Friday, December 29, 2006


i am out babysitting right now but the kids are in bed and i am tired of reading so i decided to jump on here for a little while, i don't know if any of you know darren and melissa hendrickson but that is who i am babysitting for. here is a picture of them, we decided to go outside for a little while before supper, they just had to get all there snow stuff on, so
we were only out there for like 5 min. what a waste oh well. i wish i wasn't in school so i could babysit more and get more money, that way i would be able to get a car and go places ;) not for awhile still :( i can't wait till im 16 so i can drive, it really bugs me that someone who is SHORTER!!!!!!!! then me can drive can you guess who that is, my mom, sorry mom i don't mean to be mean but it really doesn't make sense to me. well i am gonna run.

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