Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Heather's leg

I have the urge to write a children's story about a drumstick with my leg being the way that it is.

So, I was put on antibiotics, they made me ill. I quit taking them. The lump grew and hurt and I went back in. Mind you, others put fear into me i.e. (you realize you have the bacteria in all of your body and if you're not treating it, it will get worse, you'll be really sick, you'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner in a lot of pain if you're lucky, you could be eating turkey via i.v. drip in the hospital...) I told the doctor that I quit the antibiotic and she gave me another one. The plan is to take that for 10 days, then go back and see her. When the size goes down (it is 2x2 - makes me want to ride a 4x4), I will be referred for surgery. The bummer - surgery. The positive - no more mass growth on my leg which makes it uncomfortable to be a couch potato, also am hoping to have it done by the end of the year that way it won't affect the biking come spring.

Speaking of biking - haven't been doing that much. With deer hunting, there was walking out into the woods nearly every day and big dreams of bucks or does when it got dark. Was hoping to start biking right after deer hunting, but then the bummer with my leg. It really does hurt, I'm not just looking for excuses. Was able to buy a smaller pair of pants after all the biking and even after washing them, drying them, and not using the stretcher apparatis you see in magazines, they went on and buttoned. Life is great. Find a way to celebrate - a blizzard anyone?

It is a beautiful day out here and makes me think of spring - Whoa, slow down, if it was spring I would have missed a whole season of ice fishing. I will use the exercise bike inside in order to be able to do some ice fishing.

A weird dream I had last night and anyone can feel free to interpret it: at an apartment complex: had to go up some sort of stairs but it was under water. Opted to swim it. Got to another part of the parking lot and it was waves - planned to ride the waves, but they got huge. Was able to get out of there and to my blazer, haning onto the bottom of the door was safe and the water went away. Then got up on green grass and was heading in when there was a tornado - was able to run in to safety though the thought was there that the doors would be locked when the power goes out and being as I was visiting the apartment complex, I didn't have a key. However, was able to make it inside and to safety. - who can explain that dream? I don't usually have dreams I can recall unless I'm under the influence of a medication (Advil Cold and Sinus). I actually hallucinate on the stuff - racing cauliflower and brocolli and have slurred speach - haven't taken that again.

This blog is all over the map. I'd better get off this site, get back on my medication, and get some work done. A 4 day weekend is only hours away!!!



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

No clue about the dream department. Perhaps you are really missing the biking and all that. Going from one thing to another in the dream and keep running into brick walls. Must be time to read a good book that actually begins at the front cover and ends at the last page!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Frans' enterpretation of the dream: You've been under a lot of stress lately, and every time you seem to get ahead, something new is there to stress you out. That's it, that simple, good day:)
I should start charging thousands for my interpretations they are so right on!:)