Monday, November 06, 2006

Indian Summer

Unbelievable weather for the past weekend. Blog looks like its at a standstill! Everybody got to do quite a bit of riding over the weekend. Cody and Amanda put in quite a few laps on their bikes on the track... Machelle got started getting used to her "new" bike. A whole different ballgame from the old enduro she was riding. Her "new" yz125 is potent enough for me to make almost the same lap times around the track, as I can do with my 250, so Machelle has a lot of "gettin used to" to get used to. Clutch and Throttle control have gotten a whole lot more important now. (Amanda rides the enduro now) The enduro is the "get used to riding a motorcycle" and "get used to riding on the various terrain of the track" bike. Its old and heavy... When you start jumping, its time to move to a new bike! Yep, Machelle is jumping! Cody is riding wheelies through the whoops on his "90". He has to ride the lil "90" to its potential before he can get another bike... so he's working pretty hard at it. Jade is itching to try, but the "90" is just a touch too big for her yet. I'd imagine when Cody gets to move up, Jade will take over the "90". We may end up with a whole "slew" of motocross racers before we're done ;-)

Have yourselves a wonderful week!



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Wow! That sounds like a totally fun, family thing you got going on! That sounds so awesome! : )
What inspired this? LK.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

What inspired it? heh I used ta love dirtbikes when I was younger. A friend (the guy that owns the land we built the track on) bought a dirtbike, I rode it a few times, and got hooked again. When the kids saw me jumping, and just riding the track, they got excited, and wanted to learn. Its one of those things, that when you start, you don't wanna stop! If I can get myself to what I consider to be a competitive level (fast enough to kick some butt) I'll do some racing next year... if not? I'll just have fun riding... its good excersize :-)

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Well... its good to have a family thing going. Hope you all enjoy it and it keeps the family together.
Us Marjanens love the water and the boats. Its a family thing. Hook up the boat and every ones running for there stuff. Its wonderful when you can find one thing that every one enjoys doing in your family. More power to you...keep on bikin.....


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Yeah, it is fun to have something that the whole family enjoys. Motocross racing in general, is a very family oriented sport. You'd be surprised at the family involvement at any given track. Its usually thought of as a rough and tumble, crazy person thing, but thats from the outside looking in. From the inside looking out, its a whole lot different. That is not to say that any of the kids will be racing or not. Cody wants to, but he'll need to get pretty good before I'll let him.

There is a lot more potential for injury than most other sports or "activities", but my "approach" is different than many. Some believe that you run your hardest on race day, or give it your all in practice, but to me, race day is when you back off a little bit. Practice, is when you put in hours. If you havn't done "it" a thousand times on the practice track, and turned it into a "second nature" thing, you don't even think about it on race day.

Its fun to sit back alongside the whoops and watch the kids going through them, riding at their level, as they get faster and faster. Its nice to see the confidence gained, as they make it through a little bit faster, or get the front tire in the air on each one, or get the whole bike in the air.

Before too long, if they choose to keep with it, they will be "blitzing" over the tops of the whoops like a pro, and it will be just as fun watching.

But the biggest fun, isn't mastering an obstacle... Its the road getting there. The sparkle in an excited eye, is a pretty catchy thing.

Yeppers! You guys keep on boatin! we'll keep on bikin'! :-)


hmm I should start writin' a book as this stuff happens..

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I love it Charlie. You're excitement shows. I love that the kids are enjoying something like this and it teaches so much. Practice and patience. Can't wait to watch all of you someday biking.