Friday, December 08, 2006

remembering and mis.

it sure brings lots of memorys back of julia when i read all the memories of her, it is hard on so many to see her go, how are you doing grandma? For many years you had a sister kind of relationship with her. You are certenly remebered during this hard time along with everyone else, shawn, heather, etc. are some pictures, sarah during the late summer, loving the weather by being outside, she loves talking on the phone and swimming, so why not do both? also you/ve been waning to see eric, here he is in his car, on break from being at the tornado area, he was busy for a few days, the little girls LOVE his car... to bad he can't really bring it home, he only brought it twice. i should run its gettin late.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Is this post from Becky? Cute pictures of the girls and Eric!
Grandma, what kind of flowers/plants did you get for the funeral? How was the funeral? We sang song 248 in church today in memory of Julia, Marie Edwards, and Laurie Hakso.
What Kuoppala's attended the funeral?
Shouldn't be on the computer right now, will blog more later.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

nope debbie posted it, but if eric ever came on here he would get really mad at me cause he doesn't want anything posted of him, especially in uniform, but you all really wanted to see him so... o well -debbie

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I knew it was you Debbie, and Frans was argueing that it was Becky.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

For flowers, they did get 8 small
plants into one basket. Didn't
want to study it that close but I
saw Peace Lilies, wonder if there
was a small Christmas cactus,
poinsettia, and who knows what all.
Called the house this morning, Sheila answered. They had gone to
get the flowers from the funeral
home. Told her there should be a
plant for each in the basket.

Charlie and Ivan came on David's
ride to the funeral. All the Randalls were there, though Michelle and Eric only made it late in the evening to stop at Heather & Shawns, others were at the visitation and funeral. Elizabeth
and Jen were at both. Gary, Laurie
and Tristan were at the funeral
though they all had had the flu. We
didn't dare stay at the farm for
the night as Reino did not need
the flu for Sunday. We did stop at
the farm long enough for Denise to
see the Huskies which she had not
seen before. Gary had been sick
that morning and felt weak and was
going to lie down. Dropped off
gifts in the house but didn't dare
stay longer. Tristan was pretty
well over it but Laurie looked a
bit under the weather but looked
fine on Sun.

Julia was survived by 5 sisters, all
there except Ellen from Oregon and
of course one brother, Walter.

Weather was beautiful, sunny and
warm for Minnesota. Didn't have
to shiver and shake at the cemetery.
Lunch served at the home as it was
after Michaels, Shanes and Elvins.

Surprisingly many from Mpls. area
and some from Menahga, Wolf Lake.
Renae Lake who sang at Frans and
Jenny's wedding, played the organ
on Sunday and Becky played for
singing at the visitation. Eliz.
read some of the blogged memories
at the visitation. Janel Vonada
read a poem at the funeral; don't
know who found it. Very nice about
a mom leading her children.

Really feel for Randy but as Reino
said, it was a good thing Julia went
on all these trips so that he got
used to being alone. She would have
wanted to make a third to Ecuador
and wanted Shawn to accompany her
on a trip to Alaska. We plan,
God decides. dk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Nice pictures that are posted. It is so fun to see Eric in action.

Becky, I didn't know that the girls of yours were into such legal trouble at young ages that they are in the back of a squad car?!?