Monday, December 18, 2006

Anita and all

Life is just a tad bit too busy. Any ideas on how to slow it down? I haven't posted for quite a while ... told Debbie today that I would. So, here I am.

Christmas shopping is DONE! (except for a few little things) I manged to hit the post office today with things that were wrapped. Went to the UPS Store with the ones I want them to wrap and the line was out to the parking lot. Decided that it could wait. The end of November I was so pumped. Things were moving right along and I felt I was on top of things. All of a sudden it was December 2nd ... then December 12th ... and I started getting that stress thing going on. Jari & I were making up a song about the stress of the season as we were driving around earlier ... now I can't remember any of that either.

The bright part of today is that our youngest turned what she calls "double digits". Tia celebrated ten years old with family at home. She has been wanting a skateboard for several years now ... and finally got one! (I'm going for frequent visitor miles at the emergency room.)

Alyx started working somewhere in the last 4 weeks. She found a job at Fiddlesticks Family Fun Park. She works hard, enjoys it most of the time ... and has shoe shopping money. One day she and Brock were having some good laughs out in the backyard. The wheelchair is somthing we bought at Savers a while ago. Great entertainment. There wasn't enough challenge with the front wheels on the chair, so they had to come off. Now it appears that it is double decker kids on a wheelchair with only two wheels. They've gotten more entertainment out of this goofy chair ... you wouldn't believe it.

The weekend before this past one I went to California to complete my allergy elimination treatment training. Now I have a problem. Y'all know that "shoe makers kids never have shoes, roofers house always needs a roof ...." well, now it is the allergy thing here. I imagine that after this week is over and done I'll have a few more available moments in a day. We can always hope.
While I was at the seminar I got a call from Jari that started something like this, "where are the insurance cards?" That never means anything good. Brock was at a friend's house, wiped out on a bicycle and landed on his noggin. Poor guy couldn't stand without vomiting ... off to the CT scan ... couldn't make it thru there either without the same result. Ended up being a concussion, all is well. He was tired for a few days ... recovered well. I came home to another surprise. He looked at me and said "mom ....." I KNOW THAT LOOK! I got the flashlight out ... went out to the shed ... and brought in the level. You see, I refuse to believe that a child of mine is actually taller than I am unless a level is used in the judging. Am afraid I was the one to lose in the "1/2 a bubble off" department. Child #3 has passed me up. He's quite proud of the fact. (so am i)

Tuesday of last week our roof was finished. BIG Project #___ is done. One more to go ... and my hubby does not want to tackle that one. The roof looks so neat! Things that make a person nearly jump for joy.

This past weekend was another fun one. I worked Friday & Saturday, and had the foolish notion that I hadn't passed that "getting older" mark yet. Jari & I went to a wonderful Christmas party on Friday night and stayed out much too late. Saturday it was quite a challenge to keep the lids open and focused. Was worth it tho'. Saturday nite I was rather exhausted. Sunday was the Sunday School program in the evening. Jari & a few other guys took boys & toys out to the desert bright and early in the morning. I puttered around home ... 'til that blasted phone rang at about 9:30. Brock was hurt, broken arm this time by nose diving into a wash. They were about 4-5 miles back out in the desert and had to get out by quad/bike. We have such incredibly wonderful friends. An ambulance was waiting for him when they got out where vehicles could make it. Nate & Vanessa Skoog had gone out to try & find them after being called. Don't know how far away from their house the guys were, but I would have never found them. Vanessa is a pediatric emergency room nurse and she rode into the hospital with Brock. There were some issues with the setting of 2 broken bones just above his left wrist. Shucks! He is right handed. He got out of the Sunday School program and going up on stage, but doesn't get out of school work. He won't let me post a picture here of him, perhaps he'll let me get away with this one. I'll know tomorrow. So, keep the fingers crossed that the bones stay where they are supposed to be and it doesn't require surgery. He is already complaining of itching beneath the cast ... but has been a wonderful trooper!

More sometime soon!


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Sounds like life is busy in AZ.
Anita, I love your countertops. I can't wait for you to do the allergy treatment on me. I've sniffling today and am not sure if I'm allergic to work or if I'm getting a cold. I sure hope it's neither of them. Have you heard of people being allergic to the sun. Like you look into the sun and sneeze?

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear TIA, happy birthday to you!!!!

Brock sounds like he will do anything to get out of doing homework =). Hope the arm gets better soon. Have the marbles rolled back into place in his noggin?

Alyx, how is your job going? What are you doing at work?


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I remembered about Tia's birthday on Sunday, but plum forgot about it yesterday!! She called us and left a message (I heard it at 11pm!) that it was her birthday! I feel so will have to make sure to have the girls call her today.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

grandma and grandpa are here babysitting us kids so my mom and dad can do some christmas shopping, its quite fun, happy birthday tia, congrats, you made it to the D.D. susan was sooo happy for you she can't wait to make it to the D.D. -debbie

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

well my job is going fine.. mom... its been a month now!! But yea I LOVE LOVE my job. There are the days that are pretty bad and I wanna quit but i dont :) At first when i started working, I was the only girls that worked the redemption, rides, service window and also kitchen. NOW... well there is like 3 other girls which is pretty neat :) They dont want to put me outside for some reason. (Don't know why!! ) I am working at serice window, selling all the tickets, sometimes kitchen, and redemption. The only thing scarly working is that there is a secret shopper that comes in every weekend and im scared that i kind of laugh or are in a sad/bad mood at the time the person comes around. All in all... it is all great and I love it there! I really wish that I wasn't moving so that I can work there forever!!! :) But yea... my mother is telling me to get off the computer so I better get going... nite and love you all!!

man... its crazy when you get your paychecks how much you want to spend it :s :)



Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I think we all know what that is like. I have my paychecks spent before I get them.

Grandma always made us put at least 10% into different savings accounts, i.e. for school, etc. She can expand on it.

The experience your getting in Arizona will help you to get a job in Alaska.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

alyx, it sounds like you like your job, thats is a bummer that you have to move, when you haven't worked there that long, oh well heathers right you'll be able to get a good job in alaska if you have one down there right now. -debbie

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Brock, how is the arm? Are you behaving so it will stay in place? Hopefully it isn't sore anymore.

Alyx, congratulations on your job. Your first job is pretty important. You will have that memory and experience forever.

Tia, Happy Belated Birthday!

Anita, I am anxious to see your house! I would love to come down before you move. I am dreaming about a spring vacation, but dreaming is it right now.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Becky, do all you can to turn that dream into reality!!!!!!

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

i am dreaming as hard as i can that it will come true ALSO i going with ;) -debbie