Tuesday, December 26, 2006

crossword puzzle hints

mother gave us some hints at heather's and heather and i both finished the crossword.

don't read on yet if you aren't stuck.

note: there are no typos - she proofread it many times (we wanted to blame things on typos) - only 62 across could be a little more clear - he flew to get something, not what did he fly

2 across - "J" might be the first letter of someone's name (for those not there, four people pitched in)
20 across - lots of kids doing school work - left two of something behind
73 across - mother is not sad

8 down - it's not wayne - he'll show up in the next crossword
16 down - the woodshed gets in the way of this now
27 down - had to do with a hotel reservation

we had a splendid time - tho i'm still digesting all the reindeer poo.


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