Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good morning from Alaska!

I forgot the camera on my 9 a.m. run yesterday and missed a chance at capturing the mountains. The ones in the background of this picture are covered in white. Absolutely beautiful! In the meantime ... we're enjoying the fall. The weather has been gorgeous .. couldn't ask for any better.

Fishing rods really need to find their winter home. Keep looking at them but it won't help. Didn't catch anything at all this year ... maybe next year?!

The woodshed is full. What a nice feeling that is! We have trees felled and drying in the "woods" and more that need to come down before Mother Nature decides to land them on our cars. We've lit a fire several times. Sunday was a wet and chilly day ... fire felt good.

For a short while longer we'll enjoy this view out of windows.

Tia had a concert Monday evening .. they did a fabulous job! Always fun to watch and listen to their growing and maturing skills.

Happy Wednesday ... hoping your day is full of wonderful things.


Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

those pics sure make me wish I was there!! it's cooling off a little here...but it's still hot! jenny

Kuoppala and Inlaws said...

We went to Virginia this morning.
Had to be at the Virginia Hospital
or perhaps it's the Clinic for a
test. U. of Minn. is doing a study
of taconite industry employees, active or retired, and their spouss. x-ray so Isä asked if the
lung x-ray showed the ribs. It did and none were fractured from the fall he took last Sat. at Hasscib. Blood work. Lung exercises. Mine was o.k. but that
inhaling, holding and quick exhales
were tough on his sore ribs. Were
going to visit but came home instead! dk