Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well ... I have not dropped off the face of the planet or anything remotely like it. Stuff is just a happenin' all the time around here. Some of it is productive ... other times I just spin in circles looking around me and not quite figuring out if I got anything done or not!

Project Status Update (without fotos):
Both sides of back yard are graveled. A fence is up to divide the two ... is awesome! I can't see trailers when I sit on the patio. You would never guess that part of the yard is capable of holding what it does. The "rv" gate from the front yard into the back had a mishap when it met with the Bobcat, so it was replaced. Desperately needed replacing anyway. I had to talk myself out of inappropriate language everytime I had to open the thing. Much better now! I still need to plunk some more plants in the ground. Know what I want in a few places ... the rest are a mystery. The sprinklers are funtioning!!!!! Problem was that our water pressure from the street to the house is insanely high. Kept blowing up the water line from the house to the timer.(Hence, shower valve replacement every other year.) Installed a pressure regulator ... hope it does the trick. Front yard has holes that I am watering. Need to fill those with plants as well. Brock is not motivated today to be educated in the wonders of grammar. Perhaps we'll do some math calculations at Costco and Home Depot instead.

Counter tops were installed on Tuesday. They look so nice. Will post a pic or two sometime soon. Kitchen is DONE DONE DONE!!! Still must dab paint on a wall or two, but that is a piece of cake compared to the big stuff.

I am hoping the laundry room is next on the "honey do" list. Half of the old kitchen cabinets are on the back patio waiting to be used, if possible, in the laundry room. That project will be a painful one as well.

This morning I accomplished 2 things that have been driving me crazy. Purchased a "string swing" last night. We have 2 guitars that are rarely used. They sort of float from room to room. One is in a case, the other is not. The one that isn't, is now hanging on the wall above the piano ... next to my most antique unplayable violin. Am pumped! Why do these little things take so long to get done? Item No. 2 is the new shower curtain liner. $2.99 and have been griping about that thing for how long? Have been to the Target, across the street from this store, only 50 times since I started griping about that liner. It is in!!

Today a trip to Costco (ouch)! Must get some printer ink so I can start working on Christmas cards and all kinds of good stuff.

Christmas .... is dangerously close. I have done virtually nothing. Somehow it manages to get done. I have fun ideas tho' and can't wait to get them into boxes. I was asking for clarification of wish lists this morning. Tia was frantically writing ... even in the car on the way to school. Quit writing when I parked. After going through the list we had a very short discussion about what happens if Santa spends all kinds of money on one person. What happens to the other 20? Do they get anything? So we can all have big wishes, even occasional envy & greed (not that we should), but if reality kicks in ... I'm happy. Here is an overview of her list: skate board, i pod, cell phone, digital camera, science kit, easy bake oven and a bike. This society, this household as well if I was to be totally honest, has become way too techno!

Thanksgiving and feeding the homeless. Well ... good intentions are my middle name. Instead of going tomorrow, we are going to pass out food boxes to the less fortunate this afternoon. Alyx's Service Learning class has put the boxes together with donated food. I am going to help divy and transport today. There is still hope for tomorrow ... will see.

Anything I missed ... y'all will be subject to later. Must be getting along with this wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

can't wait to see the new countertops tomorrow! Should be a fun day, lots of yummy food, lazing around, games.... we should pull out aggrivation and scrabble! It's been a while since I have made cheesecake (diane's)...I have been thinking about this all week!! This diet thing will have to start again on Monday! Strawberry rhubarb pie at midnight isn't going to help either!:) oh well....
I just woke up when anita called me about a half hour 11:00!! My kids have been farmed out every day for the days, and besides missing them like crazy, the rest has been nice! I was feeling pretty good last night, then I woke up this morning laying on my stomache, and that didn't feel too good! I don't feel bad now though!
I better run....Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Can't wait to see the countertops.

My Christmas list: cross country skis, digital camera, zoom lens for my camera, computer, 4-wheeler, trailer to put the 4 wheeler on, a new truck to pull the trailer with the new 4-wheeler, then being as I'll have the new truck, gift certificates to a variety of stores to buy household items (I could haul more with my new truck) just please, no i-pod. Can anyone explain to me what the point is of an i-pod? Someone was telling me they wanted one to put their pictures on, I told them to scrapbook and bring that to show to people, I guess there is the music, but I must be missing the point somewhere. Maybe Tia can help explain it to me?