Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom's birthday

Well, here are some pictures from Saturday, though I have not a clue how to arrange them on the blog!
The latch hook was made by Jade and Cole!Heidi was able to enjoy the Red Velvet cupcakes, and her face gave it away!
Almost everyone was able to enjoy the game that David and Jody brought, though Wayne and David would not allow ANYONE to beat them. They remained the champs throughout the entire day and evening! While people were able to enjoy the game, Heidi found great enjoyment in the puddles!

There will be some more pictures from the day posted on my facebook page. Thanks to everyone for helping out to make it a special day for Mom! And I have to agree with Mom about how happy I was that Leona and Liz were able to make it! AZ Kuoppalas and Marjanens, even though you weren't able to make it, we felt you there in thought and spirit!

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