Friday, May 15, 2009

Howdy Folks!

Wow, is it my head issues? Or is it my lack of familiarity with making new posts... I put in the title of the post, hit enter to move the cursor down to enter the main body of the post, and it PUBLISHED!! So now I'm editing my post!

People have been asking how my 'healing' is coming along... and I keep saying that I'm doing great! Of course I've been saying that I'm doing fine since before I was ready to leave the hospital, and I don't remember any of it! Will I remember making this post, the day after tomorrow? errr ahh haha Yeah, I will...

But there are a lot of things earlier on that I apparently knew for sure that I was fine with, just don't ask me now what those things were!

I have made Machelle go over with me several times the events as she remembered at the hospital, people that were there, each time, she'd start with... "Sure!! I'll tell ya all about it again!" And my response was... "umm we've done this already?" The most irritating thing about not remembering, is not remembering that there was something to remember. But now I'm remembering the story...

What do I remember from the Hospital? I have a couple of images stuck in my head. They are kind of like a photograph that the ink smeared on, pretty hard to make out. The first week out? Don't remember the majority of it from early on, to a blur toward the end. I'm finding that I'm slowly changing back to my normal self... changing from trying my hardest to remember... To my normal, trying to forget last week, and focusing on the week ahead!

Physically, I'm getting better... The ribs and surrounding muscle are slowly changing from pain that keeps me from moving, to a 'slight' irritation. I'm not lifting anything heavy yet, but its coming up pretty fast.

So to wrap this up, my whole point here was to say a big thanks for all of the support. I think I'll leave it at that for now...



Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Hope your memory starts working for you and glad to hear that the rest of the body is healing. #9

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Here's a memory test for you Charlie, what food did we bring to
your house the Tuesday after the
accident? Don't ask anyone for the
answer!! Actually I'm having memory problems here in Brainerd and it is frustrating. Isä said
he doesn't have memory loss frustration as he never had a
memory! Very true!! dk

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

heh I think #9 missed something there... My memory IS working now. My crash, and the week after, I think what is gone... is gone. I'm not too sure I'll ever remember it.

I have always had a bad memory, but I think its back to its normal bad self... remembering highlights of things gone by, most details are, and always have been unable to stick in my head... unless something about them sticks out.

Mom.. Sloppy Joes and cheesecake! But I didn't remember! I just asked Machelle. I really don't follow rules very well. I honestly should have remembered that, but not from Tuesday. I've been tested on that a few times already.

I told Jen and Machelle to test me from time to time. Not on anything from that first week... Or even the second week. Just things from a couple/few days past. Machelle asked me about the amount of a check I had written out... and since the amount was different that she had originally needed, she asked me how much it was different from what it should have been... and I did fine.

I'm not sure about anything in particular that Jen has tested me on, but so far nothing has come up as being 'off' that I'm aware of...

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Sounds like you're healing! :) Keep doing those tests and brain teasers. Do you have any of those brain teaser games? Not anything that you couldn't do on a good day tho'. That's not fair. What were you good at doing before? Word searches, word jumbles ... anything like that? Try some things and see what happens. The more we use different types of brain activity, the more those nerve fibers have to stretch and grow.
Glad to hear the rest of you is healing!

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Good to hear that you are feeling better and sounds like the mind is working again to the ability that it was before anyway. Notice how I did not say that it is working great. Thats cause it never was in the first place. Oh nock it off, that was uncalledfor. Good luck on the rest of your recovery,

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Whew!!! Good to know I'm not the only one with issues!!!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

sounds like if there's any one week in your life to forget, you picked a good one.

glad you're on the mend.

how're you feeling about getting back on a bike at some point? did you ever figure out what went wrong?


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

heh Yeah, if I had to pick a week to forget, that'd be the one!

I definetly plan on getting back on the bike. I am hoping to be on the bike within the next two weeks. Before I can though, my range of motion has to be a comfortable 100%, and I need to be able to hold my body weight with my arms. When I do start again, it will be slow.. mainly working on slow speed cornering drills, slowly working my conditioning back up... to do everything I was doing. I'm sitting around too much right now!

I haven't figured out for sure exactly what happened. I just found out today, that I landed farther down the track than I thought. If what I think happened, did happen... Its a very "fluke" thing, that has a one in a million chance of happening. Whether I'm correct in what happened or not, it certainly won't make me think of not riding anymore. If I could remember it, there is a chance that it could make me more timid on that particular kind of obstacle in the future, but unlikely.. and it won't, since I don't remember it.

I brought Jade and Cole to that track today to watch a race. My hope, was that when Jade saw the "double" that I crashed on, she would give me a weird look, and tell me "Dad? "I" could ride over that!!! Thats nothing!!"

And guess what? That is exactly what she said when she saw it! :-)

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

It was great to see you and Jen today at the shop. The body is an amazing thing!

When considering the details of what happened - and didn't happen -despite flaws in treatment, etc., I can't help but marvel and be thankful that God saw fit to give you more time to live.

Wishing you continued recovery,