Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 75th birthday

even if I had said, "It's no big deal".  Though it was kept a secret some things happen that makes one wonder what's going on.  So, I was suspicious!  Everyone put so much
effort with good food, etc.  Am glad David brought the bean bag toss.  We all had a
chance to do a round or two.  Leona had to work until 4:30 so she and Liz came later;
am glad they were invited.  They were at my 60th, as was Cyndi.  Sunday I read the
green book; some things you recalled that I had forgotten.  I was surprised that Becky
remembered that the reverse band had gone on the van the day before we left for Stony.
You all do such an awesome job of writing.  Brought tears as I read the comments.

Those of you who took pictures and have speedy e-mail, I hope you post some pictures.   Thank you again, Love, Mom

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