Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ma and Pa to the Iron Range

We went up on Thursday with our half a truck loaded with oxy-acetylene, vises and other tools.
Pa worked on hooking the underground pipe that didn't have a leak underground, just right behind the stove where possibly the stove heaving up and down had been too hard on the pipe,
flexed and started leaking. Not bad after how many years? E was in Finland when it was put in.
He did other projects also that I won't go into. Had needed a copy of the invite in the paper for
our going away party in Aug. of '04. Found it at the library. We took a picture of the new mural
on 2nd Ave. of the Koski Hdw. and its owners who gave the City of Virginia one million dollars
for the restoration of main street (Chestnut St.).

Stopped at Gary's and he explained what he is planning. No pictures until that is done. That
evening all our Range family got together at Lauries. Elizabeth brought some Poor Gary's Pizza
and went back for more. It is good stuff. I think my dietician will be horrified when she reads
how much I ate.

Did get some exercise. Walked with Joyce to Paul's new home and got a picture of the
Haurunen barn from his yard. That's a mile rd. trip. Later walked with Laurie and Tristan to
Hwy. 7 and that's a mile. We had to leave early on Saturday to get back to Brainerd before it
got too warm so missed the dedication of the Bobby Aro Memorial Highway and seeing Eric
and Rosella who were supposed to get there on Sat.

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