Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New York Times Article

November 22, 2008
Another Triumph for Clinton, Many Women Agree


Hillary Rodham Clinton, a first lady turned senator turned almost-president, is now transforming herself again, this time into the nation’s top diplomat. But she is also back to a role she cannot seem to shake: a canvas for women’s highest hopes and deepest fears about the workplace.
As she pondered this week whether to trade her hard-won independence and elected office for a job working for a more powerful man, mothers and schoolteachers and law partners mulled in tandem with her. After eight years of building her own constituency, how could Mrs. Clinton surrender it? they asked. Is secretary of state a promotion or an acknowledgment that her political prospects are now limited? And ultimately, how well will her male boss treat her?
As news spread on Friday evening that Mrs. Clinton had decided to accept the job, so did a basic consensus: the assignment was probably a triumph for Mrs. Clinton, if a costly one.
Gloria Steinem said in an interview, “Secretary of state is far superior to vice president, because it’s involved in continuously solving problems and making policy and not being on standby.”
Liz Kuoppala, a City Council member in Eveleth, Minn., said, “As a senator, you’re just 1 of 100, and she’s had to play quiet and polite.”
“I think this will allow her to blossom,” Ms. Kuoppala added. “It’s good for women everywhere.”
On pro-Clinton e-mail lists, supporters were already calling their heroine the next George Marshall, a figure who would reshape the world while President-elect Barack Obama becomes entangled in the sinking economy.
Their case for Mrs. Clinton’s decision as feminist triumph has gone something like this: Ten years ago, she was still a first lady whose hairstyles were the subject of late-night jokes; now she will be the world’s top diplomat. She may still be in a more powerful man’s shadow, but being married to a president and working for one are worlds apart. And Mrs. Clinton is such an esteemed figure, no one will see her as a mere emissary.
“If she mishandles a negotiation between two disputing nations, she can’t blame that on somebody else,” said Christine C. Quinn, the first female speaker of the New York City Council and a longtime political friend of Ms. Clinton. “She will be the one on the line, just as she is as a senator.”
And in terms of sheer impact, the imprint she leaves on the world and on history, the State Department would offer a more global platform than the Senate. “I always come back to what Hillary wants, which is to do the most important work she can do, the biggest work,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, a longtime supporter and friend of Mrs. Clinton from San Francisco.
But there are corresponding worries: that Mrs. Clinton will have to compete with Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. for influence, that Mr. Obama, just months ago her mortal rival, will not trust her fully with assignments.
Some are sad to see Mrs. Clinton, who recently made a bid to lead health care reform in the Senate but walked away empty-handed, part from her core issue.
Nancy B. White, a retired school administrator in Bloomington, Ind., who cheered Mrs. Clinton on in primary rallies last spring, wishes Ms. Clinton would have stayed on Capitol Hill.
“I would have told her to hang tough in Congress and work on health care,” Ms. White said.
Like many others interviewed, Marie C. Wilson, president of the White House Project, a women’s leadership organization, said she would like to have seen Mrs. Clinton as Senate majority leader, a situation she now knows will never happen.
“I feel real mixed about this. I think it’s better for women to be their own boss,” Ms. Wilson said, pointing out that more governors than senators had become president in recent times.
The fledgling Obama administration is a mostly male club, with figures like Rahm Emanuel, Eric H. Holder Jr. and Timothy F. Geithner filling or expected to fill top positions, and in recent days, some speculated that Mrs. Clinton was selected, at least in some small part, because she was a woman.
Throughout Mrs. Clinton’s presidential run, women across the country saw in her a mirror of their own career fortunes: when she teared up just before the New Hampshire primary that she was expected to lose, they remembered their own workplace humiliations, and when she lost the Democratic nomination, many saw it as an accumulation of all-too-familiar sexist slights. Now several of those interviewed said her selection as secretary of state — the third woman to hold the position — said nothing much about gender at all.
“The question of whether one has one’s own political power or goes to work for someone else is not only a feminist question,” Ms. Steinem pointed out.
Ms. Quinn agreed, “If she was a guy going to work for a guy, nobody would ask if it was a diminution of her voice.”
“Our country has been shunned by our allies, been rejected off of the world stage,” she continued. “The president, who has a job that you have the deepest respect for, says ‘You are our gal, put our country back on the world stage.’ Unless you are blind with ambition, how can you walk away from it? It’s a calling too great for somebody who has a deep sense of patriotism and duty.”
Reporting was contributed by Michael Barbaro, Lisa Belkin, Winter Miller, Conrad Mulcahy and Scott Shane.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arnie's obit

SERVICES: Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Friday at Faith United Lutheran Church, 8964 Highway 37, Iron. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service, and lunch will be served afterwards. Family services provided by Bauman-Cron, a Bauman Family Funeral Home in Virginia. To share a personal remembrance of Arnie online, please see:

Arnie Lee Archambeau, 31, tragically passed away in a traffic accident south of Aurora on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008. Arnie was born in Duluth, Minn., Oct. 18 1977. He grew up in Cherry and was active in Boy Scouts, baseball, football, basketball, and track. Arnie worked in both residential and commercial construction, and took great pride in any project he undertook. He worked all over the United States for lengths of time and homecoming was always a special occasion.Arnie loved spending time with his family and many friends, and was always there for anyone who needed a hand. Arnie enjoyed “playing” with his kids, biking (going unreal distances), fishing, and hunting. His special pleasure was sitting around the “backyard fire,” listening to music, laughing and talking with family and friends.

This tragic loss of life at such an early age will have lasting effects on so many lives. The hurt in our hearts may soften over time, but life will never be the same without Arnie.

Arnie is survived by his parents, Keith and Beth (Suomela) Archambeau; sister, Mary Beth Archambeau; brother, Keith Archambeau Jr.; daughter, Paige Long; son, Isaac Lubinski; niece, Lillian Hunt; grandfather, Leroy Archambeau; extended family, Jaren, Trista, Jace, Denton, Jared; and many friends.Arnie was preceded in death by his by his grandparents, Arnold Suomela, Elizabeth Suomela, Dorothy Archambeau; and his infant son Jacob Long.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Arnie Lee Archambeau

age 31 was killed in an auto accident. He crossed the center line of Trigstad Road on Thurs.
Struck an on coming car. Died at the scene. Other car occupants air lifted to Duluth. Archambeau's car burned.

I think he was in Jen's class. Right or wrong?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just to let everyone know that you are more than welcome to come to the Lindula Household on Saturday - following Thanksgiving - for a dinner.

If you plan to come, please let me know!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Early Thanksgiving to All

Just want to wish everyone a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving. (early) Very busy at work traning my replacement so did not want to forget to drop a note.

Alaksa is such a pretty sight with the snow. Nothing in our neck of the woods yet but the snow can wait for another week cause we are taking out the 7 evergreen trees in the backyard. Actually the power company is taking them out. The branches are hanging so low and are actually on the power lines. If they trim them up any more then they already have we will have trees with no branches, just stumps so we told them to cut them as low as they want. Charlie is going to come over and help us cut up the trees as Xcel Power company will not remove them, just cut them down and lay them in the backyard. He will use the wood to heat his shop. Good trade! My current boss is giving me trees as a going away present so we get to go pick some out next spring from his tree farm. I start my new job on December 1st. Can not wait.
Tanner started his winter job with Buck Hill Ski resort and he just loves it. He gets a free season pass with his job and he has worked every day since thy hired him. Busy boy! He snowboards every free minute he gets.
Everyone else is doing great, Dave has finally slowed down and is working a normal 40 work week. Mitchell is growing like a weed. He grew another inch! Don't think he needs to eat much on Thanksgiving (smiles) cause we seriously can not keep him in clothes!!! He is going to be thin and tall just like Dad!!! Boy I sure wish I had a couple more inches on my legs cause I always say I am not overweight, I am under tall (hahaha)!
Take care all!
Enjoy the Turkey Holiday!
Farmington Jo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11.18.08 at 6:58 a.m. and 3 degrees

Our winter wonderland.
Open skating on Saturday evening saw all the girls (including mom) on ice skates. Anna gives Nolan a ride around the ice. Mom only landed on her buns twice in 1/2 hour! Not bad! Need to build a little more confidence and quite worrying about hip replacements while I'm out there!

Brock and Jari started playing hockey the week before. Jari wasn't able to play on Saturday as his hand is in a brace (probably carpal tunnel), but Brock sure was. Here he is, on the right, getting in some practice before the game started. Sure has been fun!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Life in Cannon

Charlie saw this bee hive and thought of making some honey ~ I thought I should run as fast as I can and get home to read a book. So to please the both of us, thought I would share a few pictures with you all. My library, at my tiny apartment, awaits me while Charlie is taking orders. He did ask who I thought wanted honey! Any orders? I'm leaving so he can work alone to fulfill any that he gets. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Am hoping that early next week I can post some more pictures of my apartment, so you all can see where I call home now. Before I can pick up a book, the christmas decorations have to be put up. Had gotten a huge start on it, so should really only take a couple more minutes!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up here in the north ...

We have snow!! Oodles of it. It is the beautiful stuff that makes driving so challenging. 25 miles on hour on the curvy road to work is a bit of a challenge, but we are thrilled.

Jari left for the slope a week ago this past Monday, planning on staying for 7 weeks. He had a problem with a swollen hand and they flew him home on Monday. Has seen a doctor, is wearing a brace and will be home until next Tuesday at least. We love having him at home.

Bronte Paski, along with his son Anthony, are here visiting. He's trucking from AZ/UT to Alaska and actually had a run that went to Anchorage. He's here for a few days ... and Jari is doing a good job on the Alaska sales pitch ... intentional or not.

Time to get spuds peeled for tomorrow nites dinner. Have a great day!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Honey do list

Just wanted to drop a note and update you all on the progress @ our house project. We got the outside finished in the nick of time, it's getting too cold out to do some of the things we just finished(such as painting). All of the windows that I'm replacing are in (the porch windows are going to stay until I rebuild the porches). The old siding has been off for a while now, for those of you who don't know, the house came with two layers of siding the top one of which we removed exposing cedar lap siding underneath which we cleaned up and painted. I knew there were two layers of siding on the house prior to purchase, but I didn't know what condition it was in. Original plan was to remove both layers and install Hardi Plank siding at a cost of about 2500, for grins I redid the math for the cost of the 6" clear cedar siding that we now have, it came to 10500! Wow! Anyway, now we're going crazy on the inside trying to get it done as quickly as possible so we can insulate. We have the fireplace going burning up the scrap wood from demolition to get some free heat until I can hook up the furnace to all the rooms. Can't wait for that day. Catch you all later, will update when I can. Ivan

Sunday, November 09, 2008

my deer

oops, I did not notice where you said I had to shot it first. This is the first shot (picture) I took of this deer and then they came too within 20 feet of me and I got a lot of more shots. Isa this is the hybrid (spelling?) I think, but you will have to wait until you come down to see the close up pictures because they look a lot better here than the show up on the blog.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Deer hunting

Good luck to those of you who will be hunting.

Can't wait to see pictures of the "trophy bucks" or the "is it really a buck?.... I think those are antlers" or the does, bambis..... you get the picture. Anything you shoot, shoot again with a camera :) and then post it on here!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Time to exercise our rights and get out and vote. Hope you make it to the poll :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

She's Home Again!

I don't see Amanda leaving a note here yet, so I'll beet her to the punch!! She had moved when she turned 18 to finnish her hi school eda-cation in Lake Crystal, MN... living with her mom. She has decided to finnish her eda-cation back in Randolph living at home...

Makes me all happy, excited, mushy, an all that kinda stuff :-)