Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Randall house

okay, i'm not my mother but since she never takes pictures i figured i'd post some of my own! :) no, i think its just she's a bit busier then me with between school, work, and parenting. life is staying busy here, currently dad is in Texas (not sure where) and mom is at school! so i'm home directing steven with supper on my day off from both jobs and school work finished for now, which is a first! Grandma had asked that i put pictures of John's swollen lips on here, a week ago today i got home from work to find steven reading bedtime stories and john with a little bit of a puffy lip, nothing major. the odd thing was that he had been sleeping and woke up with it like that..not long after i got home he told me to look at his lip again which was progressively worse..it kept swelling so denise went and got benedryl which he took and slowed the swelling down some, we brought him to my grandma randalls' house where my mom was for her to look at, and she decided to bring him to the ER, turns out its an allergic reaction to something which we're unsure exactly what, maybe a reaction to the cold that he's had..who knows! the crazy picture of me is with anna jurmu, elk river had their annual pig roast and hay ride, this year the theme was it was oscar and olga's pig roast so me and anna dressed up and played the role..was VERY fun! and of course our annual labor day trip to duluth as always was a blast!


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Cute pictures, Debbie. Thanks. And ouch re John's picture. Looks
like he may have some redness around the eyes also. dk

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

Thanks for helping me Debbie :).

Yes, John's entire face was swollen, including his tongue. He was having a hard time managing his saliva. In the ER, they bumped him ahead of everyone and gave him epinephrine, IV steroids and a neb. Then we just watched and waited to make sure he wouldn't rebound. At 4:30 in the morning, they figured he would be safe to go home. He took steroids for a couple more days and is perfectly back to normal :).

The pig roast was a riot of a good time. We raised over $2500 that night for the church building fund.

Duluth was a good time also. Bummer to find out that Heather, Shawn and Heidi came the next day thinking we might be there. Would have been great to have you there. The beautiful weather drew more than the die hard bunch. Lots of fun!

We are getting the rotten siding on the back of the house replaced. The Elk River congregation work crews are doing it as a fundraiser. Thank goodness! With Wayne being gone, it is quite impossible for him to do it. It is kind of a big project as the deck had to get pulled back. Plus, this is the area where power, cable, everything comes into the house. It will be nice to have it done before winter and nice to have many experienced carpenters using their expertise.

Wedding plans are progressing. I wish posting pictures was faster. I am still planning to post some form the engagement party...

Our outgoing and high energy Kathryn has a timid streak when it comes to Kindergarten. She does well and is excited most days, but some things throw her. They are going on a field trip to the fire station tomorrow and she isn't too sure about that. No matter what age we are and what our responsibilities in life, we have stress, eh?

Time to hit books, paperwork, housework, and some meeting minutes before the kids come home and it is time to go take a family photo.