Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life at the Lindula's

Our month of October. I don't know what I've already posted, so may repost... Sorry about that!

WE GOT A LLAMA! - oh wait, I already told you that :)

Miss Heidi is growing like a weed. Here's a picture from the beginning of the month (I think) wearing her really cool "shades".

In October, Dan and Wendy Parks came for services and Audrey and Harry came along. It was fun to visit with all of them.
One of the weekends in October, Shawn had an auction in Palisade. Heidi and I dropped him off and we went to Brainerd. It wasn't long enough there, but at least Heidi made her first trip there. She made the rounds smiling at everyone. Here she is with Laura. An ongoing mission of mine to get pictures taken of her with various people. I have many fond memories of Laura and Thunderbay!

The ISD 2142 is trying to pass a referendum to save the district. I am the Cherry area coordinator, which means.... meetings, meetings, meetings and also talking to everyone I see to get them to support the referendum. If it passes some schools will be closed: Cook and Orr will close and a new school will be built in the middle; Tower-Soudan and Babbitt-Embarrass will close and a new school in the middle; Cotton and Albrook will close and a new school in the middle. Cherry will get some remodeling. They are also proposing a lot of changes in how the students will be taught and the schools will be improved. This has to pass. If it doesn't, the district will dissolve. Our areas will be picked up by other school districts which means a long commute for kids and higher taxes for everyone. Heidi is championing the efforts as well. Here she is in photo that will be going out trying to get people to save her school district. She's a little activist already.... wonder where she gets that from :)
Our weather has been a little weird. We've had snow, then it melts. Should be getting more snow soon. It's raining now, but should be changing to snow.
Shawn has been BUSY with work. He has almost finished 2 large pole sheds/garages and has another one to do yet this fall and possibly one more. That doesn't count the barn that he is going to build for us this year. We are thankful for the work and I just have to remember when he isn't home that at least he is working!!!
I continue to work at my job and have a second interview on Tuesday for a Legal Aid position. Hoping that it works out and I can work for them. It would really allow me to do what I'm most passionate about. One of my co-workers said that she knows that my company doesn't tap into what I'm passionate about and very capable of doing. I would be allowed to do that if I got a job with Legal Aid. We will see what happens. The positive part is that I don't hate my job and my job is secure so I don't HAVE to get a new position. For that, I'm very thankful and it takes the stress out of the situation. I also continue to be coordinator for Eveleth Horizons and we are working on a pretty big project (neighborhood revitalization). Miss Heidi goes with to most of my meetings and is quite the trooper. She will learn volunteering early and hopefully learn to love it and not resent it.
Next week, I have to be in St. Paul for a conference. I'm one of the presenters for a session and should probably get prepared. Oh well, I have one week to get ready and if I don't know my information, I'll never know it :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. Enjoy the rest of the month.... Wow, November is just around the corner and with that, deer hunting and Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Since its been quiet on here. . .

. . . decided I might as well put something. . .

End of September, I took some time off from the shop so I could help Elizabeth. Left the shop on the Thursday prior to head to the range. Worked at the homeless shelter through Monday morning and straight from there went to St. Paul to volunteer. I thought I was going to my apartment that night, so didn't bother packing clothes for two extra days. Taking a break from stuffing folders, Eliz and I went shopping and got some clothes for the next couple days! We called it quits after a pretty long day and headed off to the Hilton to get a good night's sleep. Before I knew it I was waking up to the ringing of the phone. Time to wash up in a type of shower I have never been in before (quite fancy) and time for a busy but fun-filled day. The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless celebrated their 25th year anniversary! The above picture is of the timeline that people wrote on, showing what has been accomplished since it was first founded.

The newly announced Executive Director of the Coalition: Ms. Elizabeth Christine

Tuesday morning and afternoon was spent at the registration table. The amount of people I met was amazing, the connections I made was phenominal, and all this because I said I would help a sister out! Boy, am I ever glad that I agreed to (and Charlie allowed me to! Thanks Charlie!)!! Tuesday evening there was a gubernatorial forum held. Nine candidates running for Governor were present and strictly talked about homelessness and poverty issues. One of the candidates present was our former US Senator, Mark Dayton.

I had heard the list of speakers who were going to be there, and I was excited to hear one that was scheduled on Wednesday. The picture above is Liz with Karen Diver from Fondu Lac. I had heard her before and was anxious to hear what motivation she was going to give to the group. The conference came to a close, and when I got into my car it hit me, I was thoroughly exhausted. On the way home, I got a text from Charlie saying a box had arrived at the shop for me. With rainy weather for the next few days, and having time off of work, I opted to stay put and relax. I stopped in at the shop and picked up the box and knew I had tons of reading material! I receive newsletters from William Bernhardt, one of my favorite authors, and it stated that he has books for sale. Every book in the box has been autographed and now adorns my bookshelf. But those few days of rainy weather gave me ample opportunity to get some reading in! For those of you who are on facebook, become a fan of the coalition and you can see other pictures from the conference, if you're interested. But Liz didn't put pictures of her on so thought I would here! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Cleaned out 13 bird houses. 8 were occupied. This one is the duplex. Amazing the amount of branches they can get in there.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Second Anniversary Ivan and Missi.

Isa's Birthday travels & changing world in MN

Friday - beautiful colors in Brainerd

Saturday - woke up to snow in Brainerd

Saturday - tasty birthday cake made by Jen & gobs of fun with Taboo at Jen's with Charlie, Amanda, Cody, Jade, Cole, Jen, Brian, Ma, & Pa

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear dad/grandpa, happy birthday to you!! Hope your day is wonderful so far!! The girls are off school today for Columbus day, so it is a lazy day around here! Thought I'd share some pictures that Lindsey took this morning....nobody's hair is brushed, Trina isn't dressed, Taryn and I are still in our jammies, and it's already lunch time! But I do have dinner in the crock-pot, and breakfast mess is cleaned up!! :) (We won't mention what the rest of the house looks like tho!) It's all good...! Happy Monday to all! Jenny

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Life at our place

More about our month of September:
Jen joined the Kaleva Ladies!!! Here's a group photo
Shawn, Heidi, and I went to Parent's Camp at Hascib. Shawn's first time to Hascib. It was a great weekend. Heid's first trip to Michigan.
Shawn and Heidi.....

It was a chilly and rainy weekend. So, the weiners were roasted inside Saturday night :)

Shawn heard about a guy selling sheep and goats. He went to pick them up and came home with this too.... :)

I've always wanted a llama. Will have to see how long this Llama stays around. It hasn't taken to me yet, but he just got it last night, so hoping it will chill out and be a bit more relaxed. They are so ugly, they are kind of cute :)