train ride' around and around the backyard, and they loved it! Late in the afternoon we played a few games of settlers, then ended the evening with singing around the piano. We had a great time....Thank you Jari and Anita, and hope everyone in MN had a great thanksgiving! Here are a 'few' pictures, and I'm sure Anita will post some more:)

happy thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Heather's leg

I have the urge to write a children's story about a drumstick with my leg being the way that it is.

So, I was put on antibiotics, they made me ill. I quit taking them. The lump grew and hurt and I went back in. Mind you, others put fear into me i.e. (you realize you have the bacteria in all of your body and if you're not treating it, it will get worse, you'll be really sick, you'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner in a lot of pain if you're lucky, you could be eating turkey via i.v. drip in the hospital...) I told the doctor that I quit the antibiotic and she gave me another one. The plan is to take that for 10 days, then go back and see her. When the size goes down (it is 2x2 - makes me want to ride a 4x4), I will be referred for surgery. The bummer - surgery. The positive - no more mass growth on my leg which makes it uncomfortable to be a couch potato, also am hoping to have it done by the end of the year that way it won't affect the biking come spring.

Speaking of biking - haven't been doing that much. With deer hunting, there was walking out into the woods nearly every day and big dreams of bucks or does when it got dark. Was hoping to start biking right after deer hunting, but then the bummer with my leg. It really does hurt, I'm not just looking for excuses. Was able to buy a smaller pair of pants after all the biking and even after washing them, drying them, and not using the stretcher apparatis you see in magazines, they went on and buttoned. Life is great. Find a way to celebrate - a blizzard anyone?

It is a beautiful day out here and makes me think of spring - Whoa, slow down, if it was spring I would have missed a whole season of ice fishing. I will use the exercise bike inside in order to be able to do some ice fishing.

A weird dream I had last night and anyone can feel free to interpret it: at an apartment complex: had to go up some sort of stairs but it was under water. Opted to swim it. Got to another part of the parking lot and it was waves - planned to ride the waves, but they got huge. Was able to get out of there and to my blazer, haning onto the bottom of the door was safe and the water went away. Then got up on green grass and was heading in when there was a tornado - was able to run in to safety though the thought was there that the doors would be locked when the power goes out and being as I was visiting the apartment complex, I didn't have a key. However, was able to make it inside and to safety. - who can explain that dream? I don't usually have dreams I can recall unless I'm under the influence of a medication (Advil Cold and Sinus). I actually hallucinate on the stuff - racing cauliflower and brocolli and have slurred speach - haven't taken that again.

This blog is all over the map. I'd better get off this site, get back on my medication, and get some work done. A 4 day weekend is only hours away!!!



Well ... I have not dropped off the face of the planet or anything remotely like it. Stuff is just a happenin' all the time around here. Some of it is productive ... other times I just spin in circles looking around me and not quite figuring out if I got anything done or not!

Project Status Update (without fotos):
Both sides of back yard are graveled. A fence is up to divide the two ... is awesome! I can't see trailers when I sit on the patio. You would never guess that part of the yard is capable of holding what it does. The "rv" gate from the front yard into the back had a mishap when it met with the Bobcat, so it was replaced. Desperately needed replacing anyway. I had to talk myself out of inappropriate language everytime I had to open the thing. Much better now! I still need to plunk some more plants in the ground. Know what I want in a few places ... the rest are a mystery. The sprinklers are funtioning!!!!! Problem was that our water pressure from the street to the house is insanely high. Kept blowing up the water line from the house to the timer.(Hence, shower valve replacement every other year.) Installed a pressure regulator ... hope it does the trick. Front yard has holes that I am watering. Need to fill those with plants as well. Brock is not motivated today to be educated in the wonders of grammar. Perhaps we'll do some math calculations at Costco and Home Depot instead.

Counter tops were installed on Tuesday. They look so nice. Will post a pic or two sometime soon. Kitchen is DONE DONE DONE!!! Still must dab paint on a wall or two, but that is a piece of cake compared to the big stuff.

I am hoping the laundry room is next on the "honey do" list. Half of the old kitchen cabinets are on the back patio waiting to be used, if possible, in the laundry room. That project will be a painful one as well.

This morning I accomplished 2 things that have been driving me crazy. Purchased a "string swing" last night. We have 2 guitars that are rarely used. They sort of float from room to room. One is in a case, the other is not. The one that isn't, is now hanging on the wall above the piano ... next to my most antique unplayable violin. Am pumped! Why do these little things take so long to get done? Item No. 2 is the new shower curtain liner. $2.99 and have been griping about that thing for how long? Have been to the Target, across the street from this store, only 50 times since I started griping about that liner. It is in!!

Today a trip to Costco (ouch)! Must get some printer ink so I can start working on Christmas cards and all kinds of good stuff.

Christmas .... is dangerously close. I have done virtually nothing. Somehow it manages to get done. I have fun ideas tho' and can't wait to get them into boxes. I was asking for clarification of wish lists this morning. Tia was frantically writing ... even in the car on the way to school. Quit writing when I parked. After going through the list we had a very short discussion about what happens if Santa spends all kinds of money on one person. What happens to the other 20? Do they get anything? So we can all have big wishes, even occasional envy & greed (not that we should), but if reality kicks in ... I'm happy. Here is an overview of her list: skate board, i pod, cell phone, digital camera, science kit, easy bake oven and a bike. This society, this household as well if I was to be totally honest, has become way too techno!

Thanksgiving and feeding the homeless. Well ... good intentions are my middle name. Instead of going tomorrow, we are going to pass out food boxes to the less fortunate this afternoon. Alyx's Service Learning class has put the boxes together with donated food. I am going to help divy and transport today. There is still hope for tomorrow ... will see.

Anything I missed ... y'all will be subject to later. Must be getting along with this wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Frans just came into the kitchen (9:30 pm) saw the strawberry rhubarb pie sitting on the counter that we bought last night to bring for thanksgiving at marjanen's, and says "hey, since the pie got a little damaged while being carried inside, are we allowed to eat it now?" You know, we would hate to bring a pie to anita's that doesn't look just perfect! So I tell him that fry's (grocery store) carries ice cream. He get's this look in his eye, sets the timer on the microwave for 60 minutes, gets dressed and takes off for frys! He just walked back in the door, and now his pie is in the microwave, he is dishing out his ice cream, and he is done! All that, and I couldn't even finish blogging about it before he finished! 11 minutes!!! And when I send him to fry's for something I need, it takes him a LOT longer than that, and I get at least 3 phone calls asking me what aisle something is on!! If he would have just waited a few extra minutes, I could have gave him a short list of some other things I needed as long as he was going!!:) But I better get off this, my pie is getting cold!! (yes, he even served me in that 11 minutes!)


I'm having a partylite party on the 30th of November. If anyone would like to come, they can do so, call me and I will give you the information. For those that can't come (I know that is most of you) if you would like to order something give me a call.

Monday, November 20, 2006




Please let me know if you plan to come so I can be sure to have enough food for all interested.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

narrow surgery

this is totally unrelated to anything, but a classmate of mine works for surgeon billy - she mentioned to him that i'd won my council race and he told her that our whole family is really, really smart and he gushed on about how hard working and brilliant our parents are. which i thought was all very kind since most of my communications with him have only been asking for money for various school fundraisers and he didn't mention that at all. so, here's thanks to everyone who has kept in touch with him and jim and glady. the title for this post comes from a time in 7th grade when we were asked to write an in-class essay about a relative we are proud of - i'd never really given a thought to his occupation until i had to spell it and then i wondered why he's called a "narrow surgeon" and figured it must be due to the tight spaces in the brain - and that's what my essay was about. good thing mr haapala had never heard of neurosurgery or i might not have gotten the A on my paper and our cousin might not think we're all so brilliant.

thinking of jenny and hoping things are going well in phoenix. -liz

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Frans reporting

Reporting in very tired and it is late. I just got home a little while ago from the hospital with Jenny. She did hve her appendix removed and she is still there. Every thing is going good except here blood pressure is to low. When I left there tonight a nurse came in with a new machine to check her out because they figured the one they have been using might not be accurate, It should a lower level than the one they had been using. Its not real low but low enough where the have to keep an eye on it. some thing like 80/45 with 44 beats per minute. For her that is low. Her temp is only at 99.5 so that is good,not to high for being right after surgery. She is starting to get a little more sweeling in her stomach area but the nurse said that is normal with laparscopic (speeling?) surgery. If her blood pressure goes up tonight were it should be and in the morning when they take blood her white blood cell count is not high than she should be able to come home on sunday some time. I have my fingers crossed cause every one that checks her blood pressure, just rubs there chin, and can not give reasons for it, than they go make some calls order EKG's and blood tests, come back, check again, rub their chins again, and say it should come down, nothing is wrong. Then we start the whole process over when there is a nursing change. I don't know? so I am going to go to sleep and see what is going on in the morning. good night, Frans

Friday, November 17, 2006

Brainerd reporting

We were reading the Blog when Frans called from the ER.
Thought it was about Noberto but no, to was about Jenny.
She had blogged on the Forstie Blog but didn't get to this one.
Kierstyn called Frans to come home! Anita came and took the
kids and Frans brought Jenny to the ER. Possibly appendix.
We got back this evening from our trip to Harmony, MN.
Stopped at Charlie's shop on the way south on 52 but he had
gone to fill the propane. Took pictures on the way south,
barns, naturally. Looked in an Antique Shop and a Gift Shop
that sells Amish quilts among other things. The quilts are
beautiful; some pieced and some appliqued. First one was
priced at $959. I think they were mostly full or queen size
but they had LOTS of them hanging. No pictures allowed.
Took pictures of Amish buggies, barns, pigs, horses, about 200
of them but most of the barn pictures are duplicates as took
one close up and another further away as Frans said we should
get more scenery, not just the barn. So will have to see if we
did it right. We went to Avian Acres on a winding, hilly, narrow road, sometimes for one car only! Driving on this road made the road to Kamp Kippa look like a super highway except for the rocks on the Kamp road. Very interesting.
They have lots of feeders, seeds, etc. etc. Bought some seed
and a birch log suet feeder. Then to Old Barn Resort and
Rivers' Bend Golf to view the barn. Edward Allis (of Allis
Chalmers) built the 4 story barn for his good for nothing son
in hopes his son could/would make it work but he didn't.
It was built in 1884-85 and is now on the National Register
of Historic Places. Headed north after that. Would have
been nice to stop in Hampton and Farmington but we got
home at 8:30 as it was and we take off tomorrow morning
for the Range! Since yesterday we drove about 542 miles! I wonder if the school would
excuse Tanner a little early to go to work. They used to do
that in the "old days". Nice that he got a job. Also teaches
responsibility. Will see Heather and Shawn,
Laurie and Tristan and perhaps Gary tomorrow. Not
Elizabeth as she'll be in school. We are bringing back
squeaky cheese from Heather. Have a good weekend. dk

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hello everyone!!! wow, has it sure been quiet on here! Where is everyone? I come on here everyday to check for new entries, but have not been posting myself because I feel like I haven't had anything interesting to talk about!
Frans had quite the scare yesterday....Frans' helper Noberto (who has been with him for several years) fell off the roof they were working on about 30 feet! Frans was talking to him, and when he didn't answer, he thought "oh no, you better not have fallen off the roof!" He ran to the edge and looked over, and Noberto was sitting on the ground looking pretty dazed. He walked right off it backward! He got taken by ambulance to the hospital (Anita's) and has been in ICU since yesterday. We went to see him tonight, and Frans got to go in to see him with Noberto's wife. He wasn't supposed to be in there, so after only a few minutes, the nurse kicked him out. He is really a sweet guy....as is his wife, although she knows very little english. so we had to use an interpretor when talking to her at the hospital. He broke his collar bone I think, some ribs, and a vertabrae. Pretty scary, It's my biggest fear with Frans!
My sister heidi who lives in Spokane also went to the hospital today. She is 36 weeks pregnant and is having complications, so they are inducing her today, and she should have her baby by tonight. My mom flew there tonight to be with her, and should be getting there in about a half hour. Am hoping all goes well with the delivery, and the baby!
I have the day off tomorrow!! Joclyn Kumpula and I are trading weeks babysitting for a day...I babysat for her last week one day, now she will watch my kids tomorrow. Should be fun! I am going to Lindsey's class to volunteer for about two hours, will go to curves after, then after that I don't know what I'm going to do for the last 3 hours! Maybe come home and take a nap, or better yet, scrapbook my christmas card pictures from last year!!
What is new with everyone else? Anita, Jari says you get your countertops tomorrow...yay!! How was your week after winning the election Liz? Have you started hunting heather? What is new at the randall house? Jody, how was your trip to see your neice? How is the riding coming along Charlie? Isn't it getting to cold to be out there on bikes? How is your planning going Missy? (I really need to call you soon) Is Ivan still working at your boss's? What's new with Jen? Post more pictures of Tristan, Laurie, he is bigger every time I see him!
I am too tired all of a sudden to think of more to write so I am going to hit the hay! Let's see some posts from everyone!
Happy Thursday!:)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The votes are in!

Thank you everyone for your help with my council bid. Whether it was poring over the list of Eveleth residents, proof-reading literature, sending notes, making calls, helping with the fundraiser, pounding the pavement, talking me up to co-workers, or just plain old well-wishing over the past several months, your support meant the world to me.

It was especially great to have the Randalls up here last night for one final push and to have Jen here today to help us celebrate.

Here's the article from the Mesabi Daily News:

Kuoppala, Kallevig Win In Eveleth
Likely Recount For 3rd Seat; 2-Vote Difference
Mesabi Daily NewsWednesday, November 08th, 2006 12:07:06 AM
Staff Writer

EVELETH — Liz Kuoppala was top votegetter in the Eveleth City Council race with 964 votes, while the second seat on the council went to former councilor Tom Kallevig.

But only two votes separated Kallevig and Bill Aho — 691 to 689, and there may be a recount. Incumbent Lyle Hendrickson came in fourth with 452 votes.

Bill Matos ran unopposed for mayor with 1,247 votes. There were 126 writein votes for mayor. Turnout was 1,665 voters from the 2,467 registered.

“I think the people in Eveleth were ready for a change,’’ said Kuoppala, adding that election results from across the country point to voters wanting a new direction. “A vote for me was a vote for change.’’ She looks forward to working with others on the council. “I think Eveleth’s best days are ahead of us.’’

Kallevig said both Kuoppala and Aho ran a good, hard campaign. “I knew this was going to be a competitive election. I’m just thankful for all the votes I got and am happy for the support.’’ Kallevig served two terms on the council, then sat out for two years. He said it would not surprise him if there were a call for a recount.

Aho said this was his first time in the election process. “I think it would be appropriate to seek a recount. It’s very, very interesting. We’ll see what happens,’’ he said.

Hendrickson accepted losing the election by offering congratulations to the winners. “The loss of this election will free up a lot of time for my wife and I to do a lot of other things that we have put on hold for the past four years,’’ Hendrickson said. “I encouraged some of the younger citizens to run for office, and as a result of this election I will pass along the challenge of promoting our city to the best of their ability and make it a great place to live. Congratulations to them and I wish them well, and a big thank-you to all those who supported me in this election.’’


Congratulations to Councilwoman Elect Liz! We are so proud of you, so proud of all your hard work, and so proud of your dedication.

Great Job!!!!

The Marjanen Family


CONGRATS LIZ!!!!!! going up there yesterday was very well worth the one last boost but we are very proud to have you for an aunt CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)-randalls

Charlie wonders...

If the Minnesota Secretary of State website is going to show results as soon as they are in, or if they are going to be tomorrow... or next week. Wonderin if #5 is doing any floor pacing right now...


here are a few pictures from the iron range. a few of us were able to go up to the iron range and help hang some cards for liz on doorknobs. it was a lot of fun and i thought it would be fun to share these pictures. GOOD LUCK LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Hello! It's been a while since I posted, so thought I'd take a few minutes to say hi! Has everyone been out to vote today?? I am waiting until Frans gets home, and we'll go together. I just wish I knew more about all the props we have to vote on. I know a few though, and will vote on those! Good luck Liz!!!! Someone will have to let us know the results!
Frans has been really busy with video lately. He has had a wedding the last seven weekends! He has every monday off work, so that helps with having time to edit them.
We took our pictures for our christmas card on Sunday. Kendra took them for us. I had this certain look in mind of how I wanted them to look, so we drove all over downtown trying to find the perfect colored wall! I decided that this state needs some color to it!! It is so dull. We happened to find a vacant building in not the best part of town, that had the perfect color! Weird, maybe, but I love how the pictures came out. Here are a few of the kids.
Charlie, it sounds like the whole family is loving this biking thing. That is great! You will have to post some pictures of the kids riding, and Machelle!
Frans fixed our van brakes the other day, they were horrible! Our van has been making some weird whirring sound, and we thought it had to do with the brakes, but it is still making it. Frans doesn't know what it is, but it is getting worse, so I am going to have to bring it to the shop. Or maybe Jari will drive it to see if he can figure out what it is. Hopefully it is not an expensive fix right before the holidays!
I can not believe we are into November already! What are everyone's plans for Thanksgiving? Is anyone traveling anywhere? It would be fun to be in MN for Thanksgiving! It would definately be a lot cooler! It is like 87 degrees out right now, and I have my AC on! It gets too warm in here with just the doors open.
I suppose, I better get some pictures worked on. Have a good day all, and go vote!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Indian Summer

Unbelievable weather for the past weekend. Blog looks like its at a standstill! Everybody got to do quite a bit of riding over the weekend. Cody and Amanda put in quite a few laps on their bikes on the track... Machelle got started getting used to her "new" bike. A whole different ballgame from the old enduro she was riding. Her "new" yz125 is potent enough for me to make almost the same lap times around the track, as I can do with my 250, so Machelle has a lot of "gettin used to" to get used to. Clutch and Throttle control have gotten a whole lot more important now. (Amanda rides the enduro now) The enduro is the "get used to riding a motorcycle" and "get used to riding on the various terrain of the track" bike. Its old and heavy... When you start jumping, its time to move to a new bike! Yep, Machelle is jumping! Cody is riding wheelies through the whoops on his "90". He has to ride the lil "90" to its potential before he can get another bike... so he's working pretty hard at it. Jade is itching to try, but the "90" is just a touch too big for her yet. I'd imagine when Cody gets to move up, Jade will take over the "90". We may end up with a whole "slew" of motocross racers before we're done ;-)

Have yourselves a wonderful week!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Charlie says... more

heh Nothing fancy or fun to say, just lettin you guys know that I added some more pic's to the www.commandotrailers.com/motocross page. Organized a little better, with hopefully smaller, and quicker loading pages. Have a ton more pics to put up there, just have to find some more "round-to-its".

Hopefully the weatherman is right, and we can get some pictures of the kids on their bike, and Machelle on hers, next week in the close to 60 degree weather.

Not too terribly excited about the approaching colder weather... And after seeing those Lake Powell pictures, I find myself wishing for a "winter" house, close to there ;-) Hmm Is the Publishers Clearing House still going?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Beautiful Weekend

Just a few pictures from the Lake Powell Youth Trip. The bridge is Rainbow Bridge. When I was a teen and going on houseboat trips up there, the water went up to the bridge. Now, we hiked 1 1/2 miles in to the bridge.
Playing in canyons.

The boats and the crew. The boats parked 1 mile from the toilets! The toilets are floating toilets on the lake. It is not legal to go no. 2 on the shore. $500 fine. You have to have portable toilets with you. The floating potty also was dump station for the port-a-potties!

My Birthday!

Hello all! This is me, anna! I just wanted you to know that Saturday, November 4th, is my birthday! I can not wait! How old will I be? I will be 12! Well hope all goes well! and hope you cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. will have a fantastic weekend! Grandma and Grandpa, I have recieved you card! Thank You!
( This is an old picture of me! ) I will try post pictures of my birthday!
~ anna marjanen