Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hello everyone!!! wow, has it sure been quiet on here! Where is everyone? I come on here everyday to check for new entries, but have not been posting myself because I feel like I haven't had anything interesting to talk about!
Frans had quite the scare yesterday....Frans' helper Noberto (who has been with him for several years) fell off the roof they were working on about 30 feet! Frans was talking to him, and when he didn't answer, he thought "oh no, you better not have fallen off the roof!" He ran to the edge and looked over, and Noberto was sitting on the ground looking pretty dazed. He walked right off it backward! He got taken by ambulance to the hospital (Anita's) and has been in ICU since yesterday. We went to see him tonight, and Frans got to go in to see him with Noberto's wife. He wasn't supposed to be in there, so after only a few minutes, the nurse kicked him out. He is really a sweet is his wife, although she knows very little english. so we had to use an interpretor when talking to her at the hospital. He broke his collar bone I think, some ribs, and a vertabrae. Pretty scary, It's my biggest fear with Frans!
My sister heidi who lives in Spokane also went to the hospital today. She is 36 weeks pregnant and is having complications, so they are inducing her today, and she should have her baby by tonight. My mom flew there tonight to be with her, and should be getting there in about a half hour. Am hoping all goes well with the delivery, and the baby!
I have the day off tomorrow!! Joclyn Kumpula and I are trading weeks babysitting for a day...I babysat for her last week one day, now she will watch my kids tomorrow. Should be fun! I am going to Lindsey's class to volunteer for about two hours, will go to curves after, then after that I don't know what I'm going to do for the last 3 hours! Maybe come home and take a nap, or better yet, scrapbook my christmas card pictures from last year!!
What is new with everyone else? Anita, Jari says you get your countertops tomorrow...yay!! How was your week after winning the election Liz? Have you started hunting heather? What is new at the randall house? Jody, how was your trip to see your neice? How is the riding coming along Charlie? Isn't it getting to cold to be out there on bikes? How is your planning going Missy? (I really need to call you soon) Is Ivan still working at your boss's? What's new with Jen? Post more pictures of Tristan, Laurie, he is bigger every time I see him!
I am too tired all of a sudden to think of more to write so I am going to hit the hay! Let's see some posts from everyone!
Happy Thursday!:)


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Hi Jenny:
The Wisconsin trip was a great deal of fun. My mom, sister, sister-in-law, and niece went along to visit my other niece at college. We all stayed in one hotel room and laughed until we cried.
Nothing new here at the Farm Town Kuoppala's. Tanner is still working at McDonalds although it may not be for much longer, he absolutely hates it. I can't say that I blame him but we are encouraging him to stick it out. They keep scheduling him for 3:00 on Wednesdays when he doesn't get out of school until 2:30, he can barely make it there on time and when he is late they make him feel pretty bad. Tanner has asked them to give him an extra 15 minutes on the schedule and they keep scheduling him for 3:00.
Mitchell looks like a hockey puck hit him in the mouth, has no front teeth at all, missing 4 total now....he has one fang that came in and he looks cute although he doesn't think will see in his school pictures that I will send out with Christmas cards. Dave wraps up his sod season on the 22nd of November, they had him shoveling snow off the field last friday so they could cut sod, told Dave that was a little ridiculous in my eyes but they had job commitments to fullfill. It was a lot of snow to shovel and Dave was exhausted when he got home that night. I was teasing him that they should get a bunch of extension cords and run blow dryers on the field next time. He is really looking forward to the season being over and a chance for some down time. 12-14 hour days are catching up with him.
I am doing good, health is good, working on my list of "things to do before I turn 50", having fun doing this list.
Take Care Jenny and family, will talk to you soon.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

30 feet is a long way to fall - the guy's lucky. wow.

its good to have the election over and it suprised a lot of people that i won by so much so its been fun to get all sorts of congratulations and compliments and things whenever i leave the house. i begin my duties in january and suspect it won't take long for folks to get ticked off, so i'm soaking it in while i can. i'm also going to school on weekends and had put off some of my bigger papers and projects til after the election so now i've got to get cracking on them. there hasn't been much snow yet up here and the weather has been fairly warm which is great cuz i haven't totally worked out all the kinks in my new corn-burning stove or figured out things like where to get the corn at the best price. i'm keeping busy; things are good.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Hello everyone,

I have been hunting - got a doe last week and this week Shawn got a spiked buck. I don't know why, but things seem to be really busy.

Continue to work and my job has gotten busy. I miss the days of being bored out of my mind. In this field, it ebbs and flows, so may be bored again in a couple weeks, but probably not until after Christmas.

Shawn continues to work and has some jobs that he needs to finish up before the end of the season. Hate to be working on roofs when they get slippery.

I'm glad Frans' helper is going to be okay. I worry about the same thing with Shawn and his helper Steve. So far, no mishaps other than things in eyes, fingers getting cut, legs getting cut, etc. but no emergency room visits, no wait, I take that back there has been one, but wasn't too severe.

I shouldn't tell this, so don't anyone chew me out, I've heard enough already. I have this thing on the back of my leg that I thought was a zit, but it wouldn't get a head on it, couldn't pinch it, etc. I've thought about going in, but hadn't done so. Yes, it has been there for months. Well, now it has grown rapidly in size and really hurts. It is hard to sit. So, I'm going to bite the bullet and go to the doctor today. Hopefully it is a zit or blocked pores or something like that. One of my co-workers believes it is a cyst. I've been told that I'm a hypochondriac, so didn't want to run to the doctor for something small, but when it affects my ability to sit comfortably, a girl has got to do something.

What is everyone's plans for Thanksgiving? I haven't decided yet what we are going to do. I'll probably be home and cooking a Thanksgiving meal if anyone wants to come and join us?


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

good to hear from everyone!
Jody, Lindsey is convinced one of her teeth are loose, and everyday she says "feel it mom, I think it's getting looser!" She just can not wait for one to fall out!! How long has Tanner been at Mcdonalds? Other than being chewed out for being late, how does he like having a job? How do YOU like him having a job? That stinks that they won't adjust his schedule a little! What all have you crossed off your list?
What are you going to school for Liz? I thought I had heard a while ago (month ago maybe) that you guys were getting a lot of snow. I obviously heard wrong!
Heather, you will have to let us know how your doctor visit went. Hopefully it is just a cyst and nothing major! Frans is the type to not go to the doctor until he absolutely has to!
I don't know yet what we are doing for Thanksgiving...Either going to my mom and dad's or with Jari and Anita. I like to go to Marjanen's on Christmas day, but Anita works this year, so thought we could do Thanksgiving with them. Although, Frans really wants to do the turkey this year, and be at our own home! We'll see. Anita and clan were talking about going to feed the homeless for a few hours, then going home to eat. What did you find out about that Anita?
My sister Heidi had her baby this morning finally, and baby seems to be ok so far. Heidi has a high fever and doesn't feel good, so I haven't talked to her yet, only her husband Adam. Their first...a boy.
My kids are being babysat today, so I have the day off, and my house is so quiet it's almost scary!! Now I am going to get off this computer and scrapbook for an hour and half....then it's back to reality! :)

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

What is the current status on Noberto? How long does he have to stay in the hospital? Glad to hear that your sister Heidi had the baby ok and hope her fever breaks and all goes well for her. The stress of a delivery is enough let alone not feeling well afterwards. Hope she bounces back soon.

Tanner has been at the new McDonalds since it opened, started his training the beginning of October. I don't mind that he has a job as long as it does not conflict with school but his report card was very good so he seems to be handling the responsibility ok. These are crucial years for him, his grades need to stay at a B average to qualify for insurance discounts on driving and to qualify for a good college, vocational school after high school. But he seems to be handling his own. We had a good talk with him lastnight about career choices and it seems that he is interested in advertisement which I am more pleased with than him wanting to join the military. A mother never stops worrying about their kids but the military field would leave me sleepless.

Liz, how do you like your corn burner? It is a very efficient way to heat your home and we have a lot of friends who are looking in to switching over. Our neighbor just installed one.
Sounds like you will be having a very busy schedule. Dave tried calling you back about the snowmobile trail questions, did not reach you so will try again.

Heather, hope it really is nothing on your leg. The older we get the more scarey the "little" things become. Make sure you let us all know the outcome. It could also be a bug bite (spider) that got irritated. Again, hope it is nothing.
Well everyone have a very nice Thanksgiving, we are going over to my sisters (whole family will be there). Take Care!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Well, I went to the doctor and it is no big deal. I was given a stearn look about waiting so long to come in (by the nurse). She actually asked me if I was in nursing because I acted like one not coming in. By the time the doctor came in and I was confessing to what I was going to do, "not come in", "heat it up and poke it with a pin myself", I realized that I talk too much. Her words were: "if you don't leave that thing alone, I'll have you in the hospital on IV antibiotics before you know it", Well, that would affect my deer hunting, so I curb the urge to poke it with a pin. I guess the issue may be an ingrown hair - however, I question that- and it is now infected. She poked it with a scalpel (I don't know how to spell that) and drained some liquid. I'm now on antibiotics and am to go back and see her in 7 days.

Congratulations to Tanner on the job. That's great.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I was informed the other day that our director has decided to give us the Friday after Thanksgiving off, so a 4 day weekend. Still not sure what we are going to do, if I'm cooking, who from the Lindula's will be around etc.

One more weekend of hunting. Am hoping to see something. We have a large cat out on our other land and there are no deer near where they used to be. Shawn suspects a bobcat, but there has also been a cougar in the area (many people have spotted it) so am not sure if it has made it's way to our land. Now, I'm nervous about going out there especially after hunting with no gun. I'm getting to be a wimp of sorts. I'm thinking of getting a handgun just to take with me on walks in the woods to avoid being attacked by extra large cats. It would be cool to get a picture of it though.

Take care everyone!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

If you read Jenny's comment she said somthing about me not going in if I have a problem, Will guess how told me nothing is wrong every time I asked for a weak before she had two go in to ER late at night? Jenny how does the story go about living in a glass house? I might get into trouble for this but how nows maybe she will not read these far down the blog. I better run she came back into the room