Monday, December 18, 2006

christmas program pictures debbie

here are a feq pictures from the christmas program... i took denise and michelle's christmas picture, they decided on 2, one sepia tone and the other this one :) they will be sending them out also so you don't have to copy them off here. after the program kathryn was running on the stage so i took a picture of her.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

nice pictures! Is this from Debbie or Becky? If it's debbie, who's camera do you use for all the pictures you post on here. is it your mom's? Our program was yesterday too, but unfortunately I didn't get to sit through much of it, because Alanys was being way too loud! Frans was videoing, so he wasn't there to help me! I did watch Lindsey and Kierstyn's class though.
Frans just came in here and kind of wrecked my night just now. Our van needs an intake manifold or something like that, and will probably cost somewhere in the ballpark of about $800.00. That means we will have put about $3000.00 into our van this year alone.....!!!!!!!! Could have made our payments on a new vihicle!
I will post pictures of the program tomorrow.

Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

Nice pictures. I really like the picture of Denise and Michelle.

How did everyone do at the Sunday School program?

Jenny, sorry to hear about your van.


Kuoppala's & in-laws said...

okay, i posted the pictures (debbie)and most of the pictures i post i take on my camera but these were takin on my camera, but my mom took them, and the ones from the funeral were takin on my moms, she didn't take all of the them though, us kids kept takin her camera and clicking pictures. i took denise and michelles christmas picture though. my mom said that every one here did a wonderful job, sarah was SUPER cute, i am sure lindsey and kierstyn were to, they are soo cute, jenny you should post more pictures of them, i am sorry to hear about the van, thats a lot of money o put on the van, we were having problems with our battery dieing on us all of the time, so we got a new one and brian put it in when my dad was out of town, she doe NOT want to risk being out on errands in the middle of the day with the little girls and the battery die when its 30 below and every ones at work, that would be a bummer and i don't blam her. :) debbie