Saturday, January 31, 2009


This might give you a better idea of how close we actually are. The drive may be a 5 hour one, only because you can't fly over water. As the crow flies we're not far.
Imagine, tho', that air traffic would be suspended. Last fall when Ronda was here visiting, a volcano in the Aleutians suspended air traffic. This one has the potential to be very challenging.
What a learning experience for all of us.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mt Redoubt as seen last June

Our view of Mt Redoubt last June viewed from Clam Gulch. A bit more peaceful that day than it is today.
Anita and all, how far are you from Mt Redoubt? Do you expect any ash fallout in your area?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Thinking of you today and wishing you the very best on your birthday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something new to add to Favorites

I find that I am posting pictures in a few places. Blogger is sort of a pain to post on, but I like that you can write alongside the photos. Makes it a nice way to share your stories. Bebo, on the other hand, makes adding photos a snap. So, a while ago I started playing around with starting my own Blogspot where I can post our lives up here in the way that I would like to. I'll still be here, I'll still be on Bebo ... but if you want to come visit me at my other place, here's the address!

I made the posting open ... can someone try post on there for me and see if it works, is a pain, or just not worth it?


Breakfast Back Home

i'm in another writing class and have an assignment coming due and figure maybe you can help.

i'm wondering what comes to mind when you think of breakfast on school mornings as a kid. here are some things to get us started:

the "mmm, mmm, good" bowl (from cheerios?)
oatmeal with brown sugar and a lump of butter
half a glass of orange juice
king vitamin cereal
bouncing cross-legged outside the bathroom door waiting my turn
ivan sleeping by the stove
water heating on the upside-down milk crate on top of the woodstove
"kids say the darndest things" on the radio
wake-up lists on the table
watching out the window for the bus coming from warwas' direction
phenobarbital (was that in the mornings?) for some
cod liver oil pill
chewable vit c
mom in pj's; isa in a welding hat liner (and clothes, too, of course)
isa's lunch pail and thermos
becky doing chores
milk cooling in the sink with cream rising to the top

anybody want to play? post some memorable items/words in the comments section - i'll use them in my story and post whatever it is i come up with in a couple of days.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Denise

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Denise,
Happy Birthday to you.

Tiny Tim (my new friend) enjoys crafting as much as I do!

It's been a great joy to visit with him and see him play. Am really surprised how willing he is to allow me to take pictures! For several shots he would just sit there, sometimes looking at me, sometimes away... sometimes with his front legs up and sometimes down. He even attempted to get up on my couch with me! I had a can of coke that I set on the floor, so I could use both hands with the camera and he even attempted to climb on that!

Though it has been quite exciting, I am hoping that by tomorrow morning I can say a final farewell to him. He appears to be REALLY hungry, so hopefully he will enjoy the peanut butter that will be served just for him. As he enjoys his meal, may he know that though I have enjoyed his company, I really enjoy living alone.

But wanted to share some pictures of my friend, before he leaves me!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Jari

Warm greetings from a cold Brainerd. We have -11° now but was colder earlier. Hope you are
enjoying your special day. Don't know if you are home or further up north. Wherever it may be,
enjoy your 45th!

Reino has been looking at the routing to Alaska for June. Since we have to take a ferry to Juneau to get the state capitol, I think we'll do that after leaving Palmer and then take a ferry
from Juneau to Bellingham, Washington. Then head to summer services at Rainier High School.
Made motel reservations for July 2, 3 and 4. No KOA campgrounds near Rainier and the one
listed in the Voice has minimal showers. Don't want to shower at the service site!

Date to head out in June is not complete yet. Will advise when we know.
Love from your mother-in-law!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Missi

Happy Birthday to you. Your name has a question mark after it on my calendar. Didn't know
Jody's age for years either! I hope your keeping warm. It's a -18 here and will probably dip
more at sunrise. We are lucky; don't have to go out. Love, Diane

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009

Thank you to Randalls

Enjoyed our stay at your home during New Years. Here it is the 9th already. I was fine at your
place but as you all know, Isä wasn't. Then got home and I got a cold, ran a temp. on Wed.,
no temp now but coughing and just not feeling that well. Tomorrow is Ken and Pirjo's 40th
anniversary. Many of their children who were going to come have sick kids so can't make it.
Then about 10 to 4 we'll leave for the Clinton Bldg. where the fire department is having a dinner
catered by Francine again. Straight home. I'll sleep en route, I'm sure. Thanks again. Love, Mom


Every morning Anna walks out of her room swaddled in her blanket ... then heads to the bathroom to take a shower.

This morning she walked out and said something I thought sounded like "penguins". She was wrapped tightly in her blanket. I said, "huh?" She again said, "penguins". And this time I really heard what I thought I heard the first time. She followed that with, "penguins could live in my room".

I think we need to do some serious insulating in the basement before next winter rolls around!

This is looking down the hill over the top of the house. The wood stove heats as much as it can, but it is not big enough to keep wood going all night long.

Happy Birthday Ivan

Happy Birthday Ivan. Lots of time has passed since you were 21 1/4" and 8 # 3 1/2 oz.
Going for well care baby visits you were always off the graph and just kept on going. Remember
when Sheila flew home after Shane died and we were all at Lindulas. She asked you who you
were! You had changed some!! Hope all goes well in the next year. Will wait to hear what
happens with the house. Love, Mom and Isä

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Time in Alaska

Hello Everyone!
Thought I would put a few pictures of my trip to Alaska for all to see. As you know, I was able to go to Anita and Jari's Christmas Eve and stay until New Year's Eve. Time was spent relaxing and visiting, reading a book, listening to the beautiful music that was played and sung, sight seeing, and learning how to play Settlers and playing other games. I am still amazed with the beauty that Anita, Jari and family are able to surround themselves with! From just down there to road, to Hatchers to the boat in "nowhere" (Anita can explain), beauty is every where! Amber took me to the iditarod headquarters and now I am anxiously awaiting for February 8th, when I am able to go back to Ely for another fun day of dogsledding! In the past 23 years, I have only been able to share Christmas with Anita twice! When Blayde was a baby and then in 1994 and now this year I was able to again! With so much fun, the week flew by to quickly. I'm thankful for the opportunity that I had to get know their kids all over again and to spend the time that I had with them. To think that the last time I was at their house is when Anita graduated with her RN degree! I simply cannot allow that much time to pass again!
To the Marjanen's: thank you so much for everything!

Friday, January 02, 2009

More Babies

I had 2 goats that were due to have babies. One of them cried so much, that Shawn couldn't stand it and told me to get it out of the garage. The other one, successfully had her babies in the garage.

New Year's morning, Shawn goes out to do chores and comes running in with 2 "kids" under his arm. It seems, Mom - who had been put back out in the pasture - had her babies and didn't really take care of them. Long story short - had to warm them up and get them back to life!

We ran water in the sink to thaw them out and begin warming them, wrapped them in towels, and put heating pads on them.

They have made is so far. Both continue to live in the kitchen at the moment, until I feel comfortable trying to transition them out with Mom. The black one runs all over the place but the white one is easy to find. He has a hard time keeping his back legs functioning on the tile and sort of flops over and lays there crying for help. Yesterday, a lot of physical therapy and this morning, the white one could move around on the towel. Hopefully, Shawn is home caring for them now and I'm on my way home to do more Kid duty. Shawn figures it is good practice for me - getting up during the night to do "feedings". If this is a test, he has failed miserably as he just went back to bed after making sure I got up :L

They are so cute, I suggested we potty train them and keep them as inside pets. Don't worry, when you come over, they most likely won't be living in the house. I can't get an inside dog approved, let alone 2 goats :)

How did everyone's New Year celebrations go? I was able to keep Shawn and Randy both awake until midnight, but Randy left as soon as he could and Shawn escaped to bed. I do remember days of all nighters, but seems a life time ago!