Friday, November 17, 2006

Brainerd reporting

We were reading the Blog when Frans called from the ER.
Thought it was about Noberto but no, to was about Jenny.
She had blogged on the Forstie Blog but didn't get to this one.
Kierstyn called Frans to come home! Anita came and took the
kids and Frans brought Jenny to the ER. Possibly appendix.
We got back this evening from our trip to Harmony, MN.
Stopped at Charlie's shop on the way south on 52 but he had
gone to fill the propane. Took pictures on the way south,
barns, naturally. Looked in an Antique Shop and a Gift Shop
that sells Amish quilts among other things. The quilts are
beautiful; some pieced and some appliqued. First one was
priced at $959. I think they were mostly full or queen size
but they had LOTS of them hanging. No pictures allowed.
Took pictures of Amish buggies, barns, pigs, horses, about 200
of them but most of the barn pictures are duplicates as took
one close up and another further away as Frans said we should
get more scenery, not just the barn. So will have to see if we
did it right. We went to Avian Acres on a winding, hilly, narrow road, sometimes for one car only! Driving on this road made the road to Kamp Kippa look like a super highway except for the rocks on the Kamp road. Very interesting.
They have lots of feeders, seeds, etc. etc. Bought some seed
and a birch log suet feeder. Then to Old Barn Resort and
Rivers' Bend Golf to view the barn. Edward Allis (of Allis
Chalmers) built the 4 story barn for his good for nothing son
in hopes his son could/would make it work but he didn't.
It was built in 1884-85 and is now on the National Register
of Historic Places. Headed north after that. Would have
been nice to stop in Hampton and Farmington but we got
home at 8:30 as it was and we take off tomorrow morning
for the Range! Since yesterday we drove about 542 miles! I wonder if the school would
excuse Tanner a little early to go to work. They used to do
that in the "old days". Nice that he got a job. Also teaches
responsibility. Will see Heather and Shawn,
Laurie and Tristan and perhaps Gary tomorrow. Not
Elizabeth as she'll be in school. We are bringing back
squeaky cheese from Heather. Have a good weekend. dk

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