Saturday, December 16, 2006

birthday and christmas

Susan's birthday was yesterday but dad was in wisconsin for work so he called and sang happy birthday and opened presents with us over the phone. unfortunetly though john got sick, early in the day and susan got sick with the stomach flew around bedtime. its a bummer, but maybe if we get it now we won't have sick kids on christmas like last year. also this morning kathryn was in the christmas spirit and she was singing a way, christmas songs with her santa hat on, what a cutie. better run, i am going to run errands with my mom. -debbie


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Happy birthday Susan! That's a bummer that you have the flu there. We just had it going around pretty bad down here too. I lost my voice last night for the third time in about 4 or 5 months!! It is so frustrating!!!! Last time I lost it, it was gone for about a week. I think I am going to make an appt. for monday to find out what is causing it. Is it allergies? Or Anita said it could be caused by stress too. Either way, it is miserable.
My brother Ben and his wife were on their way to MN for Christmas last night, and they got in a wreck in Valley City, SD. Lindsey and the girls (3, 2, and 3 weeks old)are all ok, but ben is pretty banged up. He was laying down sleeping and Lindsey was driving....she hit a patch of ice (going about 75mph) spun across the median, missed a semi by about an inch, and hit another car. Ben had to be cut out of the truck. He had surgery today (at the hospital in Fargo) on his lower back. Three vertebrae were fused (t11-L3). He will have to wear a brace, and will be in the hospital for 3-5 days, then will be moved somewhere for rahab. They live in Spokane, but don't know where they will be for the rehab. Pretty scary! My aunt and uncle Dorothy and Paul Suomala live in Fargo, and so Lindsey is staying with them while Ben is in the hospital.
Other than that, not much new here...sunday school program is tomorrow, the dresses and shoes are all laid out ready to be put on, and the girls are so excited, they had a hard time falling asleep! I don't think they realise that it isn't until 6p.m.!
How is everyone else doing?? It's been quiet on here. What are everyone's plans for the next week before Christmas?

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

We did our Santa run south and when
we got home, checked our e-mail.
Heard from Audrey about the accident
and the blogspot to go on to read
or make comments. Good thing Paul
and Dorothy live in Fargo.

Well, for us the week before Christmas will be to sit back and
relax. Here the S.S. Christmas
program is at 3 p.m. tomorrow. Jen
is coming and Heather and Shawn
might be coming. Hope they do. dk

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

sit back and relax?!?!?! I guess it pays to be organized and on the ball! I am jealous!:)
Well, happy relaxing!
ho!ho!ho! (from frans)

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Sorry to hear about Ben. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Shawn and I made it to Brainerd for the Sunday School Program (it was so cute). When there, we read the blog spot for Ben. Scary accident, but sounds like he will be okay.

Happy birthday to Susan!! Hope you are feeling better.

Our plans for this week: clean the house, make room for stuff. We went to Julia's and got some of Shawn's belongings over the weekend. He collected tractors, so we have boxes of tractors. Some of which were never taken out of the box. I had to create a new toy box, just for the tractors that can be played with. He is excited to have kids come over and play with them. Then, a little last minute Christmas shopping, mailing out presents. Sorry Machelle but your gift may be late, but it is coming. Then, grocery shopping for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I might even try to get some baking done.

This weekend, Mark, Pam, kids, Dan, Mauri, and am not sure who else will be coming up and the plan is to go through some of Julia's stuff. We'll see how far we get. Then, Christmas Eve at Julias and Christmas Day at our house.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

heather, sounds like you are going to be busy this week and weekend, susan is better, but she was hit pretty icky with the stomach flu. john didn't get it too bad, and for now we are sick FREE!!!:) thats wonderful, maybe we won't have anyone sick on christmas. have a good day all. debbie

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

I hope no one is sick at Christmas.
I can remember what that was like. You would lay on the couch with a glass of 7-Up dreaming of the ham, potatoes, etc. and hear everyone else moaning as they had eaten too much. You would be left with just another sip of 7-Up. However, in your deepest despair you would be able to smile when you hear Mom say "you can at least try some". You knew the 7-Up was worth it to get out of sweet potatoes and stuffing this year.