Monday, December 25, 2006

christmas business

Merry Christmas, wow i just had to find a spot to sit down after eating to the brim :) every where i look there are more kids playing with more presents. kathryn got lots of her own cooking dishes, and cleaning supplys, she is having tonz of fun, other then the every now and then bikkering over whos toys are whos we've been having a great christmas. 7 o'clock comes mighty early for mom and dad, they're threating to make the wake up time 8 o'clock :) i don't think that will sly very well. sarah got a new tea set and is already asking mom if she can have friends over to play with them ;) mom said she can invite fake people. pretty soon we will be cleaning up the toys for company. Randalls are coming for dessert, hope every ones christmas is going good, but i gotta run cause i told susan i would play her new ke-plunk game with her :) i will post pictures later ;) -debbie

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