Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Those of you that know paul will get a chuckle out of these pictures! They got a couple inches of rain at their house tonight, so after several years, he finally got to use his snorkling gear! What a goon! these are right in front of his house on the street!

Life on one part of Da' Range

Here's a little bit about my life in word and pictures. (I love being able to say that)
Saturday, Hazel Johnson called to see if we would be having church on Sunday. It was supposed to be at Walter's and they would come and visit, so I changed it to my house and I would have lunch. We had a nice visit with them as well as Walter, Sylvia, and Randy.

Michelle called Saturday evening to see if we would be home as she, Denise, Justin, and Andy were going to Stony for her to work in the kitchen and then they would come to the range. Laurie, Tristan, Randy, and Jen as well as the 4 listed above were able to enjoy a Poor Gary's Pizza dinner.

Being as we couldn't make it to her graduation party, we got her a cake to celebrate...

All of them stay up way to late for me. We were playing fast scrabble until I finally had to go to bed at 1:30. I did promise them that I would wake them up, so was promptly banging on the door to wake up the guys and had the girls awake before I left for work. Jen went back to the house shortly after and everyone was sleeping again. They did make it to the Island for breakfast (Jen and I were doing a training there).
Tuesday evening, we had Shawn's relatives over for dinner. His aunt and uncle - Kenny and Ellen are visiting from Washington. We had Teresa and Randy over as well...

It's been a very busy summer with visitors, but I'm not complaining. This weekend we have the Arola family reunion on Saturday and then I'm hoping we are heading out on a mini vacation for our 5th anniversary. We'll see.... If I do get to go, you will all know about it =)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our first "real storm" of the year!

Here are a few pictures from our storm tonight...We have had many teaser storms with the wind and the thunder and lightning, but tonight we finally had a storm that produced some rain! Our first since the monsoons started:) The girls were so pumped to haul out the umbrella's and go play in the rain! It was so awesome, because the temp dropped down to about 80 degrees, so the girls spent a few hours outside riding bikes, etc... a nice change from the blistering hot!

Alanys wouldn't play in the rain...but she didn't mind the thunder as long as she was close to me or dad!

father and sons camp

This is a view of the lake on Friday morning. We had the camp at hawley lake on the indain reservation this year. Being that it was in the middle of the summer there were only about 150 people there. Usally there are a lot more but a lot of people were on vacationThey stock the lack with trout. I fished for a couple of hours each morning. These is a little rainbow trout but I caught some brown trout alsoYou have to go off the res. to shoot broadheads so we took a drive to do it on friday. (Note the arrow in the air.)A young boy fishing at sunsetA dird of some kind (yari says it is some kind of falcon) was dive bombing for trout.This is another picture of the lake on sunday morning. That is it for now. Talk to ya'll later Frans

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Date is Set !! Mark your Calendars!
Missi bridal shower (for the Kuoppala side) to be held Saturday, September 22, 2007! Missi confirmed that this date will work for her!
I will send out invites closer but please mark your calendar today, Laurie this means you to (smiles)!! Shower will be at the Farmington Kuoppala's. Any of you want to help me plan this event??? I'd take any volunteers to help with games, skits, whatever you may have in mind!!!
Speaking of volunteer, I am running Tanner's baseball tournment this weekend, Tournament Director is what they call me. It is going to be a huge job and Mitchell is going to be my helper! I will let you know if this will be my first and last Tournament Director expierience. Sounded like fun and I knew they really needed the help plus Dave is working all weekend so it gave Mitchell and I something to do that will benefit the summer baseball league in our community. And you all know that I can not say "NO" to anyone! Smiles

Heather's Hobby Farm

Kitten #1 Kitten #22 of the 3 geese

"Baby Girls" Bianca and Greta


Bella and Gertie
BOGOF (buy one get one free), SAM, or INDEPENDENCE
He still doesn't have a name
Here's whats for dinner at our house. Flicka
That's it for now. I think I have a lot to learn, but have figured out how to take the picture, get it on my computer, and put it on here. I was able to play around for a while on it to alter, etc. but really need to get some work done now. Can't wait to get a nice computer at home =)

Heather's photo's

I'm trying to put in some pictures and will see how this works. This is attempt #1.
Why can't I get them to go where I want them? When I put another one in, the others all move down. You must have to think backwards if you are writing and trying to insert a picture.

Tom and Steph's boys:


Daniel, Michael, Nate

That's it for now, but will try another post with other pictures once I figure out if this really works.

Don't Faint

I finally got this to work. I think my computer was blocking my ability to get on the blog but after being the stubborn person that I am figured out how to resolve the problem. I knew I could do it! I am not a very computer savvy person!
It has been months, I know! The funny thing is that not much has changed. Dave is working way to many hours, comes home exhausted, working 7 days a week. He is going to work himself sick. He comes home and falls asleep in the chair minutes after sitting down. Tanner has developed a deep appreciation of how hard Dave works, he is also working at the sod farm laying sod. At first Tanner viewed it as a way of getting paid to lift weights in exchange of going to the gym and getting his workout, but when it is humid and your underwear sticks to everything and the dust is so far up your nose that you can't breath, he began to develop second thoughts of his choice for work. He is determined not to let Dave down and make it through the summer but is not sure that he wants to do it again next summer although the money is very good. Tanner claims that the only good thing about the dust so far up his nose is that he can't smell anyone next to him on the steamy rides home. (haha) Mitchell is simply enjoying being an 8 year old this summer with no responsibilities at all except Katie (the dog). As for me, works is picking up some, the construction slow down had us to less than 1/2 staff with the electricians and although we have not hired anyone back yet, we are seeing a small but positive change.
The next event for me to plan is Missi's shower for the Kuoppala side of the family, I was originally looking at September 15th but saw that Becky may be planning something that weekend as well in connection with Eric's wedding. The 22nd would work ok as well if that date works for Missi. Becky, you will need to let me know when you confirm Eric's plans and we will go from there.
Who is staying where for the wedding??? Does everyone have plans of when they are arriving and where they are staying for Ivan and Missi's wedding?
Sorry we have been so out of touch with everyone, I hate to say the "w" word but I am ready for winter! Things slow down then and Dave's life gets back to normal and I don't have to try and keep the boys quiet constantly(smiles). We need rain!!! A lot of rain!!!
I am still working on my list of things to do before I am 50 but I haven't checked to many off yet....but am plugging away!
Take Care All!!
See you in October
Farmington Kuoppala's

Ivan and Missi

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying the outdoors. Ivan and I are going camping this weekend with our friends Sandy and Gary, and Sandy's family. We have done this for the past few years and have a lot of fun. I have been going to this campground since Sandy and I were kids, so it has a lot of great memories for the both of us! I am taking Friday off so that we can have a long weekend!

I think I may have written about this before, but incase I havn't... I now take care of the two older girls Sarah ( almost 7), Molly (almost 5), then a baby boy, Brendan (10 months), from a different family. Well, this past weekend the newest to-be-member of my little "daycare" was born. In September I will be getting little Ms Anna Sophia! It is going to be a lot of work trying to carry around a baby and a soon-to-be toddler, but it is going to be fun! I still miss the other baby girl I had, Paisley, but I hear she is doing good! I get regular emails and pictures from the family, and they will be coming back for a visit in October!!!!

Well, Ivan is working hard, at his golf:-) He has been very excited lately because he has been getting his score lower than ever before. He now refers to golf as his "work," and he "works" a lot. He is enjoying himself and having a wonderful experience he will never forget.

Both Ivan and I are working hard to keep the lawn and gardens looking nice. We are learning that we have a pretty nice green thumb. Although I found out I killed a bunch of Day Lillies in the back corner of the yard. I did this on purpose because I could not remember seeing them ever flower, so I thought they were weeds. Ivan sprayed the, a lot, with weed killer, then we planted grass. Later I realized that there were more of these plants on the side of the house, but they were blooming. Oh well, we now have a little bit more lawn to mow. Ivan has been plucking crab grass and other weeds keeping the lawn nice, now if we could just get some rain!

Ivan is almost done with everything at my boss' house. He now has built them a new garage, sodded the front and back yard, built a deck with a wall/privacy thing, planted 7 Arborvitaes, filled in beside and behind the garage with rock, and build a beautiful 2-tiered planting bed. Wow! I don't know what my boss would have done without him! The backyard is so beautiful now, and it is mostly all Ivan's work!

Well, I should get back to work! Have a great summer!
~MISSI~ (and Ivan)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Where is everybody?

Have I chased you away? I am finally starting to check the blog more often and am finding very little activity. How is everyone? Let's hope summer is keeping you outside and away from the computer.

At suppertime, we try to do "Brag & Bummer." One person starts by sharing something from their day. If it is a positive thing for them, they call it a brag; if it isn't so great, they call it a bummer. After sharing, they pick someone to go next. We continue until everyone has had a chance to share.

How about a Kuoppala round of Brag & Bummer about the summer to this point? I will start with one of each.

Ok, I can't limit it to one brag. Eric and Rosie's engagement and upcoming wedding is a brag for me. So is our trip to Toronto for Summer Services and the company we have had. I have to add the weather to my brag list. ....My bummer is that my job is at a low point (hopefully the lowest it will get). I am finding it difficult to go to work and difficult to keep a smile on my face.

Your next!

Friday, July 13, 2007


I have finally joined the technology of the more recent past. I finally got a digital camera last night. I'm working on practicing with pictures, then will practice with how to get them onto the blog. Before long, you'll be seeing so many pictures of my goats, cows, geese, chickens, dogs, cats, ... you'll think your seeing the Hobby Farm blogspot =)

We are going to have a fun weekend. Tom, Steph, and kids are coming up tonight, Jen tonight or tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun.

How is everyone else doing?


Thursday, July 05, 2007


We have watched these little critters from the time they started walking. Have tried many times to get pictures of them. Today I tried again. They have taken to hiding out in the "bowl" around my new trees. I imagine there are nice juicy munchies from all the watering the tree gets. Will try for better pics again ... today I got these. They aren't remotely close to "photographer quality" photos ... but for Anita quality .. I did pretty good with that manual button!

The Marjanens

Well ... let's see. Shall we go forward from the beginning .. or shall we start with yesterday ...
Jari went to Finland for 10 days, leaving the 22nd of June and coming home on the 4th of July. He was able to meet folks he hasn't met, experience the food and culture of the country he was born in, and enjoy suviseurat for the first time. It was a bit of an exhausting trip. He was ready to come home by the time he did. That is good!

While he was gone we did things like:
1) mom went to work occasionally
2) mom drove kids all over creation
3) we all cleaned house frantically on the days we had showings
4) we listened to numerous books on tape
5) mom quilted, and quilted, and quilted some more
6) we visited
7) we had friends over
8) mom never made it around to baking dad some pulla before he came home :(
9) we played MANY games of Settlers
10) we went exploring!
Alyx, Brock, Anna & Tia had never seen the Grand Canyon. We have talked about doing it for the past year and just never managed it. So, last weekend we spent on the road. On Saturday we visited the Canyon. It was HOT. We visited 2 overlook spots and the kids were DONE! I was a bit fried. Wondering why on earth I ever thought this could possibly be an important thing to do. Ugh. They never even saw Grand Canyon Village or the head of the Bright Angel Trail! Oh well. We did do the IMAX .. it was delightfully cool in there.
We spent Saturday nite in the town of Williams. We ate pizza that was yummy and learned that the town has a re-enacted cavalry band that marches through the town (I think) 5 nites a week. They also have a cowboy shootout in the street those nites. The town is so sweet! Am going back for an entire weekend sometime soon. Oodles of cute little shops and fun historic things. It is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon and is where the train trip starts if one wants to do that kind of thing. Kids were anxious to go swimming at the motel ... so we cut our town sightseeing a bit short. To find out that the pool was not heated and it was quite chilly. Tia did a fair amount of swimming .. the others walked to Dairy Queen .. and came back with a dozen beautiful roses for me!! How sweet they are.
Sunday we ventured to the Grand Canyon Caverns. The only association with the Grand Canyon is that the air inside of the caverns comes all the way from the Grand Canyon. 56 degrees year round at 21 stories beneath the earth. Quite neat .. my second trip there.

Then off to Montezuma's Well to tramp around in 117 degree weather. Would recommend seeing these places at a cooler time of the year. I skipped Montezuma's Castle. Was tired of opening a wallet constantly .. maybe some other time.
Stopped at Juha & Annette's for a nice visit. The house across the road has a pond that the kids were able to go swimming in. They went for Rhino (no .. not the animal kind) rides and we all had a good time. Then back home. We had Anika Wuollet with us for the weekend .. she flew home on Monday. Brock spent Monday at a water park birthday party .. Anna & Tia went somewhere for the nite. And the rest of the week came rolling right along.
4th of July. We cleaned house/yard in the morning for what was suppose to be a "between 10:30 and noon" showing. At 12:20 I texted the realtor with a what's up message. Oops they can't make it. Will be there on Thursday instead. House got clean anyway. After grocery shopping and salad making ... and a 20 minute shut eye for me .. we went to a BBQ at Vic & Mindy Andersons. A houseful of folks there. Joni and Ami w/family, Jeff and Mona w/Nora, Becca, and many others. Was a fun day of visiting. Came home, picked up a cooler and munchies. Had this bright idea that we would pick up Jari from the airport and watch fireworks from the top level of the parking garage. Bad idea. Am happy no one else joined us. It was incredibly disappointing. Marvelous to see hubby/dad come home. His luggage didn't come with him tho', so was going to have to make it through an entire work day on Thursday without any good Finn licorce or chocolate. What a challenge!! After watching the airport dud fireworks we hit the freeway and drove under them. That was better. We all decided that fireworks without the sound are just not the same. We were way too far away for any kind of stunning display.
Today is Thursday. I made it through a day of work with a bunch of nutty people. Full moon is past ... I think the remnants of the full moon are all with us as patients. I am getting progressively closer to transfering to hospice. Jari's luggage came today. Glad we don't have to go clothes shopping. Chocolate ... licorce ... iitala ... marimekko ... lots of fun prizes.
Hoping to see you all sometime soon. If the house doesn't do something marvelous like selling ... we'll see you up there the end of July or beginning of August sometime. Will keep you posted.