Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In Memory of Julia

i don't even know where to start - but i'd love to see what others write. so i'll start and hope you'll add to the list of ways julia was unforgettable:

her voice - just a notch louder than most with that finnish accent;
sauna - nightgown and curlers;
stew with stewed tomatoes;
peanut butter sandwiches with regular butter;
sunday school kindergarten class coloring;
hay making;
wanting granddaughters so badly - and then cherishing them so much;
always making sure everybody got enough to eat;
summer picnics;
flowers, flowers, flowers;
her determination to carry on after each of her devastating losses;
she wanted me to write elvin a poem for his b-day once and then decided to write it herself and was so proud and so was i;
high school graduations;
singing in church;
always asking after everybody to see how they were doing;
and her laugh.
i loved her laugh.
and her stubbornness.

and so much more.

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