Friday, January 02, 2009

More Babies

I had 2 goats that were due to have babies. One of them cried so much, that Shawn couldn't stand it and told me to get it out of the garage. The other one, successfully had her babies in the garage.

New Year's morning, Shawn goes out to do chores and comes running in with 2 "kids" under his arm. It seems, Mom - who had been put back out in the pasture - had her babies and didn't really take care of them. Long story short - had to warm them up and get them back to life!

We ran water in the sink to thaw them out and begin warming them, wrapped them in towels, and put heating pads on them.

They have made is so far. Both continue to live in the kitchen at the moment, until I feel comfortable trying to transition them out with Mom. The black one runs all over the place but the white one is easy to find. He has a hard time keeping his back legs functioning on the tile and sort of flops over and lays there crying for help. Yesterday, a lot of physical therapy and this morning, the white one could move around on the towel. Hopefully, Shawn is home caring for them now and I'm on my way home to do more Kid duty. Shawn figures it is good practice for me - getting up during the night to do "feedings". If this is a test, he has failed miserably as he just went back to bed after making sure I got up :L

They are so cute, I suggested we potty train them and keep them as inside pets. Don't worry, when you come over, they most likely won't be living in the house. I can't get an inside dog approved, let alone 2 goats :)

How did everyone's New Year celebrations go? I was able to keep Shawn and Randy both awake until midnight, but Randy left as soon as he could and Shawn escaped to bed. I do remember days of all nighters, but seems a life time ago!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Good luck with the little goats.

We are in Mpls. Wed. supper at Paul
Parks; Dan and Wendy were there also and Marv Wittenberg. Evening
services at the church. Went to
Joel Fredrickson's for New Years
Eve. During the night Pa not feeling well. Had afternoon services, coffee, later afternoon
services. Pa ate hardly anything.
Glad he made it to the men's room
in time; he upchocked many days
worth of food. Looked weak!
Called Kathy Waaraniemi that we
won't come for supper; he feels
better but wants to rest before this evening. Besides eating
strange food might not help!
Remains to be seen if we stay and
go to Heidi Fuller's wedding
tomorrow evening in Rockford.
Quite the start for 2009. Denise
flew to Florida on New Year's Day
morning. dk

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

The goats are so adorable! Reminds me of bottle feeding them at Dan and Merry's.

Was really nice to have Ma & Pa here for several days! Bummer Pa got sick and that I had to work two of the evenings, but quite a gift to have them stay.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

I had a long ol' comment written, and when I went to publish it, it said there was an error, and it got erased!! Frusterating!! Anyways....the little goats are sooo cute!