Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guess Who I Saw!

One of the joints was leaking so we went to Lauries yesterday. It was a quick fix but couldn't
talk anyone through it on the phone. I was going to do some weeding but was a little too warm
for me. Pa pulled some. Brought my scrapbook for Laurie to look at and I brought my quilt
embroidery to do there and en route. A quick stop at Heather and Shawns. Norman and
Charlotte had just left. Stopped at L&M in Hibbing and Pa got a pair of boots with a gift ctf.
Took out my embroidery but I must have left my hoop at Lauries. Pa suggested we turn around but I said no. We go right by the new Super Walmart in Grand Rapids so I suggested we stop there. I should have known they wouldn't have an embroidery hoop as I knew they didn't carry
the floss. Used the restroom and commented to a lady about the cute sink for kids. Never
have seen a low one in a store restroom. She said they have them in elementary schools. She
looked familiar; asked are you from Cherry? She said no, but I teach there and live in Hibbing.
She said I looked familiar. Introduced my self and she did the same. Bev Cackoski! She said she
had A through J. Also is in contact at Christmas with Becky and has seen Elizabeth's name in
the paper in Eveleth news. Told her I do a newsletter everyday and will mention that I saw her.
She said to tell everyone "hello" from her. Got to Brainerd half hour before Haps was over.
Visiting were Barb Lever, Sara Aho and two of her nieces, Kathy and Jonathan's girls. They had
been biking on trails in Brainerd. Barb said she had seen Sarah in the hospital; a little girl in so
much pain. Pauline Lahti had an extra embroidery hoop so don't have to buy one. :) dk

Monday, August 25, 2008

Unwelcomed Visitors

Wednesday evening we had a group of young people over for a going away party for Lasse-Matti, our Finn boy. One of the girls had a flat tire, so decided to spend the night in the trailer with Denise. Around 2:45 a.m. they woke up to the sound of someone trying to open the locked door. Soon lights shone around the trailer and more noises were heard on the side. The girls were quite afraid and started calling our cell phones and finally the house phone. Meanwhile, one of them yelled in their loudest masculine voice. They heard someone drop to the ground, footsteps, then a car pulled away. When I got into the trailer I saw the blinds above the table were crooked. They hadn't been. I pulled them back and found no screen. We called the cops and waited outside the trailer with Brian on one side and us on the other. When the cops got there, we went around to look and found the cut screen you see in the picture. Someone had been trying to get in! In the morning we found they had gone through some of the vehicles as well, taking CDs and a CD player. They only went into unlocked cars. Down the street, another camper trailer had been broken into as well. Someone took off with a cooler of beer and more CDs. From various signs, it looks like our unwelcome visitors may have been young kids who wonder the neighborhood and who I have often said need parents. They cut through our yard often, so they know not to be afraid of Duchess who was barking during their visit. ....Regardless, it made for a sleepless night. Thankfully neither of the girls were hurt, and nothing major was taken.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our friends came visiting again ...

This first picture was taken the last time they came to visit ... July 20th.

Yesterday they were back again, a month older. Amazing how much they have grown and the color has changed. They didn't get as much "nursing" time this time around.

They hung around for a while and when I thought they were gone, I put Duke outside. Ooops. He chased them away for awhile. They came back and eventually found the gardens, little as they are.
Mom Moose headed for the flowers.

My pea plants may be full of slugs and need a good debugging, but am hoping to harvest a few peas ... was time to send them away ... so I sent Duke out.

Treat time for a job well done. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Happy Birthday Machelle -- Hope you enjoy your day. dk

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My life lately ....

Jari is up on the North Slope and went to view the Arctic Ocean this evening ... and I got a photo via cell phone. (What did we do before technology?!) 30F up there this evening.

So this week while he's been gone ...

Got the "mud room" cleaned. Where do I put 5 pair of Jari's shoes/boots? Add everyone elses to the mix and oh my. Have been internet surfing for ideas ... will see what I finally come up with!
I really didn't mean to hit the rhubarb plants yesterday, but wandered out that way and started picking. Cleaned out 3 or 4 of the small bushes and 1 of the big ones. Picked what looked decent and pitched the rest. While I was cleaning I felt what I thought felt like a raindrop. Hmm. No rain. Have you ever had that drip feeling? Hate to say it, but reminded me of milk overflow way back when. Certainly can't be that. It just kept sort of nagging while I picked rhubarb ... and I just kept kind of puzzling. Finally came in and looked inside the shirt to see what it was that was driving me crazy. A SLUG. Now how on earth did a slug manage to fly down my shirt??? Do they jump? From rhubarb and rotting rhubarb leaves to down my shirt? Yuck. They really do feel like wet stuff tho' ... and I froze 18 cups of chopped rhubarb tonite.
Saturday morning Jari & I snuck out about 5:30 a.m. and went fishing. My first time AK fishing!! Now I am no good at it. Nearly everytime I go fishing I manage to break a kids rod. No change there! Somehow I broke the tip off Brock's. Still don't have the reel it in technique down ... my silver salmon ended up on someone else's plate ... but it was fun! Jari brought home some dinner. Hoping we can go again when he comes home in a week and a half. Would really like to get some more salmon and smoke some of it.
Kids are back in school. It started Monday and we'll get in the routine of this before long ... I keep hoping. Bus comes at 6:30 in the morning which means my eyelids should be opening about 5:30. Let's hope tomorrow morning has me a bit brighter eyed a bit earlier!
Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Michigan and National Night Out

The pictures are a little out of order, but. . .
Many laughs were shared the first weekend of August! I went to Thomson Hill Reststop near Duluth Friday night and slept in the car. I knew that if I would leave in the morning there would be no possible way I would make it on time. I was able to view the sun coming up over Lake Superior and see professional photographers snapping breathtaking views of the sun. At nine, Saturday morning, I met Mother, Isa, and Heather at Carol's house in Esko where we took off to Michigan. Anita called shortly after we had arrived and stated that her and Jeanette Woullet were eating at the diner down the road. We quickly went to join them. After they hit the road, the four of us went to check out "Da Yooper" Store. Didn't even think about the camera when going out for dinner, so Heather snapped away on Isa's. I simply could not pass up the opportunity to buy a beautiful Native American doll! She now lies on the top shelf in Wanamingo with the dream catcher catching her dreams before they fall to the next shelf! When we returned we played scrabble. When they returned, we sat outside the room and visited, drank coffee, and ate popcorn. After the confirmation exercise we headed home. While killing time for Anita and her ride to catch up to us, we stopped in Oulu. Since Mom and Isa opted to take off, they left Heather to hitchiking! When nearing Superior, Mom kept asking where the Humpback (?) was. Were we to look for a whale? What was it? A building? Niether of our parents would answer us, they only shook their head. When they pointed out what it was, we laughed! It's a ship! Fun times at Perkins, with Anita instructing Pete how to hug his mother! :)
Monday was work and Tuesday was back to the Range. I pulled into the community building parking lot a little after 5pm for National Night Out. Enjoyed visiting with people and meeting those who have lived in the area for years, just never knew who they were! Heather even encouraged "the youngest attendees" to go for a ride in the new truck. Leaving there I hightailed it to Eveleth. I was able to meet some of Elizabeth's neighbors and then spent a couple hours visiting with her. Extremely tired driving back and needed to pull over a few times to sleep, but it was all worth it! Tonz of fun!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lindula addition

Here's a glimpse of what I did today.... Had the first pictures of our baby taken.
Shawn and I are adding to Admiral Acres!
No additional goats, cows, ....., we are going for a human baby! The latest and greatest addition is due to arrive around March 15th

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ma and Pa to the Iron Range

We went up on Thursday with our half a truck loaded with oxy-acetylene, vises and other tools.
Pa worked on hooking the underground pipe that didn't have a leak underground, just right behind the stove where possibly the stove heaving up and down had been too hard on the pipe,
flexed and started leaking. Not bad after how many years? E was in Finland when it was put in.
He did other projects also that I won't go into. Had needed a copy of the invite in the paper for
our going away party in Aug. of '04. Found it at the library. We took a picture of the new mural
on 2nd Ave. of the Koski Hdw. and its owners who gave the City of Virginia one million dollars
for the restoration of main street (Chestnut St.).

Stopped at Gary's and he explained what he is planning. No pictures until that is done. That
evening all our Range family got together at Lauries. Elizabeth brought some Poor Gary's Pizza
and went back for more. It is good stuff. I think my dietician will be horrified when she reads
how much I ate.

Did get some exercise. Walked with Joyce to Paul's new home and got a picture of the
Haurunen barn from his yard. That's a mile rd. trip. Later walked with Laurie and Tristan to
Hwy. 7 and that's a mile. We had to leave early on Saturday to get back to Brainerd before it
got too warm so missed the dedication of the Bobby Aro Memorial Highway and seeing Eric
and Rosella who were supposed to get there on Sat.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sarah's Hospital Stay

Maybe Sarah takes after Grandpa... His appendix ruptured too. It wasn't a fun week, but we are thankful for antibiotics and medical care that we have today. Had Sarah been alive 100 years ago, she wouldn't have been as fortunate. Sarah didn't have much for symptoms. She is the type of kid who doesn't complain much. She had been sick in the end of June, and again for a brief time in July, but nothing that made the doctor strongly consider an appendicitis. She had a viral cough/cold type bug at the time we brought her to see the doctor in June, so that confused the picture as well. A week ago Thursday we were exploring Fort Snelling for the day when she said she wasn't feeling very well. By the time we got home, she threw up. Friday morning, she was complaining again of her waist hurting. I got her in to see the same doc she saw in June (our pediatrician was out of town both times...). He did some further exploring and decided we better do a CT scan of her belly. They wanted both IV and oral contrast which meant she had to drink bitter tasting dye in a glass of juice. Miserable! We realized later that it was no wonder she didn't want to eat/drink anything. Infection from the rupture had already caused her intestines to shut down. The dye sat in her stomach rather than moving through. They couldn't be sure it was her appendix, as they couldn't get a good enough picture of it, but she was headed to surgery. It was a good thing! They were able to separate her gummed up intestines and rinse her belly out well. The next several days were spend on IV antibiotics and letting her intestines rest and start working. It wasn't the easiest several days. She had no appetite and became very miserable when encouraged to try some clear liquids. She also had difficult time peeing as there was an infected area attached to the wall of her bladder. Using a catheter brought her great relief. In the end, the doc decided we couldn't let her go any longer without nutrition and set a deadline of Thursday morning for her intestines to be working or we would move to Children's hospital and "settle in for the long haul." We were thrilled when late Wednesday evening she started asking for a "bun from home." She started with nibbles, but they didn't make her sick. A bit of juice, a popsicle slushy, and we were on our way. She is doing well at home; still a bit weak and very thin, but smiling, comfortable, and wanting to play. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers on her behalf!

Bobby Aro Memorial Highway

Not the yks, kaks, kolme, or the nelja, viis, kuus, but that Highway Number 7, was dedicated today as the "Bobby Aro Memorial Highway."

I was playing around on blogspot to see how i could put on some of his songs to refresh your memories and to introduce him to those who came along later, but for some reason, i don't know how to do that on our site.

i did discover this, however, and had fun with it and thought you might too.

To see this blog in Finnish:

In Swedish:

In Spanish:

When the blog comes up in the other language, you can scroll your mouse over it to convert each sentence back to English. Good way to practice your language-learning.


(if you prefer a different language, go here and type in our blogspot address)

Monday, August 11, 2008

First day of school!!!

Well, summer is officially over, and school has started!! The girls were so excited for today....they had a hard time falling asleep last night, and didn't even want to wear pj's to bed, because they wanted to get up and get dressed right away this morning! Didn't want to waste any time taking off pajamas! (so I let them) I woke up this morning with my alarm, and by that time they had already gotten dressed, eaten breakfast, and were making their sandwiches for lunch with frans! Here are a few pictures from this morning...
I can't believe we have a girl in 2nd grade already!!
Kierstyn our big 1st grader.... And they're off.... Kierstyn...standing in line waiting for the teachers....a little nervous!Lindsey was a little nervous too!
And miss Toni. bummed. out. Found out this morning that preschool doesn't start until like the 2nd week of september!! So we are going to go to Mcdonalds or something today since we were all excited for school!

hope everyone is enjoying their summer!! when do all you MN kids start school?


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ma & Pa on the Road Again

Yesterday we picked Brock up from Menahga. Then picked up a dishwasher motor from St. Cloud for the church. Have had 3 oil paintings on the wall at the Coffee Cup Restaurant in Becker but the northern lights one hasn't been displayed for a long time so picked that up and had lunch. Took forever. I was down to 69! (not pounds). Brought Brock to Randalls. Waited awhile as Becky had brought Sarah to the Clinic. Sarah ended up at the hospital. By then Ivan had gone to work and Missi not home yet. Found Jody and Tanner at home. Had not checked my calendar. It was Jody's birthday! Happy Birthday Jody, better late than never. Then we went to Jirik Sod. I knew it was a large operation but never dreamed they had that much equipment. Fun to see. Took pictures but can't post them. While there we learned Sarah was in surgery - appendectomy. Back to 500 Main. Wow, they are proceeding very well on their renovation and tackling the 2nd floor now. One neat thing about the house, the back porch is like a "summer kitchen of old". Has stove, double sink with attached drainboards on each side, refrigerator and microwave so can cook in there while the rest of the kitchen is torn apart. Took pictures. Time to eat so we went to the Black Stallion in Hampton. Were going to surprise Amanda but she wasn't working yesterday. By now the traffic was a bit slower going through St. Paul & Mpls. Becky called On-Star. Sarah's appendix had ruptured! Sarah knew one of the nurses as she had brought perennials for the Randalls flower beds so they were joking around. A mile at a time and we added 490 yesterday! dk

Friday, August 08, 2008

monsoon storms

On Thursday night I stood outside for a half hour and clicked away. It is fun with digital because all the pics you get that are black you just delete. These are taken from our front yard facing south east.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Confo 2008

Debbie and Brock spent two weeks together at Hasscib Lake for Confirmation Camp. They seemed to have a really enjoyable and memorable time. Kirsti (Dean and Sharon's oldest) was at the same camp.

They were fortunate to have Grandpa, Grandma, Heather and Jen attend confirmation exercises to support and encourage them.

Most of our family was able to attend. Eric & Rosie and Michelle had to stay back. Kelsey Fredrickson and Lasse-Matti (our "Finn boy") came with us. We left home Friday morning and made it to Van Riper campground in time to set up camp and have suppper. Anita and Jeanette passed us in Superior. They came to visit at the campground that evening. Saturday we climbed Sugar Loaf Mt and spent the afternoon swimming in Lake Superior and making sand castles on the beach. It was a beautiful day! That evening we enjoyed the family night program at Hasscib, getting to see the kids for the first time. Sunday morning we went back to camp for the confirmation program. We stayed and spent the afternoon on Hasscib lake, paddling canoes and paddle boats with the lake all to ourselves. Ahhh, the beauty and peacefullness of it all! We had a late night bon fire visit that night, then packed up in the morning. We went blueberry picking before heading home, and then stopped in Duluth to get a bit more beachtime on Lake Superior.

AZ=sweatshirts; MN/MI=convertibles

Note the tank Anita is wearing while driving a zippy convertible. This picture was taken while leaving Michigan, headed toward Minnesota. No sweatshirts are required here ;)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Because today's so special
it really wouldn't do,
to send one simple birthday wish
to last the whole year through...
So this wishes happy moments,
a day when dreams come true,
and a year that's filled with all the things
that mean the most to you.