Monday, August 25, 2008

Unwelcomed Visitors

Wednesday evening we had a group of young people over for a going away party for Lasse-Matti, our Finn boy. One of the girls had a flat tire, so decided to spend the night in the trailer with Denise. Around 2:45 a.m. they woke up to the sound of someone trying to open the locked door. Soon lights shone around the trailer and more noises were heard on the side. The girls were quite afraid and started calling our cell phones and finally the house phone. Meanwhile, one of them yelled in their loudest masculine voice. They heard someone drop to the ground, footsteps, then a car pulled away. When I got into the trailer I saw the blinds above the table were crooked. They hadn't been. I pulled them back and found no screen. We called the cops and waited outside the trailer with Brian on one side and us on the other. When the cops got there, we went around to look and found the cut screen you see in the picture. Someone had been trying to get in! In the morning we found they had gone through some of the vehicles as well, taking CDs and a CD player. They only went into unlocked cars. Down the street, another camper trailer had been broken into as well. Someone took off with a cooler of beer and more CDs. From various signs, it looks like our unwelcome visitors may have been young kids who wonder the neighborhood and who I have often said need parents. They cut through our yard often, so they know not to be afraid of Duchess who was barking during their visit. ....Regardless, it made for a sleepless night. Thankfully neither of the girls were hurt, and nothing major was taken.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

How scary! Glad the girls are okay.
Certainly leaves a violated feeling behind.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

how scary!! that would sure keep me from sleeping in the trailer again! glad they were able to be scared off before doing anymore damage!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

ICK!!!! Ditto what the others said!