Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Someone is 40!

Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday to you;
Happy Birthday, dear David!
Happy Birthday to you!

Sorry our wishes are tardy! We thought about you over 40 times yesterday, just never got a phone call made :( .


Monday, May 25, 2009

Update from the southwest....

wow, it's been a while since I posted on here!  Blogger is really being a bugger right now tho.  it won't let me move around my pictures, and I just pushed something wrong and two were deleted....so we'll see if I can finish this without any more problems!   We are all doing good down here!!  School is out on Wednesday,  and the girls are pretty excited about that!  we'll see how much fun we can cram in before baby comes!  We could have her as early as july 1st, so that doesn't give us much time!  But we are all getting anxious to welcome #6!!!  Frans is busy at work, and has actually had quite a bit of sidework the last month, so that is good!!  

here are a few pictures to show a little of what we've been up to....

This picture was actually taken in April, but swimming season is in full swing now, and the girls  love it!!  I have even been in the pool twice now, and that is unusual for me to go in before the end of June!  

Toni is done with Preschool and is now looking forward to being a big Kindergartner!!!  She really really loved preschool, and learned quite a bit there!  Am glad that we sent her:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A deer in the Manor

I was sitting here quilting and heard a crash. Thought Pirjo had dropped one of the large planters they are putting on our side patio. Then I heard excited voices so went to see what was
the matter. First it sounded like Laura said, "There's a bear in the bldg.!" but she repeated it and said "There's a deer in the bldg.!" It had been in the courtyard and something frightened it
so it came through the window across from the laundry room!! Had run toward Lee Square and
going too fast to head toward another window so went behind the chairs and out the door window that faces the laundry lines. Pirjo was out side and amazed to see half a deer hanging out the window until, then came the back half. No blood left behind. It had run around the property but the fence was too high to jump so too fast to get a picture it went out in front of the
garages and down the drive. Called the paper. He must have recognized the name as asked if
my husband was a minister there. But in the next days front page news about the deer he was
listed as manager so has been receiving some kidding.

Then yesterday a lady from the local public television came by. I happened to be in the hall so
got interviewed! We have dial up but Lahti's have dsl so we saw it at their place. Didn't look as
stupid as I feared!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ok so i'm not really sure how to use this whole site, but i'm gonna do it this way for now so i hope it works :-)

I just have a couple of words to say to everyone about the whole accident, hospital stay and everything else that went along with charlie getting hurt. Words can never express how much i appreciate everything that everyone did for Charlie and I. Between the calling me to tell me, driving me up to the hospital, bringing snacks for the kids and I, the hugs, the talks, the bringing dinner, coming to visit and see how he was doing, worrying about the shop, bringing the truck and bike home, the use of cell phones when mine had died.
Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough, but I do Thank each and everyone one of you for everything.
I am greatful for marrying into such a loving and caring family and I am honored to be a part of it.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Howdy Folks!

Wow, is it my head issues? Or is it my lack of familiarity with making new posts... I put in the title of the post, hit enter to move the cursor down to enter the main body of the post, and it PUBLISHED!! So now I'm editing my post!

People have been asking how my 'healing' is coming along... and I keep saying that I'm doing great! Of course I've been saying that I'm doing fine since before I was ready to leave the hospital, and I don't remember any of it! Will I remember making this post, the day after tomorrow? errr ahh haha Yeah, I will...

But there are a lot of things earlier on that I apparently knew for sure that I was fine with, just don't ask me now what those things were!

I have made Machelle go over with me several times the events as she remembered at the hospital, people that were there, each time, she'd start with... "Sure!! I'll tell ya all about it again!" And my response was... "umm we've done this already?" The most irritating thing about not remembering, is not remembering that there was something to remember. But now I'm remembering the story...

What do I remember from the Hospital? I have a couple of images stuck in my head. They are kind of like a photograph that the ink smeared on, pretty hard to make out. The first week out? Don't remember the majority of it from early on, to a blur toward the end. I'm finding that I'm slowly changing back to my normal self... changing from trying my hardest to remember... To my normal, trying to forget last week, and focusing on the week ahead!

Physically, I'm getting better... The ribs and surrounding muscle are slowly changing from pain that keeps me from moving, to a 'slight' irritation. I'm not lifting anything heavy yet, but its coming up pretty fast.

So to wrap this up, my whole point here was to say a big thanks for all of the support. I think I'll leave it at that for now...


Keep on posting Heather

And keep on snapping those pictures. I should have looked for the cd that may have some younger pictures of this young lady. This was Alyx's first day of school. Heading off to kindergarten ... all smiles and anticipation. Ready to meet life head on. Her earlier school life was not an easy one. It was a struggle. And she never stopped. Mrs. Tardie, our ever so special and favorite teacher at Hohokam, was our best friend for many years as she worked with a few of our kiddos. Without the inate persistance of this young girl ... she might have given up a long time ago.

She didn't tho'. School still isn't easy for her. It hasn't been easy for most in this household. But many other things are. It is amazing to look at someone who is nearly to adulthood and see the traits that make her who she is today. In some ways, I think she was predestined to be a giving person. She works in an Assisted Living Facility and loves her work. Her junior year of high school ends next week and she aims to head for a career in the health field. Not surprising that she has chosen to making helping others her life's work. Take a look at the people who surround her ... whose genes she carries in her very being. From both sides of her family, not just her mothers side.

I've been wanting to do a photo shoot of my girls. I have all these places that I'd like to take them and shoot a few photos. It just never seems to get done. The other nite I saw a quick opportunity to grab a few photos. It was so much fun to do. Too many blurry ones ... but we got some good ones too!

The time from when I mailed out the impending birth announcements that had her ultrasound picture on them .... has flown. In the next several months we will be looking at senior photos. Where on earth has time gone? This summer she'll be around the country visiting all of you for several months.

I'm already anxious for her to come home ... and she hasn't left yet!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'll just keep posting until someone says stop :)

Our smiley little girl in the hat from Becky and Wayne

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

We got home from Wanamingo after Midnight so it really is Mother's Day already.
The only one who might not see this is Jody as their home internet is down. They
stopped here Friday enroute to a fishing opener up north. They brought a
beautiful blooming plant. So, mothers, enjoy your day and your family as all too
soon they will be scattered, perhaps far from home as ours are.

45 years! Congratulations Mom & Isa

The Path to Home

by Edgar A. Guest

There’s the mother at the doorway
and the children at the gate.
And the little parlor windows
with curtains white and straight.
There are shagging asters blooming
in the bed that lines the fence,
And the simplest of the blossoms
seems of mighty consequence.
Oh, there isn’t any mansion
underneath God’s starry dome
That can rest a weary pilgrim
like the little place called home.

Men have sought for gold and silver;
men have dreamed at night of fame;
In the heat of youth, they’ve struggled
for achievements honored name;
But the selfish crowns are tinsel,
and their shining jewels, paste,
And the wine of pomp and glory
Soon grows bitter to the taste
For there’s never any laughter
howsoever far you roam
Like the laughter of the loved ones
in the happiness of home.

There is nothing so important
as the mother’s lullabies,
Filled with peace and sweet contentment,
when the moon begins to rise –
Nothing real except the beauty
and the calm upon her face
And the shouting of the children
as they scamper round the place.
For the greatest of man’s duties
is to keep his loved ones glad
And to have his children glory
in the father they have had.

So where’er a man may wander
and whatever be his care;
You’ll find his soul still stretching
to the home he left somewhere.
You’ll find his dreams all tangled
Up with hollyhocks in bloom
And the feet of little children
that go racing through a room
With the happy mother smiling
as she watches them at play
These are all in life that matter,
when you’ve stripped the sham away.

#5 (on behalf of us all)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Our crazy household...

Last night, Shawn comes in complaining of a stomach ache. (He commented that it was the noodles I made for dinner) The problem is that it wouldn't go away and went up into his back. He may complain about every ailment, but was absolutely miserable. I told him to get ready he was going to the hospital. The diagnosis: he is passing a kindey stone! Was sent home with pain meds and the hope that he passes it on his own!

He is waiting for road restrictions to be off before starting some bigger jobs. As the doctor said, if you are going to pass a stone, this is the best time to do it. She doesn't want him working until it passes. I don't want him doing anything until it passes. Shawn is his own boss and we'll see what he does today :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Elizabeth, Congratulations

If you haven't heard, Elizabeth was recently presented the Ann Bancroft Award at the Hilton Minneapolis. There were 4 recipients and hers was the Dream Maker Award in the individual category for leadership and achievement. There was also a monetary gift. :) I saw the award last evening which was made in Two Harbors and looks like the ice Ann Bancroft crossed in Antarctica.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More of Heidi

Some more recent pictures of our little munchkin:

the shirt is from Jen and says "I still live with my parents"

Saturday we went for the evening presentation at the Iron Range Go Run. Here's a very bad picture of Heidi with Marie WilsonHeidi did so well, many people held her and she fussed very little. Marie Wilson talked baby talk to her and Heidi responded, carrying on a conversation - most likely about politics and running for an office of some sort :)
She was wearing her "oink" outfit from Liz. Our little activist was combatting the theory that we can't eat pork for fear of the "swine flu" in order to help out farmers everywhere :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

More pictures

"Tummy Time"

Grandma and Heidi

Tristan was willing to hold her and I warned him that she may cry. His response "Heidi not cry". He was right, she didn't!!!

Grandma and Grandpa with Heidi

Uncle Randy got her a coin bank
Aunti Liz brought money to fill it up!!! Tristan would put the money in so the lights flashed and a tractor sound is made. Later he was in the bathroom saying, "Tristan put the money in, Heidi gets the pennies". He had so much fun when the jar was emptied, he would throw pennies around!


Some long overdue posting of pictures of our little munchkin:

I don't know how you hold a sleeping baby without falling asleep :)

Shawn calling with the news of her arrival

Velma and Heidi

Our little "Sleeping Beauty"

Sending hugs your way

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Postage is going up

Cost of postage is going up on May 11th. Purchase your Forever Stamps now and you won't have to add any additional postage when the rate goes up. They are really forever stamps. dk

Happy Birthday Jen

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and the best in the year ahead. May you get a lot of crafts done,
may your herbs grow (looks like they are doing well), and may you do something different each
month. Love, Mom