Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's Independence Day!!!

How was your 4th of July?

We had a busy one here. For the Horizons Project that several of us are involved in, we had a float in the Gilbert and Eveleth parades. It was a lot of fun. First time I've ever been in a parade. So, Tuesday - work, Gilbert parade, Eveleth fireworks. Wednesday - AM parade in Eveleth, BBQ at someone's house, home to do chores, then fireworks in Virginia.

We have a new addition to our house. One of our cattle had a calf last night. I plan to call him either Independence or Sam seeing as how he gained his independence on Independence Day. Momma did really well for this being her first calf. We didn't have to help her, she was just walking around the field eating grass and later, she was still across the field when the others moved toward the house. Got all the lovely animals into pens (10 goats, 3 geese, 1 horse, and 10 other cattle). Got out there and momma and baby were doing okay. We gave her some time to do what she needed to do, checked back later and it appeared that she had fed the little guy so we went to sleep. This morning, out to check on them, stood the calf up and Momma continues to be caring for him. Lets hope it goes well today during the day until one of us gets home from work to check on them. This momma is proud of the new momma as she was way too young and small to be bred anyway - she was bred when we got her. I will have to get some pictures of them to post at some point. I'm going to wait until she is a little less likely to charge us to our death in order to protect her baby. She is still a bit possessive.

Would love to hear what others did to celebrate our wonderful country on Independence Day.


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