Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't Faint

I finally got this to work. I think my computer was blocking my ability to get on the blog but after being the stubborn person that I am figured out how to resolve the problem. I knew I could do it! I am not a very computer savvy person!
It has been months, I know! The funny thing is that not much has changed. Dave is working way to many hours, comes home exhausted, working 7 days a week. He is going to work himself sick. He comes home and falls asleep in the chair minutes after sitting down. Tanner has developed a deep appreciation of how hard Dave works, he is also working at the sod farm laying sod. At first Tanner viewed it as a way of getting paid to lift weights in exchange of going to the gym and getting his workout, but when it is humid and your underwear sticks to everything and the dust is so far up your nose that you can't breath, he began to develop second thoughts of his choice for work. He is determined not to let Dave down and make it through the summer but is not sure that he wants to do it again next summer although the money is very good. Tanner claims that the only good thing about the dust so far up his nose is that he can't smell anyone next to him on the steamy rides home. (haha) Mitchell is simply enjoying being an 8 year old this summer with no responsibilities at all except Katie (the dog). As for me, works is picking up some, the construction slow down had us to less than 1/2 staff with the electricians and although we have not hired anyone back yet, we are seeing a small but positive change.
The next event for me to plan is Missi's shower for the Kuoppala side of the family, I was originally looking at September 15th but saw that Becky may be planning something that weekend as well in connection with Eric's wedding. The 22nd would work ok as well if that date works for Missi. Becky, you will need to let me know when you confirm Eric's plans and we will go from there.
Who is staying where for the wedding??? Does everyone have plans of when they are arriving and where they are staying for Ivan and Missi's wedding?
Sorry we have been so out of touch with everyone, I hate to say the "w" word but I am ready for winter! Things slow down then and Dave's life gets back to normal and I don't have to try and keep the boys quiet constantly(smiles). We need rain!!! A lot of rain!!!
I am still working on my list of things to do before I am 50 but I haven't checked to many off yet....but am plugging away!
Take Care All!!
See you in October
Farmington Kuoppala's


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Welcome back to the blog. Mom and Isa are in Michigan the weekend of the 15th so if there is another weekend for the shower, that would be great. I've had it in my calendar but can change it or keep it, whatever works for the rest of you.

Sounds like a lot of work going on around there. Has there been any time for fishing?


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Dave fished for fishing opener and the boys, and my sister's family and myself went up north to the cabin for a week fishing and Dave was able to join us for 3 days then, other than that-no time for fishing, we keep staring at the boat just sitting there in the garage all alone, unused, and figure this boat will last us our lifetime as much as it gets used. Dave is counting the years to retirement!
As far as the shower goes, I am hoping for September 22nd but will let everyone know when I confirm a time with Missi.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

That works for me!


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Happy to see you here Jody!

I commented on Missi's post that we will be coming to MN, leaving on Monday. We stop in Colorado for a few days, will be in Michigan on Aug 3,4,and 5. Have a wedding in Rockford on the 11th. We would love to see you guys somewhere in there. Is Dave working 6 or 7 days a week? Should I bring some nonexistant rain with me so that he/you gets a day off?? Will give you a buzz and see if you have any openings on your schedule.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Bring any rain you can...forecast not looking good. No rain again for the next 10 days. Yes Dave is working 7 days a week right now and has been for almost a month but they are installing more wells and irrigations next week so that will help a great deal! What he has been doing is moving irrigation from one field to the next, to the next, TRY and keep the grass green.
Please give us a call and let us know your route...we definitely want to get together when you are here! We will figure something out!
Have a great weekend!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Nice to hear from you Jodi...have been meaning to reply to your email a while ago..I am just slow in doing so! Can't wait to see you in October!